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Pigment and Canvas Dress - A Vintage Styling

I had decided I would return this Dress.  Now I have changed my mind.  I thought I would use the refund towards financing the Babergh Dress. I can't bear to do it. And I never use a charge card for clothing.

Now that I have put together an outfit, I want to keep the dress.  Am I too old to wear this clingy dress?
My kitties thought I was acting silly, running around the yard with a chair and my camera at 6 am taking photos. But the cool morning temps are such a blessing here.  I thought I would get out and enjoy my yard for once. The lighting was perfect for showing off this dress.

Pigment and Canvas Dress - by Nathalie Lete - Anthro - Was $248 - Sale $60 - Aug 2010
Sorry there is no buy it here for this dress.  It's sold out online.  Look for pop backs in the sale section.

I am literally poured into the bodice of this size 4 dress.  It was all I could do to get the exposed side zip up without including skin.  The corset like design is a blessing.  When I first tried it on with a bra it was a no go.  The band was too tight and pressed the underwire into my ribs painfully.  This is a common problem for those who suffer from a big ribcage.  So off went the bra, and on went the dress.  Even more carefully, up went the zip.  I'm no spring chicken and certain things start to loose altitude after awhile.

I couldn't believe this dress is 100% cotton.  With a laced cotton slip lining.  Even better,  it's MACHINE WASH and TUMBLE DRY. How can anyone pass this up for the $60 sale price tag.

Another problem I often experience is with shoulder straps falling down.  But this dress was so far perfect.  It's really hard to give up a dress that not only fits great without additional tailoring, but also looks so darn good.  I spent hours working on the last two dresses I ordered.  Something I don't really mind doing if I have the time.

You can see the results of my handy dandy tailoring with the Graphical Dress by Edme and Esyllte here

And another outfit for the Graphical Dress here.

Vintage Inspired Peep Toes in Sky - by Frye Shoe Company (the oldest Shoe Co in the US) - Zappos - not on sale $170 - Apr 2009
In keeping with the Vintage aged look of the print backing, I chose these leather Frye pumps in Sky. I think I did a number on them frolicking around the yard right after the sprinklers had been on.  I love these pumps.  The 3/4 inch platform makes the 3 1/2 inch heel feel like 3 inches.  Very comfortable and stable.  I have slipped in these before though.
A little corny mirror, mirror on the bureau staging. The little Lady Bug off to the side kinda resembles a tattoo. I like the simplicity of my layered necklaces.  The only Anthro jewelry is the cuff. 

Toasted Meringue Cuff - by Lee Angel - Anthro - was $198, sale $99 - Mar 2010

I was so happy when this cuff went on sale after having it Wish Listed for months.  I love the neutral color and the vintage brooch in the middle.  Expensive, but worth every penny.  I was a little worried about the wide metal cuff.  But it's fairly light and if I push it up my forearm, it stays put. Lee Angel designs are creative and very appealing to me. I did have to use fray block on the ribbon ends.  Clear nail polish works just as well.

Bye, bye for now......

Oh wait, I almost forgot about the rest of the outfit.  After I took these images I got an idea. The dress has such wonderful purples and blues.  So I thought I would add something of the PURPLE variety.

The Gumshoe Sweater Coat - by Charlie and Robin - Anthro $168 - Fall 2009

When this light weight wool coat hit sale, there was no PURPLE left. So I am happy I paid full price. But since I am not a fan of PURPLE I don't wear it much. So any excuse to match this up with an outfit and I am on it. I love the vintage ruffles. The wool felt is soft. Most boiled wool drives me nuts. This stuff is great. Even has pockets, and adorable huge buttons.


Nothing adds Vintage drama like layering multi length necklaces.  I have an assortment.  The blue costume choker necklace belonged to my Grandmother Edna on the Martin side.  It's about 80 years old and looks brand new.  It's now a collectors item by Mazer Bros.

The freshwater pearl strand with magnetic closure was made by MWTT (Mum With The Thumb) my Mom.  It was part of my Bridal jewelry 11 years ago. 

The long double strand is freshwater pearls and pearl coins with crystals strung on Silver thread.  This was a gift with an order from Etsy Shop WahtVeritas.  I love it more than the stuff I ordered.

And laying broken in the dish (sniff) is a lovely crystal necklace that belonged to my Grandmother Ena on the Cooper side. I broke the necklace when I took it off.  I will re-string it with special thread for crystal because it tends to chew through most thread.

