Friday, October 29, 2010

ANTHROOOOOOOOO.......Returns - OOTD - Free Ship - 1 Review - 1 Score

ANTHROOOOOO…….Thanks for Free Shipping.  But...

16 Days is Not Acceptable for Return Credit

Just when I thought you understood
Fast return credits are always GOOD
The last was back in under TEN
I knew you couldn’t repeat that again

I mailed three boxes in the last two weeks
This latest return rate totally stinks
I am dying for those Miss Allbright boots
But you’re holding all my Anthro loot

I despise waiting for Return Credits from Anthro.  All my credits are ear-marked for guessed it, more Anthro. Why is it they trust me enough to return defective products?  And will even mail out a new item without me having to pay for the item again.  So doesn’t it make sense to trust me to return unwanted items and just give me online or store credit?  Is anyone else now experiencing this sudden down time in return rate after last months awesome 10 day returns? 

I’m a little behind on posting OOTD’s.  This one is from Thursday.  The day I moved into my dreaded CUBICLE.  Here is where I was.  Here is where I went...
Cubicle 145D.  Sounds like a Bra size.
Where the hell am I supposed to put my maps? THE FLOOR! Poo!
Polka Peppered Dress - by Maeve - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $80 - May 2010

Buy it here in size 10, size 6, and size 2.
I never knew I was a Polka Dot enthusiast. But then, I never saw a Polka Dot I could love before Anthro.  The first time I saw this dress was on Heidi D.  We were in the Monterey CA store.  Christine too!  I Wish Listed this the minute we arrived home.  Then patiently waited for sale.  I believe this dress dropped to a phenomenal $30.  I'm not unhappy with $80. I do have to use the straps.

Curio Collar Jacket - by Idra - Anthro Orig $158 - Feb 2010

Buy it here in size 12.

I had to have this Jacket the minute I first set eyes on it. This is only the second time I have worn it.  The first time was with a Silk Leifsdottir Blouse.  The sleeve kept getting caught up in the brooch of the jacket.  So it was time to find something more suitable to style is with. I think I found the perfect mate in the Polka Peppered Dress.
I love the light pole coming out of my head. 
Since I am the photographer, there is no one to blame but me today.

Anthro's description of the Dress claimed Navy.  Ha!  It's Black. So Black tights seemed a suitable counterpart.  And to throw in a bit of color, I added Anthro's Limoncello Necklace. 
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Sale $30 - Feb 2009

And the finishing touches include:

All Leather Handbag in Ink - by Orla Kiely AW08
PerriBerri Orig $620, Sale $400 - March 2009
and the very cool
Quelusia Heels by Re-Mix Vintage Footwear
Anthro Orig $228, Sale $100 - July 2008

Shop Re-Mix Vintage and these shoes here

Now for a Quick No Anthro Zone Review: The Dog Trot Cardi by Monogram (HWR).  Was $128, now on sale for $70.

Shop the Dog Trot Cardi here.

The last HWR (Monogram) Sweater I ordered (the Chocolate Box Cardi) was horribly itchy.  I am pleased to say this Cardi is wonderful.  Maybe a little scratchy feeling, but definitely not itchy. I ordered the Brown Colorway with Pink Dogs.

SIZE:  I ordered by normal size SMALL. 5’6” tall, 125 lbs, 35-27-36, with narrow shoulders. 

FIT:  The fit is excellent.  The sleeves are not too long.  The hem length is right below the hips as it should be.

DETAILS:  This is a Grandma/Grandpa Cardi.  If you don’t like that style, then outfit the Cardi with something ultra feminine.  I am on the look out for a ruffled Pink or Yellow dress preferably. Although a blouse might do the trick. There is an extra Button/Yarn tag included. This is hand wash, lay flat to dry.

The sweetest detail is the little Pink Scottie Dog under the left Pocket. His collar is Yellow with a Gold Puffer Heart tag.

Regarding negative reviews:  I am sensitive to wool, and did not find this sweater itchy. A little rough? Yes!  I had plenty of room in the sleeves.  They did not feel tight on my arms.  Maybe that would be an issue if I wore a blouse with sleeves. I didn’t at all find the knit to appear cheap.  There were no seems that appeared torn or ripped.  Due to the print of the knit, I think that is an illusion.

This product is recommended with a full 5 stars from GeoInCalifornia – Order TTS or down if between sizes.

And look what I scored for $30 yesterday from the August Catalog. I'm thinking I might wear it with the Dog Trot Cardi.  Hmmm, what can I add for color? What shoes should I wear?  Pink?
Doubly Adorned Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $30 - Oct 2010
Check out the beautiful Red weave my wonderful Sara added to my hair.  It's pretty bright now, but should tone down in a week or two.

