Friday, March 9, 2012

Won! Lost! Found!

What I won...

One Voluminous Scarf Necklace compliments of ...Anthromollogies.

There may be countless ways to wear one infinite loop scarf, fully equipped with it's own string of beads, by Mickey London (with a backwards capital D)  Below are two of my favorites.

Voluminous Scarf Necklace by Mickey London
Sarmiento Pane Tee by Yoana Baraschi on sale HERE

Thank you Molly.  I'm honored to have won your first giveaway to celebrate your one year blogiversary.

What I lost...

I lost my Bejeweled Bee Ring. Scatter brained me couldn't remember when, where, or how such a calamity came to be. I thought about all the hidden nooks and crannies where it could reside for an eternity. I ransacked my closet, dug through every pocket, handbag, drawer, and yes even the car.  I know, it's just a piece of costume jewelry. OK!  So I'm a control freak. I don't just lose track of stuff.

Photo by Kristine Ko of KK Creative Studios
What I found...

When my ring didn't turn up, I began to consider a replacement. My yellow/black version was sold out everywhere. The yellow/white just wasn't the same.  KJL's new bee designs resembled a fly more than a bee. No, no, no!  One evening I stumbled upon one lone ring on Amazon.  As I placed the order, I thought...what were the odds I would find Ring #1 now?

Ring #2 arrived absolutely perfect.  I placed it in the same spot where Ring #1 always sat. There it remained for a week before I decided to wear it. What was I waiting for...Ring #1 to buzz my head proclaiming here I am?
Ring #2
Kenneth Jay Lane Hand Enameled, 22K Gold, Swarovski Crystal Bee Ring - Amazon - $108 - Feb 2012

As I walked past the front desk wearing brand new Ring #2, it suddenly occurred to me to ask if a ring just like this one was found. POW!

Ring #1
Bejeweled Bee Ring - by Kenneth Jay Lane - Anthro Orig $105 Sale $70 - July 2009

Imagine my disbelief when the receptionist began rummaging through a desk drawer and seconds later pulls out Ring #1.  NO Way?

When Ring #1 was turned in months ago, an email was sent out that described the ring as....well a ring that was found in the bathroom. To add to the confusion my ring may have been found and turned in before I knew it was missing. Huh! I vaguely recall the email and thought nothing of it. As far as I knew, I wasn't missing a ring. Besides, there was no mention of a rather large Bee. So much time passed since the ring was turned in, the receptionist couldn't remember when or who turned it in.  It was found on the floor in a corner of the ladies room.  It may have been there for weeks.

I doubt I would have thought to ask about Ring #1 , if I hadn't been wearing Ring #2 like a reminder around my finger...Duh!

autoresponder-success-01; boy with a string tied around his finger so he won't forget

I was charmed for the rest of the day. Hope and inspiration continue to linger through the week.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (