Friday, March 9, 2012

Won! Lost! Found!

What I won...

One Voluminous Scarf Necklace compliments of ...Anthromollogies.

There may be countless ways to wear one infinite loop scarf, fully equipped with it's own string of beads, by Mickey London (with a backwards capital D)  Below are two of my favorites.

Voluminous Scarf Necklace by Mickey London
Sarmiento Pane Tee by Yoana Baraschi on sale HERE

Thank you Molly.  I'm honored to have won your first giveaway to celebrate your one year blogiversary.

What I lost...

I lost my Bejeweled Bee Ring. Scatter brained me couldn't remember when, where, or how such a calamity came to be. I thought about all the hidden nooks and crannies where it could reside for an eternity. I ransacked my closet, dug through every pocket, handbag, drawer, and yes even the car.  I know, it's just a piece of costume jewelry. OK!  So I'm a control freak. I don't just lose track of stuff.

Photo by Kristine Ko of KK Creative Studios
What I found...

When my ring didn't turn up, I began to consider a replacement. My yellow/black version was sold out everywhere. The yellow/white just wasn't the same.  KJL's new bee designs resembled a fly more than a bee. No, no, no!  One evening I stumbled upon one lone ring on Amazon.  As I placed the order, I thought...what were the odds I would find Ring #1 now?

Ring #2 arrived absolutely perfect.  I placed it in the same spot where Ring #1 always sat. There it remained for a week before I decided to wear it. What was I waiting for...Ring #1 to buzz my head proclaiming here I am?
Ring #2
Kenneth Jay Lane Hand Enameled, 22K Gold, Swarovski Crystal Bee Ring - Amazon - $108 - Feb 2012

As I walked past the front desk wearing brand new Ring #2, it suddenly occurred to me to ask if a ring just like this one was found. POW!

Ring #1
Bejeweled Bee Ring - by Kenneth Jay Lane - Anthro Orig $105 Sale $70 - July 2009

Imagine my disbelief when the receptionist began rummaging through a desk drawer and seconds later pulls out Ring #1.  NO Way?

When Ring #1 was turned in months ago, an email was sent out that described the ring as....well a ring that was found in the bathroom. To add to the confusion my ring may have been found and turned in before I knew it was missing. Huh! I vaguely recall the email and thought nothing of it. As far as I knew, I wasn't missing a ring. Besides, there was no mention of a rather large Bee. So much time passed since the ring was turned in, the receptionist couldn't remember when or who turned it in.  It was found on the floor in a corner of the ladies room.  It may have been there for weeks.

I doubt I would have thought to ask about Ring #1 , if I hadn't been wearing Ring #2 like a reminder around my finger...Duh!

autoresponder-success-01; boy with a string tied around his finger so he won't forget

I was charmed for the rest of the day. Hope and inspiration continue to linger through the week.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where did Floreat Go? A Hybrid Theory!

When the Farren Blouse by LeifNotes appeared online, I was intrigued by several familiar elements. The familiar Leifsdottir details didn't surprise me. After all, the use of Leif is a given.

Farren Blouse - by LeifNotes - Anthro $128 - Feb 2012

What if the word Notes had nothing to do with Leifsdottir, but hinted at Notes from something else.

There are details in this blouse not commonly used by Leifsdottir. In particular, the beading, embroidery, and the bright solid color. I pulled two blouses from my closet for comparison.
Where did Floreat Go? A Hybrid Theory!

Many in this community, including me, truly miss the beloved Floreat Brand. I haven't seen details like this since Floreat all but vanished from Anthro almost a year ago.

Sadly, the name Floreat is history, but I like to think the dream is moving forward.

The Farren certainly has Leifsdottir traits. The familiar drape and sheen of the silk/cotton blend.  The waistband borrowed from the Fanned Flames Blouse.  But it was the sleeves that brought a picture of Floreat's Work Of Glaciers Blouse to mind. Soon after that the detail work and rich color added fuel to the fire.

Is this where Floreat has gone?  Who but Anthro would come up with a Fashion Dream Team?

To fan the flames further (ha-ha Fanned Flames Blouse), Floreat disappeared from Anthro about a year ago. Just enough time to meld two teams, dream up some beauty's, and prepare for the Spring 2012 collection.

How about that Floreat price tag? I can live with that.

In a parallel universe, perhaps Leifsdottir has been using Floreat as inspiration. I don't think it's possible to bring such details to completion without experts.

Is the Floreat Team breathing new life (Notes) into Leifsdottir? We may never know.  I like to think it's true. Honestly, the thought makes me happy. But I am known as that Nutty Anthro Closet Lady.  Sometimes it takes a lot of nutty to put two and two together. I thought the connections were real enough to share with the community.

You can find me on Polyvore at the top of the side bar.  Use the right arrow to find 3 Polyvores styled with the Farren Blouse.