And the Icing on the Purple Cake is Blue...

Kaitlyn Straw Cloche - custom made by  Mary Ann Koch Milliner - Couture Creations $145

I love how this arrived in a hat box, with a little signed Thank You card from the Milliner.  My Anthro hat arrived crushed in a delivery box. Even better was a 20% off card for my next hat.  Which I used for a beautiful Turquoise Wool Cloche I am sure I will show you come Fall Winter.

You can order the Kaitlyn here. Plus even more hats.  Most of which you can pick and choose from colorful Vintage Stock to your hearts content.

And here are the final outfit images....

I don't know why I look so skinny here because I'm not.  This sweater makes me look flat chested.  Which I'm not. 

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD.  Please tell me what you think.  Do I look like a GIANT PURPLE GRAPE? Perhaps the epitome of a Flapper Girl?

Tons of Love to my Anthro Sisters and non Anthro Sisters too, Laura (GeoInCalifornia)


Kay said...


hs said...

Laura, keep the dress! You are NOT too old and the Pigment and Canvas looks absolutely adorable on you. Lovely!

Can you share what size you are wearing for this dress? I've been considering it but would like to get some sizing opinions.

And, you definitely don't look like a grape! You are sweet, but you're not a fruit! :))

P.S.: you have cute hair and just a thought, but I think it would look so pretty to have some pieces curved around your forehead, like a frame if that makes any sense. Just an idea.

other Heidi

GeoInCalifornia said...

other Heidi,

Thank you for the compliment. The dress is a size 4. Tight in the top for me, and loose at the hips. My measurements are posted on the Side Bar for reference.

I used to pull sections around my face, but last December I had a hair color mishap that burned my hair. I am now having my hair professionaly colored. It is growing back at my forhead, but only about an inch or two inches at most.

I've been coloring my hair for 20 years. I think it was expired.


LC said...

That dress is so pretty on you. I almost bought it today when I saw my size in store but I'm holding out for the Marine Mural Dress instead!

GeoInCalifornia said...


The Marine Mural is the other Nathalie Lete Dress. I like the bodice on that more than the Pigment and Canvas. But I look better in a fitted skirt. And well there's the price difference.

Do you think it will also get a price cut?
Most sizes are still available online.

You have an incredible closet. So many pairs of shoes and boots.

hs said...

Hi Laura,
I'm so sorry that happened to your hair. I look at the photos of you, especially in the Fragrant Valley dress, and I think your hair looks so light and ethereal. Pretty!


Jamie said...

Laura, this dress is killer on you! You are absolutely young enough to wear it -- it looks so much better on you than on the college kids who were in the Anthro near my office.

I tried this dress in a 6, and it fit just about perfectly at the bust, but the hips were way too big. I looked like I had turkey legs! Unfortunately, the size 4 wouldn't zip over the chest, so it was just a no-go. So sad.

And I love the vintage styling -- I'm so glad it gave you an excuse to wear you beautiful purple coat. Your hat is absolutely divine. I think custom hats are such a thing of the past, and it's a shame because they are truly beautiful. I'm not sure if you enjoy reading (not that you have much time with all the fabulous blogging you been doing recently!), but I liked a book called "The Millionaires Club", which features a protagonist who is interested in millinery. You might enjoy it also!

Diem said...

Definitely keep the dress, Laura. I also bought the dress. I had to size up one from my usual size 2 and the fit was perfect. Perfect on top and not too tight around the hips. At $60, you can't beat the price for the quality of the dress.

GeoInCalifornia said...


I am wearing my normal size 4. It is just a little big through the hips. I already machine washed and dryed the dress. Came out fine, but did need major pressing.

DianeR said...

WOW!! Hun, you may just want to consider Vintage modeling! The black-and-white was stunning (not that you weren't AbFab in all the rest of the pics). I agree, you are absolutely NOT too old to wear this dress, and do NOT look like a grape. And for the record, there are not too many women built like you...there are more like me and we need all the ruffle-push-up-build-up and slim-down we can get!! Darned gravity anyway!

Keep up the great blogging!!
Your #1 fan from waaay back!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lady Di (DianeR),

I am so happy you decided to put your two cents in and comment. Only one question. What took you so long?

You were always my biggest fan as I was yours as far back as grade school. I sure do miss you.

Love, Laura

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