The sky was so lovely at 7 am this morning.  Laura in the Sky with Diamonds!  If that doesn't beat all!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura  (  email me anytime.  I love to hear from my Readers.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finding Hidden Anthro in My Closet! A week behind OOTD!

Polling for the Yellow Cloud closes tomorrow morning.  If you haven't voted for your favorite Style, the Gadget is on the right side bar. 

This is last Monday's OOTD.  Notice my hair is pre-salon appointment.. My photographer kindly agreed to meet me at the Riverwalk Park for a quick mid-day photo shoot and lunch on me at Panera Bakery. I had tried unsuccessfully to take a photo with my mini tripod at this vine covered brick wall next to the Maintenance Yard of all places.

I love finding hidden Anthro in my closet.  Take this Green Sweater Dress for example.  Had I lost it, or returned it? Because the last time I looked, it was nowhere to be found.

Great Lengths Sweater - by Sparrow - Anthro Orig $88, Sale $50 - Aug 2009
I'm pretty sure I wore it one time with Grey Leggings and Gold Sandals.  I remember I wasn't thrilled with the outfit, despite getting a compliment from a female co-worker.

I was jazzed when I accidentally ended up holding the Sweater Dress in one hand and the Vines and Buds Cardi in the other. 
Vines & Buds Cardigan in Beige - by Charlie & Robin - Anthro $128 Sold Out - Dec 2009

 This outfit is overly warm for even a relatively cool day in the sun.  As it turns out, the sweater dress looks great without the Vines and Buds Cardi. The sparkle of the necklace stirs up some needed interest when the  Sweater Dress stands alone.

Striped Tights in Red Motif - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Apr 2010

This outfit screamed for special legwear. And these Stripped Tights in Red were the perfect amount of special.  Heidi D, Christine, and my Photographer all agreed.  A rare occurrence. I'm calling these Orang-ish - Coral.  The online Product shot looks Brick-Red.

Ribbon Rays Necklace - by Tataborello -Anthro Orig $258, Sale $129 - Mar 2010

Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190 
 From Oct 2009 Hidden Catalog Stock - Apr 2010

I wasn't sure about the boots. But the Reddish Brown two toned colors compliment the greens. Funny thing!  The stem print on the Cardi is a perfect match to my Orla Kiely Dark Stem Tote and my Porcelain Mug.

What do you think of the Reader's Challenge Results. I am very pleased. Four of the Five outfits were in a neck and neck race.  This beats having one or two outfits that score well.  And I am very grateful for all my stylish and talented Readers who pitched in with suggestions for styling the Yellow Cloud Dress.  I believe Jessica was satistisfied too.

I knew this was coming! I was upset and angry yesterday when I got this news.

My Co. is ramping up the work force to drain our reserves as fast as possible. And they are out to impress the newbies by offering them all Window offices.  I hinted at this coming a few weeks ago.  A co-worker with a window, is moving into by 13x13 windowless office, and I am moving into a 6x4 foot cubicle. I am sadly feeling de-valued after 10 years of loyalty. 

I'm not going tot get over this quickly. At least until I get 4 walls around me again. It felt like I had just been fired as I carried out half of my office contents to my car. The work environment right now does not feel friendly between the employees and the Company. 

Is this a new era for the American Worker?  Has this happened to you? Is there tension and dis-satisfaction in your work place?
On to a better topic. 

Have you ever lost a seemingly useless item in your wardrobe, only to find it again and put it to good use?

I can't wait to hear from my Readers about either of these topics.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Style #4 - Vote for Your Favorite Yellow Cloud Style! Reader's Challenge Series Finale!


Before I introduce Style #4 in this Reader's Challenge Series,  let's re-visit the first 3 outfits that style the Yellow Cloud Dress for Fall.

At the conclusion of the Post, please don't forget to vote for your favorite Yellow Cloud Style on the right side bar.

Style #1 - View entire Post here

Style #2 - View Entire Post here

Style #3 - View Entire Post here


The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall outfit ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

 2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Reader's olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Note:  Jessica requested that I model my outfit selections.  I did not include Polyvores, since her request limited me to styling from my closet.  
Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178, Sale $90
eBay new $40 - Apr 2010
Now for Style #4...

Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall
The Angora and Cotton Cape is Calvin Klein Jeans Label, Circa 2007.   See me wearing it here
The Angora Cap is Betmar of New York, Circa 2008. The Cap was also used in Style #2.

Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall

I love Anthro's Space Between Wedges by Schuler and Sons.
You can see me were them here.

The tights are a loose knit Pointelle in Ivory.

Anthro's Juicy Bloom Scarf by Tara Project (Nov 2009)  is one of my favorite scarves that wasn't hand knit by my Mother.
Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall
That concludes Style #4. But I didn't stop here  I added an alternative inspired by Lori of Lorispeak to create a surprise Style #5.

