Monday, August 30, 2010

Take Some Anthro, Add Some GeoInCalifornia! What Do You Get? Monday's OOTD

The great weather is in a short holding pattern.  We return to the 100's mid-week.  Than back down to the 90's for the weekend.  I think I almost suffered from heat stroke last week when it was 111° F.  My car was so hot it would not cool down.  I literally collapsed when I got home.  And I have a new car with good AC. 

This is a Spring 2010 Anthro image from the accessories section.
I copied the Flowers by Flowers Tank and Catch and Release Scarf from the models photo and added my own interpretation to the rest of the outfit.

This was NOT an actual Anthro Outfit.

It was only part of a picture.

This tank had plenty of issues with fit. I had to take up the straps at the front of the tank.  The neckline was too low.  Another issue that was strange about this item, was the use of appliques around the neckline and hemline. The appliques offered no stretch above and below stretchy jersey.  If your hips were an inch or two bigger than your bust than this fit.
Flowers by Flowers Tank - Little Yellow Button
Anthro $68 - April 2010
Otherwise you were out of luck. Don't let the buttons down the front fool you.  Fake, fake, fake! This is an over the head entry. The very cute pin tucking didn't help much with the sagging fabric around the tummy area. I don't remember seeing this go on sale.

Catch and Release Scarf - Lilac
Spring 2010 - Anthro $32
You may have already seen this scarf styled in the color Sky here.  This scarf is surprisingly made of a very fine wool with stretchy elastic goring that makes it easy to manage.

Everything from here on out is my own interpretation for the rest of the outfit.  Since the Tank is on the longer side, pants seemed the only solution last Spring.  But this morning I restyled this in my mind with a skirt. Hmm!
Practical Application Trousers - Daughters of the Liberation
orig $88, sale $50 - Anthro Mar 2010
You may have seen my only pair of Green pants here.  I wear these at least once or twice a month.  I can roll them to any length to suit any pair of shoes. 

White Sands Wedges - Argila
orig. $365, on sale $180 - Anthro May 2010
I love my Argilas.  Diem loves hers too. I am also wearing them here with the Green pants. I can't sing their praises enough. I am so thankful that Anthro has such great sale prices.  You can buy them here for the same sale price.

Now for some icing on Anthro's 1/2 an outfit...

The fist is me pulling down the hem of the tank. It just looks like I have an attitude.  I really don't. You may recognize Leifsdottir's Good Tidings Cardi.

Good Tidings Cardi - Leifsdottir
orig 248, on sale $60 - Anthro Oct 2008
Did I ever get a great PA on this Cardi.  The week prior I ordered it for $130.  Thank you Anthro for a chunk of change back.  Love it!  You can see it styled very differently here, at the end of a post.

The necklace is another real stone piece from Etsy.  A combination of lined Orange Agate and Purpurite with Copper.  This piece is from Shop fleurfatale.  You can buy one like it here

OK!  Maybe a little attitude right here at the end.  It's Monday! 

How is my interpretation of the rest of Anthro's 1/2 of an outfit? 
Would you interpret it differently?  How?  A skirt maybe? 

Give me some ideas.  I will do a re-style for you.

The Argilas are very neutral and light colored.  So far they look best with pants because my skin tone is fair.  I need to get a tan to wear with dresses.

Happy Monday, Laura


Mandy said...

Hey there! Love the outfit today! That tank is to die for; I wish I had it in my closet! Perfect with the scarf! Your interpretation is beautiful, and trousers were an excellent pairing with the flowy tank. Your necklace is lovely too. :)

AnthroYogi said...

Ah! Thank you for the styling idea! I have that tank (and yes, you bet it went on sale and I totally snagged it online at 3 a.m.!). I can't wait until it cools off to try it with green pants and a cardi. So cute! Right now I just wear it with the Summer Choice shorts (also an Anthro model shot) running errands. I agree, the straps are too long so I layer a scarf over too!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Mandy,

Is that the Sarengetti Dress in your profile picture? I love that dress. Whaaaaaa....I missed that one.