I want to know what you think, even if you see things differently. I'm excited to see what comes next from LeifNotes.

Anthro Sister and Floreat Love,  Laura (

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creepy Peppering and Ketchup!

Hi Readers!  It's been awhile.  I hope everyone is doing well.

First, the "Creepy Peppering" portion of the post title.

The ambiance in the park was strange the morning I took OOTD photos for Anthro's Peppering Skirt. Tule Fog was rolling in from the River just over the rise behind me. Yet the sun was rising in front of me.  Is this scene creepy or what?  

Peppering Skirt - by Yoana Baraschi - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 - Jan 2012
Twisted Ascot Tee in Navy - by Postmark - Anthro Orig $48 Pop Back Sale $20 - Jan 2012
Jackie Cardi in Cerise - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Available in Maraschino Cherry HERE
Available on eBay HERE in Cerise
Textured Dots Tights in Black - by Tintorella - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $4.50 Chicago - Nov 2011
Wing Tip Mary Janes  - by Schuler and Sons - Anthro $178 - Dec 2011
Reversible Leather Shoulder Bag in Cream Olive - Orla Kiely Orig $564 Sale $395 AW09 - Jan 2010
Available on eBay HERE
Old World Cuff Orange - Anthro $58 - Oct 2011

You know your addicted to Anthro when...
1. You calmly ignore a popular item that goes on sale, even though the reviews are excellent and you have nothing like it in your closet.
2. You check the product page daily and watch all sizes disappear and feel absolutely no emotion.
3. When the item sells out, you suddenly realize it's a must have.

I mean really, what is so fun about haunting a product page 6 times in an hour for a pop back in your size?  Absolutely nothing.  But I do this very thing obsessively. I admit that I find it a challenge that I enjoy.  There are well over 30 Anthro links in the bookmarks bar at the top of my browser. Not only that, I haunt product pages for friends. No joke!

I happen to think it's absolutely awesome that Anthro Community members share information on Roxy's EA Pop Back Posts.  In theory, I thought such posts would make finding coveted pop backs more difficult for the online shopper like myself.  This is not true at all.  Last night I ordered a pair of shoes listed in a comment on the Pop Back Thread.
                                                    The Nuts and Bolts Sandals by Frye 

In reality, the complete opposite occurs.  Roxy is one smart Gal. Ha-ha! I may be more addicted to EA than Anthro.  

Peppering Skirt - by Yoana Baraschi - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 - Jan 2012
Jackie Cardi in Cerise- by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Available in Maraschino Cherry HERE
Available on eBay HERE in Cerise
Reversible Leather Shoulder Bag in Cream Olive - Orla Kiely Orig $564 Sale $395 AW09 - Jan 2010
Available on eBay HERE
Old World Cuff Orange - Anthro $58 - Oct 2011

I had no clue my Orla Kiely bag was so valuable and rare. Orla's Reversible Leather Shoulder Bag is far from my favorite. I was surprised to find an eBay listing for the bag priced higher than the original non sale price. $700. The seller recently dropped the asking price to $650 HERE (not a listing of mine or anyone I know).

Peppering Skirt - by Yoana Baraschi - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 - Jan 2012
Textured Dots Tights in Black - by Tintorella - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $4.50 Chicago Store - Nov 2011
Wing Tip Mary Janes  - by Schuler and Sons - Anthro $178 - Dec 2011
Old World Cuff Orange - Anthro $58 - Oct 2011
It's time to "Ketchup" on a few past OOTD's

Super Wale Skirt in Yellow - by Maeve - Anthro $88 - Nov 2011
Featherweight Cashmere Cardi in Dahlia - by J Crew - Orig $158 Sale $99 - July 2011
Available HERE in Bright Plum
Mitred and Metered Top in Yellow -  by Pilcro - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - Mar 2011
Available on eBay HERE in Blue
Textured Dots Tights in Grey - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $13 - Nov 2011
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
Available on eBay HERE in (5.5 10 and 11) and HERE in (7.5)
Spotted Satchel - by Holding Horses - Anthro Orig $268 Sale $130 - Nov 2011
Quasar Necklace - made in USA - Anthro Orig $398 2nd Cut $100 - Aug 2011

The Spotted Satchel by Holding Horses is not an example of my Anthro addiction.  Ha-ha!  Who am I kidding?  I did not sit around and watch this bag disappear online. I knew I wouldn't get a second chance at this bag on Black Friday.  Anthro stores were not taking phone orders that day.  I picked this one up the minute it went on sale.  Despite the quirks, I use it far more than I ever thought I would.  All this bag needs is a drop of Super Glue and patience when latching.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010
Size 2 on eBay HERE
Jackie Cardi in Dark Rosewood - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Hip Cinched Blouse Gold - by Meave - Anthro Orig $98 Sale $50 - Nov 2011
Ruled Tote in Navy - by Holding Horses - Anthro Orig $268 Promo Sale $65 - Nov 2011
Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Heart Necklace and Bracelet - by my Mom - 2008

Who did Maeve have in mind to wear the Hip Cinched Blouse?  Not me.  I'm the charter member of NSS (Narrow Shoulder Society).