In case you didn't notice.  I finally made it to my hair appointment. Yeah! 

Don't forget to vote for your favorite of the 5 Styles on the right side bar.  Polls will remain open for 4 days.

Below are additional suggestions from Readers for styling the Yellow Cloud for Fall:

 Collette Ann Osuna ...

I think you just need to "dark it down" for Fall......stay away from bright colored tights, etc....those kinda scream Spring\Summer.
When I look at this dress...I see bright colors and texture (with the lace at the bottom)

If I were given this dress and had to style it to wear in the Fall, I would personally add polka dots!! The lace is pretty and feminine, and there is something about polka dots that is so whimsical to me and Id wear it with a polka dot bolero jacket, something like this:

I understand your reader also wanted a sweater or scarf, and since the bolero jacket is long sleeve, Id go with a scarf. I love the feature of the lace on the dress...its fun texture, so Id add a bit more texture by adding this really sweet has a slip hole, where the other piece of the scarf slides through:)

Scarf from Forever 21.

I'm not sure how bold the reader is, but Id personally wear black polka dot tights or plain black sweater tights.

If I wore the polka dot tights, Id wear some really cute and feminine black kitten heels.

If I wore the plain black sweater tights, Id probably go for a short bootie that had some interesting detail like these:

Booties from Forever 21.

For an accessory, Id TOTALLY be toting a black and yellow checkered purse:)

Lady Cardigan said...

My first reaction was to style it with brown and/or orange since they (like yellow) are the color of fall leaves. I am thinking of maybe a relaxed/slouchy brown cardigan and brown tights. The bag you are carrying in #2 is perfect for what I have in mind.

Kalps said...

Wonder how will this dress look with Terrace House Jacket in Blue / Beige or the brass band sweater in Ivory.

Anthro's Brass Band Sweater - Ivory                 Anthro's Terrace House Jacket - Blue

Jamie said...

As for other fall stylings of the Yellow Cloud, I think I would try wearing it with a chocolate brown sweater coat, brown tights...and leopard print shoes!

ali said...

I think i might have also been tempted to pair it with a taupe sweater for an alternative.

Lori said...

here are some other ideas for Fall stylings for this dress. I think layering is key and layering with Fall-like colors. Yellow is a color of leaves in fall, so you can think about what types of colors you tend to see around yellow in fall. Anyway, I put together a polyvore with some ideas for several different layering and accessorizing outfits for fall.

That concludes my 5 Styles for Fall with the Yellow Cloud Dress. You can find the Polling Gadget on the right side bar.

My photographer's favorite is Style #5.

Please vote for your favorite Yellow Cloud Style for Fall!

I appreciate hearing from each and every one of you.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (

Friday, October 22, 2010

Style #3 - The Yellow Cloud Dress Brightens Fall with The Cream Confection Coat - Reader's Challenge

I'm back with Style #3 in this Reader's Challenge Series.  If you missed Style #1, click here.
To view Style #2 click here

If you are wondering about my lovely Reader Jessica, she has been busy in meetings this week.  Her profile name for commenting is chefjess! Monday will conclude this challenge with Style #4. Then we will put all 4 outfits to the vote.  If I can figure out how to work the crazy voting gadget.

My wood doors need immediate attention 
Not to mention glass cleaner
Does this pass as Blog Cool Urban Decay?

The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall styling ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Readers olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178,
Sale $90, eBay new $40 - Apr 2010

See my Summer Style for the Yellow Cloud here.

Laura through dirty window panes again?
I was sure, as my photographer took these pictures at my bidding, that not a one would be blog presentable. I was surprised at just how much I liked them.

Cream Confection Coat in Cream - by Idra - Anthro Orig $178 Sold Out - Oct 2010

This outfit sprung from nowhere when 2 of my planned outfits failed on photo day.  I naturally reached for this brand new, unworn Jacket. And unlike the Professoressa Jacket in Style 2, the Cream Confection Coat was long enough to cover the top of the lace overly on the dress.  This outfit looks much more put together than Style 2.

The Yellow Cloud Dress in Style #3 For Fall

Springing Scarf Lime 100% Cashmere - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009
 The Springing Scarf was used in Style #2, and is one of two items that is used twice in the 4 outfits. It was a natural progression to add the Turquoise Felted Fur Cloche.  A hat I have been dying to wear since purchasing it last Spring.

"Sara" Fur Felt Cloche Hat in Turquoise - by Mary Ann Koch
Couture Creations $145 -Mar 2010

I have not worn these shoes in years.  In fact, they were listed on the Blog Sale Page.  After seeing them here, I had a change of heart.  The Taupe Platform with Turquoise heels adds the extra kick in color at my feet. 