Hi Katie,

Just seeing you here has reminded me I need to check Anthroholic for a confirmed sale.

I hadn't even planned to post today's outfit. But I think it's cute. i love it when I find a Sister Blogger who has the same Anthro.

OOTD's don't have to all be dressy do they?


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love how you put things together - those cargos look great on you. They're casual but still really crisp-looking and totally work-appropriate.

I have several pairs of failed olive cargos in my closet and I think you've made me want to continue my search for the perfect ones!

GeoInCalifornia said...


You do know I respect the shoes!

Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. I did iron and crease those cargos.

The outfit really is OK for work. This is just good old Bakersfield after all. Oil, AG and County Music.

As for Heat. It's dry here. So not as bad as I imagine GA would be with the humidity. We topped out at 111° F last week.

I am wondering why all the failed cargos? What's up?

Love, Laura

Rachel said...

I also have this tank! I found the fit to be a bit funky so I shortened the straps and this helped immensely.

I've been meaning to post because I love your blog and styling of your awesome anthro items! It is great because you and I have eerily similar styles and body types so your reviews are very helpful!

Oh and I am also a HUGE Orla Kiely fan, 5 bags and counting....

GeoInCalifornia said...


Welcome! I am so glad you decided to comment. I didn't discover the Anthro blogs until about 3 months ago. I read for several days. Then I couldn't take it any more. I had to comment. Within a month I hit that button that says create your own blog.

I'm curious. You used the word eerily. Are we that much alike in styling? And you mention body type. Because I could use a Sister blogger that styles like me to get ideas from and bounce ideas off.

Please expound. What outfits have I posted that you like? Do you have photos of your outfits?
Are you an OCD organizational Freak too? If you are that would really be amazing.

As for Orla, I'm at 11, plus 2 wallets, a frame purse, and a cosmetic bag. Along with one dress, and one sweater coat. Sadly both too big.

My friend Heidi has me beat. I would hazard a guess of at least 20 handbags. And a lot of clothing too.

Do you have friends close to you that have your expensive addictions?

TeeHee! Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Note: I can't wait to hear from you again.

Rachel said...

Sorry for the delay, I have had a bit of a rough day with my 13 month old!

Basically I love ALL of your outfits but the one that really made me realize how similar our tastes were was the one with the N. Lete dress, purple wool coat and vintage style hat-LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it! Basically, if I had the ability to go back in time I would love to be in Paris during the 20's-can't tell you how many halloweens have seen me dressed as a flapper :)

The Lolland sweater dress is also a favorite-I bought it when it went on sale then never wore it since it got warm (I live in San Jose).

I am not an organizational freak BUT I love to do it when I can. I get a real sense of satisfaction when things are in their place! However, with a 13 month old I rarely have a lot of time for that since I would actually rather be out shopping when I get time to myself :)

Since I am not working right now while i stay home with my son, I don't have as much discretionary income as in the past so I don't purchase many full price anthro items-thank god for their sales! I actually worked there part-time as I was working on my graduate degree 5 years ago and I still miss the discount sorely. One full price item I AM purchasing in the next week is the Best of the Bunch Cardigan. I am almost positive that it is made by Casch Copenhagen (though it doesn't say online) and they have been my absolute favorite designer carried by anthro for years. I have one of every sweater of theirs that has been released at Anthro except for one that I am still kicking myself over. I absolutely can't wait for a sale on those.

Love Chie Mihara shoes but don't own any....yet! I have been slowly amassing shoes by Cydwoq which are so comfortable and handmade in Southern CA. Their website has a bunch of styles that can be ordered off the site but PED Shoes online also carries a bunch each season.

One friend is just as enamored of Orla as I am, she got me addicted! Other than that no close friends are nearly as into fashion as I am which is sad really now that I think of it.

I go to Anthro usually once a week, let me know if you want me to scope out anything for you- I don't think I could live so far away from one!!

Hope you don't melt in the heat!

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