Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lots of Anthro with one Athleta - Wednesday's OOTD

Happy day after Anthropologie Sale. Today you're either kicking yourself for missing something, or kicking yourself for not missing more, or very satisfied with yourself.

I spent too much, so there's some kicking going on.

My camera is still taking dark images. I reset it to default setting, but there is still something strange going on. Mostly with lighting. I may have to step back to the old Kodak. It needs new re-chargeables. But has always taken great pictures. It's also 3 times the size as the Olympus. Decisions, decisions. Never hurts to try.

Today's OOTD is mostly Anthro. Let's start out with the exception. The DRESS.

I know. Dark huh! I lightened it too. See what I mean?

Deep Sea Dress - by Athleta - was $89 - paid $55 on sale Feb 2010
This has become my favorite little black Summer Dress. I love the crocheted bodice and handy zippered single pocket off to the side. The fabric is a cotton/spandex/modal blend that's machine wash, flat dry. Also available in Woodsmoke. Buy it on sale here.

Apple Mangrove Cardi - by Knitted and Knotted - Anthro Santa Monica Ca May 2010

My fellow Anthro fashionista and friend Heidi, who was featured in yesterdays post, purchased this Cardi for me in the Santa Monica CA Anthro Store. She also bought one for herself, as did her Sister Heather. The style, drape and neutral color are versatile. The front closure is hook and eye. Occasionally it need ironing. Sequins tend to fall off but are easily re-attached The knit is light weight and see through, with little stretch. Perfect for summer. The sleeves are also tight. Only sleeveless tanks and dresses with this.

Luminous Disc Sandals - by Luxury Rebel - Anthro Feb 2010

I am so happy I didn't wait SIX MONTHS for these to go on sale. I was the original reviewer. These are gorgeous, but not without their quirks. The zipper pulls jingle. And yes the rhinestones fall off. The box is outrageously cool. Also comes with a bunch of replacement stones. I glued them back on with Super Glue. Very carefully. The straps are satin and tend to soak up the glue. So best to put the glue on the back of the stone and set with a pair of tweezers. Really, they are so small that it's not very noticeable if some are missing. I looked at other Luxury Rebel shoes. I didn't care much for them. Heels too high and most were over embellished.

You can buy them in Brown on sale at Anthro here. Or in Black or Cocoa on sale at Endless Shoes here.

Glinting Boise Necklace - by Lee Angel - Anthro Feb 2010
The second I saw this Lee Angel Necklace hit the Anthro website I was engaged. But the price point put me in a strangle hold. So I opened an Etsy Alchemy Convo to all Shops to get this copied. No one could satisfy my request. To many wanted to make drastic changes that I wasn't going to be happy with. With-in two weeks I bought it. It was several months before it finally hit sale. I have no regrets. I wear it with at least 3 outfits.It long since sold out. And is no where to be found. Heidi also has the Necklace.

Resin Etched Butterfly Cuff - by Jessica Kagan Cushman - Max and Chloe $170

I was devastated when this Bracelet hit sale and sold out almost immediately on Anthro. Absolutely the only cuff made by Cushman I would ever want. I can't see myself wearing flies, roaches of stupid saying on my wrist all day. The resin is supposed to resemble Ivory. The image is then hand etched into the resin and paint is then applied. It won't ever wear off. It's also hand signed by the designer on the back. It was not until a year later that I discovered it on Shop Style at Max and Chloe. The same price it had been on Anthro. I didn't bat an eye. I can't wear heavy bracelets or bangles. The resin is super light weight and it stays put on my forearm. So comfortable I don't even feel it.

You can buy at Max and Chloe here.

Thingamabob Clip - by Citrus - Anthro -  was $24 - on sale for $10 Jun 2010

Anthro carried three lovely versions of this clip. This is the Silver. I bought two. Heidi picked up all three. They are lined on the back. I use it to clip back my hair. But you could use it like a brooch too. So many possibilities. They are now gone. The brand is Citrus. They also made the Honorine Necklace, which is a match to one of the clips. Love Citrus jewelry. Very unusual and fun to wear.

