Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's Re-Style Rejected for a Favorite OOTD

Happy Monday Afternoon,

Now, lets look back to Sunday night.

I am a certified organization freak. So naturally, every evening before work, I set out my clothing and accessories for the next day.

Most mornings I stick to my selection. 

However... occasionally I REJECT my Sunday night selection on Monday Morning. 

Is it because I'm not in work mode when I selected the outfit? Because I take all day Sunday and all night to switch from weekend mode to work week mode.

Do I have a difficult time adjusting to life's transitions?  You betcha! And it's getting worse with age. 

Or could it be that I'm not happy with Sunday Nights Re-Style. Which happened to be a Summer 2009 outfit *Up-Styled with new items.

*I just made that word up.

On to the reason for this Post. 
 Who cares! I arrived at work on time. Despite my outfit presto chango.

All that really matters is the Anthro.

This is Anthro's Jahoda Corset Top by Floreat $98.  Purchased on sale for $50 April 2009.  I would love to see Floreat re-design another version of this top.  But if they did and I missed it only tell me about it if you know where I can get one. Gotta love the elastic panel in back with the kicky little gathered hemline. The entire top is stretchy.  Only negative is the low cut neckline.

The most versatile skirt in my closet.  Anthro's Ruffled Denim Skirt by Leifsdottir $158. Purchased on sale for $70 July 2009. You will see me wearing this skirt often.  In fact the skirt is a size eight.  I  moved the top two buttons in to fit like a four.  If  I gain weight, I can always move them back.  Let's hope I don't have to do that.

This little Cardi surprises me still. The Cake Batter Cardi by Deletta.  I don't remember if I paid full price or it was on sale.  Full price would have probably been $78.  I think it was one of those sleeper items that no one noticed.  I purchased mine at the Fresno CA Anthro.  The 2nd of 3 Anthro's I have ransacked.  Orange is one of my favored colors. But only on me.  Not in the house or the car. I found the Cardi to be more like Icing than Batter for my strawberry shortcake.

It was instant heart pounding WANT the minute these appeared online. I am a sucker for the words crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, and *tatting. 

*Tatting is a lost form of Old English lace making done with a bobbin and shuttle. My Mother taught herself how to tat from a library book 35 years ago. She now designs her own patterns and is the hands down winner at the Great Kern County Fair every year. 

No way could I afford the whopping $398 for Chie Mihara's Needlework T-Straps.  I waited 5 agonizing months from when they appeared in the Feb 2009 catalog, to June when they went on sale for $200.

I am so disappointed in the leather wrapped heel.  After wearing them only a few times they started to discolor for no apparent reason. I still wear them.

I haven't included an Orla Keily handbag recently because you have seen almost all of them.  Except this one.

This is from Orla Keily's Greenline SS09 Collection.  All Leather Satchel  in Ochre.  Was $598.  I waited 5 months for the sale price of $398.  I know, not a deep discount. This is a convertible Messenger Bag that can be carried over the shoulder or as a handbag.  Orla's Greenline is tanned using only natural products. And is completely biodegradable.  So no metal, fabric, or plastic involved.

Who would pay this much for a bag and simply throw it away at some point?

All my Orla's have the little elastic strap and hook for the keys. I'm gonna miss that handy dandy hook.
In fact the 2 pockets are much to small to hold anything but lip gloss. 


And what a process to open and close. You have to fold the bag in half.  Then pull the Brown strap over the top and feed it over the carry handles and through the Olive Green Tab.  What a pain.

I love the color and the way it looks, but what good is that if the bag isn't practical.

And if you spill something on this bag you're screwed.  So I try to constantly put mink oil on it.  I already have a few small stains.  The inside is also raw leather.  No Stem Print Lining.

If this is the fashionable Handbag of the future I am going to be very unhappy.

Jewelry is from Etsy Shop psbymelanie.  The Charm Bracelet I found in search. The strawberries are Lampwork Beads, with tiny little crocheted strawberry flowers.  I requested a custom order for the earrings.

And here concludes my OOTD for this back to work Monday.

How do you transition from weekends to the work week?  I am an awful grump on Sunday.

Every element of this outfit is over a year old.  I have never had reason to re-style or up-style this Tried and True.

This was styled when I was more into Matchy Match Themes.  I felt like the jewelry had to have the same Strawberry theme as the top.

Have you ever styled this way? 

I only did this for a few outfits. I don't think there is anything wrong with it either. It was a phase I went through.  And I still love this outfit.

Do you experience stages of styling? 

I go through them constantly.  And it has nothing to do with the current fashion trends. Because honestly I don't follow them.  I follow my heart. Only occasionally do Heidi D. and I steal outfit ideas from each other and Anthro.  And that's cool with us.

Love, Laura (GeoInCalifornia)


Loraine said...

It's hard to believe you put this together at the last minute. The cardi really pulls the outfit together! You really do have a great eye for detail.

GeoInCalifornia said...


The Strawberry Outfit is tried and true. All elements are more than a year old. See explaination above under the last photo.

I plan to wear this mornings Rejected outfit tomorrow. This is the outfit I up-styled the night before.

I use an organized system for keeping track of my closets contents. I can choose a head to toe outfit in minutes. It requires some advance work and constant maintanance to keep up-to-date.

Exsactly the kind of detailed organizing I love to do. I am forever playing with the contents of my closet.

Thank you so much for the compliment regarding my having an eye for detail. That describes me quite well.

Although it doesn't particularly extend to every part of my life.

Forgive the long explanation.


Ashley J said...

I am in love with that yellow bag! What an awesome purchase!

hs said...

Laura, your closet sounds so organized. I use an entire walk-in closet myself (my husband keeps his things in a different closet), and my things are so smashed together in there I can't even see them all. It's so frustrating. And, there is no solution other than a bigger closet (I have pared down, but this is the smallest "walk-in" closet I've ever seen!)


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