Sunday, August 1, 2010

There's Always Something Waiting To Find You Another Day!

Follow-up from Post 2 "A Mad Women's First Post.
What ever happened to the Tritone Bangle Set?
This post is for Bronzi. Who wants to see something besides Anthro clothing reviews.
Hi Readers,
I had a great day yesterday with my son rafting the Killer Kern River. I arrived home to find an unexpected Anthro delivery. Always a pleasure, but a bit disconcerting because I had no outstanding orders.

NOTE: In my second post, "A Mad Women's First Post," I discussed the Tritone Bangles in BLUE by Rafia and Bossa. After waiting 10 days and inquiring multiple times on the un-shipped order, I was informed the BLUE had been cancelled. So I re-ordered the set in the not so popular PINK Version.

Apparently the order had not been cancelled, because the BLUE version arrived Thursday. ELEVEN days after I placed the order. For one minute I was the happiest person on the planet. Before even trying the set on, I called customer service. The call was cut off before I got a clear answer. I called back to find they were closed. So I am unclear why I received the cancelled order.
So what happened to the order for the PINK set? That was my unexpected Anthro order I received Saturday.
I now have both versions of the bracelet to choose from.
Thanks ANTHRO!
I think!

The Tritone Bangles by Rafia & Bossa sold out with no reviews.

original price was $298
the final cut was $69.95

Here is my thorough review, simply because I suspect some sets will POP BACK online, or even make it to eBay. I don't want someone to pay an outrageous sum and be unable to return them.

Both sets are well made but I question the original asking price. The online description claims copper. One bangle looks like copper, the other two look like they have been dipped in a gold tone and silver tone. For $298, there is no box or pretty bag included with either set. All are stamped by the designer. Each set has two tags. One a printed logo. The other handwritten, claims "Handmade in our Parisian atelier with vintage rhinestones from the 50's" The bracelets appear exactly like the images from online above, except the colors are not nearly as brilliant.

BLUE VERSION: One bangle arrived separated from the ring holding the other two. I opened the ring and separated the set. The moment I tried on my much coveted BLUE version I was disappointed. The 3 bangles are not the same diameter, are considerably heavy, and do not stay pushed up my arm. If I place my arm in the down position they slide and bang into my wrist. They also tend to roll to the underside of my wrist. This bracelet will never look like the online image when worn. This was my favored version.

PINK VERSION: This set arrived attached by the ring. I like the brighter PINK color in this set. These bangles line up in an orderly manner when worn at the same time. The small rhinestones on the clear bangle make the set feel less heavy. I now favored the PINK version over the BLUE.
I normally wear bracelets on my LEFT ARM because they tend to interfere with mousing on the RIGHT. I wore the BLUE version on my LEFT ARM the night I received it. I took this set off and on several times. This is the set that I removed the ring from.

Since I had both sets in my possession for the price of one, I decided to test them together. I wore the BLUE on the RIGHT ARM, and the PINK on the LEFT ARM. The BLUE feels heavier than the PINK (the pink version has one smaller lighter bangle). The PINK set links together best due to the smaller bangle, and was more comfortable to wear with the ring. Also, did not tend to roll to the under side of my wrist as often.
While still wearing both sets, I concluded that I would keep the not so popular PINK version.
Everything changed when I went to remove the PINK set from my LEFT hand. I had this bracelet on for some time, but had never taken it on and off as I had the BLUE set. When I tried to slide the PINK set over my hand it got painfully stuck half way off. Thank goodness I wasn't alone.
My BF had to run and get pliers and pry the ring open that keeps the set together. I was already in tears by this time.
Two bracelets came off, but the last I could not slide off without excruciating pain some time later.

Obviously the PINK set (not the set I originally wanted, but later I concluded was the best) was not going to work for me. The Blue set has too many comfort issues to wear or appreciate.

I had my heart set on the image of a bracelet I would treasure and wear forever. Something that is not only pretty, and comfortable, but also makes me happy when I look at it. Regardless of the price.
Something like this treasured bracelet!
Both sets will be returned to online. And I agree with Bronzi, "We can be well dressed, while presenting our unique expression, and still be comfortable in our choices".
One thing I have learned is if your not going to use it, don't keep it. There will always be something you truly want waiting to find you another day.
Anthro Love, Laura