Thank goodness I am rounding the corner on the long week.

I still have not heard from Readers what fun stuff you got from the sale yesterday. So please tell me what you got and what you plan to do with it. I love it when you guys comment. And I always reply back to you, no matter what you write.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Dear Friends, Laura (GeoInCalifornia)


Jess said...

Loving the combination of all the beige tones with the black. Looks fantastic! That cardigan looks great on you, I like it more in the product shot and on you, then the catalog photo.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Lady, I officially want to ransack your closet! I know I've mentioned this before, but you've got a collector's eye for Anthro pieces.

And I just read on your side column - you don't like stripes?! Egads!!!

Laura said...

Lisa, I like them, just not on me. I do have a few striped pieces.
Let's see if I can name them.
Bouquet of stripes Tee
Zig Zags and Zinnias Tee
Cherimoya Top, Dreaming in Green, Lale, and Leifsdottir's Calm Seas Skirts. Unfurling Fronds and Tangelo Dresses by Leifsdottir are kind of striped. Natty Blazer. Rise and Fall, S'more Striped and Blushing Bouquet Cardi's.
Trying to answer w iPhone. Big pain.

Should I remove that statement.

Laura said...

Jess, Why did they use the Cardi as a swim cover up is beyond me? It is pretty with blue though. Sometimes I wear the Catch and Release Scarf in Sky with the Cardi. Also the same scarf in Lilac. Very pretty.

hs said...

Laura, I love the cuff you posted and I am normally not a cuff person at all!
I've added it to my own wish list for sale, if it makes it that far! It truly is a unique piece.

A question about the Fragrant Valley Dress, which you are wearing in such a lovely manner on your small photo above. Does it fit TTS, is it one of those ones that is hard to get over your head? I'm not sure if there are any of these left anywhere, and I'm not much of a "prints" person, but thought it would look cute with a plum sweater. Debating as to whether the 6 would work or if I should go smaller - 5"9 with 36c top. Any thoughts are appreciated, Laura!

p.s.: have you e-mailed Anthro and let them know how a store anywhere even within an hour of Bakersfield would be really appreciated? That might help - then have your Anthro lover friend Heidi and everyone you know send e-mails too!

Warm regards,
Heidi (other Heidi, ha ha)

Jamie said...

You scored some wonderful sale loot -- congrats!

I am very happy with what I got -- I intended to take home the Vappu in blue, but they only had the yellow in a 12...and I decided I wasn't that enamoured with the dress anyway.

Instead, I found a sweet tulip shaped skirt for $20, a mauve cropped jacket with lilac flowers for $20, and a belt for 5. So I got three items for the price of the Vappu. Amazing, right? Unfortunately, the items I got are sold out online, so I don't know their names.

Laura said...

Other Heidi, (that's cute)

The Fragrant Valley runs small. I normally wear a 4, the 6 fits perfect. Has a zip down the back and cowl neck, so not hard to get over the head.

Here is the review link for the dress. Copy to your browser window and go.

You can use this link to see reviews of any past Anthro items as long as you have the style number. Paste any style number where the 033023 for the Fragrant Valley is. Catalogs have the style numbers.

I'm not sure if I really want a store. I waffle on the issue.


Laura said...


Sounds like you founds some great stuff. Does it make up an outfit?

Do the tags or the receipt have the style numbers? If you have those you can use the same Link I gave Heidi above and replace the style number. It will bring the product reviews up and the name.


TUMC said...

Yay, the Apple Mangrove Cardigan! I've hardly seen it in the blogosphere and haven't yet figured out how to style it, so it's great to see it on you. I didn't realize it would work so well with black or matte jewelry -- looks really nice the way you put it together.

And yay for another Athleta fan! They had a great summer sale on dresses recently -- I hope you got to check it out! I couldn't justify another black summer dress or I would have been all over this one (I love the crochet top), but I did add another two Athleta dresses to my collection.

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