Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday in Watercolor - Anthro's Colored Pencil Cardi

If you regularly flip through the Anthro Catalogs, you may recognize this Cardi from April 2010. I honestly wasn't a fan of the pastel Colored Pencil Cardi at first glance.

It wasn't until later, after reading the reviews, I concluded this was a Laura piece by way of design. My narrow width easily accommodates the ruffle capped shoulders most reviewers found overwhelming. The neckline comes to a slendering V that pulls my upper half together and minimizes by larger bust.

Colored Pencil Cardi - by Yellow Bird - Anthro July 2010
(this Cardi disappeared from online weeks before I found a hidden size small, the catalog then vanished a week later)

The building temp is a chilly 70° F. Making this soft, Summer weight knit, perfect for indoors. I can easily remove the Cardi when I step outside, and reveal the cool cotton under layer of my Through-the-Clouds Tank in Pink. Perfect for the mild 100° F plus temps of Bakersfield in full Summer.

Through-the-Clouds Tank - by C. Keer - Anthro July 2010

What better way to look cool, calm, and collected in Summer, than wearing the Sealed Envelope Wide Legs. A comfortable blend of Linen and Cotton with a smooth liner on the inside. When you stand up these pants glide into place. No yanking and pulling to get them situated in the proper position. Machine Wash! Tumble Dry! They wrinkle 75% less than 100% Linen.

Sealed Envelope Wide Legs - by Elevenses - April 2010 Catalog

Underfoot are my Roadway Espadrilles. A sweet pair of platformed and embellished Bobbi Blu's. Anthro ran out of my size. These were on sale from Zappos way back in July 2008. I still get compliments on these height enhancing Summer Sandals.

Roadways - by Bobbie Blu - Zappos July 2008

You have all heard me rant and rave about Orla Kiely's wonderful Handbags. What better Side Show that this All Leather Handbag with Orla's signature Stems design hand stitched in shiny green shoe string leather.

All Leather Handbag from SS09 Collection- by Orla Kiely of London - from (still available in Orange)

Lets wrap this up with some Jewelry. My necklaces are very special. Made from rutilated quartz beads, each with a different Copper clasp.

Rutilated Quartz and Copper clasps Necklaces - by MWTT (Mum with the Thumb)

I am hoping the designer MWTT will visit my blog today and maybe find the time to leave a comment. She is a very special lady, and my Mother.

My earrings are oldies but goodies from Anthropologie.

Straw Market Earrings (Purple Jade and Orange Carnelian) - Anthro June 2008
(my first pair from Anthro and my first online order 2.5 years ago)

And last but not least, another rutilated quartz piece, along with 2 large spheres of Horse Jasper, and a vintage carved lucite rose hand wired with oxidized Silver.

The Derby Bracelet from Etsy shop MudandMint - April 2009

There it is! My Wednesday in Watercolor Outfit.

Does my styling bring about images of colorful paintings and cool fountains of running water?

Most women shy away from White Pants in general. Is this true for you? Or do you throw such negative thoughts aside and dress your own way?

Do you like my mix of old and new Anthro? Remember, you won't see many new Anthro items reviewed here, since I live in a no Anthro Zone. I have to purchase everything I review. It's a small wonder I manage to stay in the top 10.

Tonight I will be out scouting all your blogs to see some of yesterdays sale items in full styling swing. My order is headed this way by snail mail (UPS). It won't appear for at least a week. So I'm ready to start looking for some ideas for my Earthly Delights Cardi, Lynx and Leo, and Graphical Dresses.

Hope to hear from you lovely, stylish, and truly wonderful Ladies soon! Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Katie said...

Love the ensemble, very feminine. The jewelry is so pretty!

I have those same trousers - LOVE them. It is like they were made for me the way they fit! White pants - didn't know I needed them until I owned them. :)

Loraine said...

Those them! You have such a great shoe collection.

Like you, I am a big Orla Kiely fan. Why, oh why, has Anthro stopped carrying her handbags? :(

GeoInCalifornia said...

Possibly the green bag from last Winter. Remember the one that got dinged with one star. Patent leather with big bow on the side. It finally went on sale. Took forever to get rid of them. I wanted that bag in the black. But too pricey for me!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Katie, Love the way Elevenses fit! But it was like hemming two pairs with the liner. Lots of ironing too. I spend at least 2 hours ironing stuff every weekend. Fashion sure consumes time!

Dea said...

Would you believe I found this cardi a few weeks ago for $20?!! It was unbelieveable and I grabbed it right away. Can't wait to wear it but it's just too hot for it right now! You look cute and like how you recreated the catalog shot.

GeoInCalifornia said...


I got mine on sale for $50. So yeah for you! Where did you get in for $20?

It really didn't occur to me that I re-created the catalog shot. It is kinda close huh?

Any idea how you will style the Cardi?

Or should I sit on that thought and wait to see the outcome when it cools off?

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Great outfit recreation - you look lovely. I wish I could've made that cardi work, but I was one of the people left looking like hulking floral masses in it - you definitely are not.

And I know I mentioned this before, but I do totally love how you have a story behind every piece you put on - I think it makes each item more special.

LC said...

I just got those pants, they look great on you. The CP Cardi got a second cut to $20 a few weeks ago if I remember correctly. I saw it marked down in stores.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lisa, Not everyone can look good in everything. You look lovely in Yellow and Gray this morning. Thank goodness there is always something else fabulous waiting for us to find it.

I can sometimes be long winded on the story telling. I'm happy to hear that someone reads it.

GeoInCalifornia said...

LC, Sadly I miss out on PA's if the item is gone from online. That's another tragedy from living in my NO ANTHRO ZONE.

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