But, I have worn this blouse as a layering piece under 3 different outfits. Ho ho!  Can you say "versatility and layering piece" at the same time?

So, I did as any addict would do. I haunted the product page for the Green version.  I happened upon a size 8 after...oh maybe a hundred *clicks or more (who's counting), for the stellar price of $20. 

But, the Green version is an 8. Doh! When I saw the pop back, I paused over the size for a few minutes. Then I popped it in my shopping bag and checked out. I can run a seam up each side to tighten the fit at the hips.  Who's going to notice under a layer?

Did saving $30 over the sale price make all that clicking worth it?  Yes! I get a kick out of finding a coveted pop back. If it's on 2nd or 3rd cut, even better.  

*clicks performed in the early morning and lunch time hours on work days, and at home in the evening and on Sunday nights only.  Completely appropriate clicking hours.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010
Opaque Tights in Gold - by Hue - Anthro $12.50 - August 2009
Marquee Gemmed Heels in Yellow - by Miss L Fire - Anthro Orig $148 Sale $80 - Nov 2011
Available HERE in Red

Another example of an item I could have cared less about.  I kid!  The Marquee Gemmed Heels are the first pair of Miss 'L' Fire's that have attracted my attention in 2 years.  They were immediately wish listed.  I couldn't believe my luck when they made sale so soon, with 5 star reviews.  I adore them. However, the glued on stones make them impossible to wear as an everyday shoe.  These need Super Glue too!  I buy it in a two pack.

Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt petite - by Moulinette Soeurs - Anthro Orig $298 Sale $150 - Dec 2011
Jackie Cardi in Black - by J Crew - Orig $62 Sale $50 - Aug 2011 
Reversible Tank In Black V neck side - by Eloise - Anthro $24 - 2009
Opaque Tights in Grey - by Hue - Anthro 12.50 - 2008
Wing Tip Mary Janes - by Schuler and Sons - Anthro $178 - Dec 2011
Oblong Reflection Necklace - by Nakamol - Antho $58 - Nov 2011
Sparkling Thingamabob Clip in Silver  - by Citrus - Anthro orig $24 sale $10 - Jul 2010
Almost done!

I never once considered the Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt until it made sale. It wasn't until then, I made time to read the reviews. Moulinette Soeurs Skirts consistently fit my low hip/waist ratio of 8. Did I dress this skirt down enough to make it suitable for work?

The Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt is my favorite skirt purchase for 2011.

Tiered Stripes Dress in Purple Motif - by Bailey 44 - Anthro Orig $188 B-day Disc $160 - Dec 2011
Cream Confection Coat in Cream - by Idra - Anthro $178 - Oct 2010
Spotted Diamonds Tights in Black Motif - by Eloise - Anthro $18 - Nov 2011
 Wing Tip Mary Janes - by Schuler and Sons - Anthro $178 - Dec 2010
Quilted Patent Iris Bag in Cream - by Orla Kiely AW10 - Yoox Orig $335 Sale $170 FS - Dec 2010
Waving Pennant Necklace - by Pam Hiran - Anthro Orig $58 Sale $40 - Dec 2011

I wasn't impressed with the Layered Columns Dress.  My issue with the dress was lack of sleeves.  I finally jumped on the Bailey 44 band wagon when the Tiered Stripes arrived.


My only qualm now is... the quality of the fabric. When I arrived home late Christmas Eve I noticed little black balls of fabric all over my Cream Confection Jacket.  That's when I inspected the unfinished hem on the tiers of the dress.  Sure enough there are notches of missing fabric.  $188 is far too much for a dress that will look good for only a few wears.  I would need to hem every tier by hand because the fabric is extremely stretchy.  I'm certain the hem would ruin the smooth look of the dress. This dress is saved for special occasions only.

The Tiered Stripes would have been my favorite dress buy for 2011.  I passed it over for the Downeast Dress by Pendleton.

Closing Entertainment
Starring Nefi the Rescued Hotot Rabbit
Rated PG. Warning: bathroom scene

I got the idea to build cardboard Nefiville while clicking through the photos of bunnies on House Rabbit Society

Are you addicted to Anthro?  What are the signs? If you're an online shopper that lacks a local store...have you ever haunted Anthro for pop back?  What was the item?  Did you ever find a pop back? 
note: meant for entertainment value only

Anthro Sister Love to all of you, Laura (