Too Many Cooks - by Seychelles - Seychelles $99 - July 2008

Isn't part of the photographer's job to make sure boats in the background aren't
screaming out of the side of the models head?  Tee-hee!  Me a model!  Sure!

Style #3 was a no brainer. The more I see it, the more I like it.  Instead of masking the dress, everything works with it.  Nothing stands out as out of place.  The hat, scarf, and shoes offer a nice even color spread.  I am liking this one more now, than I did at the time of the photos.

Hmm!  I might have to change the order of my vote.  Don't forget to look for Style #4 Monday.

How would you rank the 3 outfits posted so far? For example:  1, 3, 2.    With #1 the favorite in this example. I have a crazy need to know what you think.

Anthro Sister Love,  Laura (

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Style #2 and Jessica's Outfit - The Yellow Cloud Dress Brightens Fall - Photographer in the Line of Fire

Today's Post introduces Style #2 in a Reader's Challenge Series.  If you missed Style #1, click here.

The Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall

I do believe this Orla Kiely Bag is large enough to hold a BOWLING BALL?

If these photos don't turn out, the Photographer gets it!


The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall styling ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Readers olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Jessica received a compliment from a co-worker on this outfit she put together shortly after our first discussion. It seems she was inspired by me, but I think Jessica should give herself the credit.

Jessica's Outfit

Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress
Anthro's Shadow Sleeve Cardi in Teal
Talbot's Scarf in Teal and Yellow
Cream Tights
Brown Bandolino Boots

She even removed the scarf to show the co-worker how well it worked as a buffer to shade her olive complexion from the bright Yellow bodice of the dress.  The co-worker suggested she get some antibiotics. I was amazed by the images she sent me, both with and without the scarf.

Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178,
Sale $90, eBay new $40 - Apr 2010

See my Summer Style for the Yellow Cloud here.

The Yellow Cloud Dress with the Professoressa Jacket by Ett Twa

If he misses this shot...smacko with the Bowling Ball

I adore the Professoressa Jacket.  But I found the length a little short for this dress. The Yellow Cloud tends to pull up in the front. So the top of the lace overlay runs unevenly around the dress. It would have worked best if the Jacket was longer and covered the top of the lace all the way around.

Professoressa Jacket - by Ett Twa - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $80 - Feb 2010

See me wear the Professoressa Jacket in an OOTD here.

Springing Scarf  in Lime  - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009

Somehow he manages to make me look presentable! 
Score 3 for him, 0 for the Ball.

The Pastels in the Springing Scarf are complimentary to the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Besides, I can't resist cashmere with tweed. The fringe adds a nice sprinkling of ivory down the front.

Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190
From Oct 2009 Hidden Catalog Stock - Apr 2010

Since the Jacket is so short, I am inclined to stick with the rule I carefully broke in Style #1.  But no one said I couldn't use Ivory tights with colored sprinkles. The sprinkles add a bit of tweedy texture.

Speckled Tights in Ivory - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Feb 2010

I could whack him up side the head and he wouldn't even see it coming.
Bless him, he is doing a fabulous job for an amateur

I have one pair of boots from last Winter. You're lookin' at em! Anthro's Malted Barley Boots from the Oct 2009 Catalog.  This is the first pair of boots I have ever truly loved.  They offer plenty of space above the toe box. And I was completely astonished at how comfortable these are.  I am on a quest to add a pair of Area Forte's in Black. Although I love Schuler and Son's just as well.

Hey Mr. Photographer! Who do I look like to you? Napoleon Bonaparte! 

  I found the cap in a Mall department store about a year before I was sucked into my first Anthro.  I have never worn it. This just isn't something Bakersfield-ites wear.  So I didn't pay much for it.  The cap adds a nice poof of fluffy soft Ivory on top.

All Leather Hand Stitched Wool Bowling Bag - by Orla Kiely 08 -
Orig $800, Gently Used from eBay bid $420 - Apr 2009
 I love this bag.

How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall
On second thought...I wouldn't want anything to happen to my awesome Orla Kiely Bag!

In this image you can see how the dress rides lower in the back, than the front?  My Jacket needs to be longer.  The idea for this outfit was to sprinkle little bits of color from the dress, Ivory in this case, and spread it about.  This removes the emphasis from the Bright Yellow Dress.

Thank you Lori and Ali,

Lori of LORISPEAK created a Polyvore for the Yellow Cloud. View her inspiring outfit ideas here.  I am definitely intrigued by the idea of using the dress as a jumper with a white long sleeved blouse underneath with Black and White accessories.

Ali suggested using a Taupe sweater. I don't have much Taupe is my closet.  But I do have Taupe Seychelles platforms that I had already incorporated in Style #3 for Friday.

Please help Jessica style the Yellow Cloud for Fall.  Leave a comment with some of your own ideas.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (