Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Re-Style to Turn My Monday Around Kicking and Screaming!

Looking forward to Monday morning after a wild weekend of river rafting with my Son isn't appealing to me. A new outfit is always the way to go. But isn't always possible on my budget.

Sunday night I stepped into my closet and let out a big sigh. No new outfit for me. So I grabbed one of my favorite Spring 2010 Anthro tops. I already have a Pant Outfit styled and locked away for The Spotlights Tank on my Shutterfly for iPhone App. But what I needed was to turn my Monday around with a fast re-style that included a skirt.

Spotlights Tank by Ric Rac Anthro APR 2010

Ric Rac's top was featured in the Jan 2010 catalog. It's candy spinkled icing on a denim cake. I grabbed for the exact skirt I had pictured in my head. A Dark Denim, Ruffle Paneled Skirt, by Leifsdottir. Classified as a mini on anyone over 5' 5". I couldn't wear this one to work if I was 1/2 an inch taller. Oops! But I am. This one in size 4 tends to ride comfortably low on my hips adding an inch or two of length. I ordered one size up. A small secret I have often used when ordering a mini. But only if you like to wear skirts low on the hips. This tip doesn't work for everyone.

Ruffle Paneled Dark Denim Skirt by Leifsdottir Gilt Fuse SEPT 2009

What better to throw over top of it all, to ward of the chilly A/C. than Leifsdottir's Back Facing Crochet Butterfly Cardi. I picked this work of art up for a bargain in 2008. Made from the softest Angora and Wool Blend that has zero itch factor. It's amazing the incredible embellishments online shoppers miss because we forget clothing can have beautiful details on the back, as well as the front.

Good Tidings Cardi by Leifsdottir Anthro SEPT 2009

There is only one color I love more than Turquoise. The color Orange. What could be better than my two favorite colors together? This outfit really deserves an Orange Cardi. I have been on a mission to find Moth's Jemima Shrunken Cardi for 2 years. Oh what I could style with that one in my closet. I have been searching for this Cardi ever since I fell head over heels in love with it on my friend Heidi. Dear Heidi had not yet converted me to Anthro when this Cardi hit the cover in January 2008. Sadly I missed out on owning one only 2 weeks ago on eBay. I was outbid, and lacked the needed funds to win. That is the only one I have seen in two years. (crying shamefully)

I can make do very well with the Leifsdottir. But, oh what I could do with this Cardi.

So how could I add that spark of Orange? Ahhhh yes, what about shoes, or sandals? Even better, a pair of Rust Orange Cutout Booties.

The Dreaming In Stitches Booties by Everybody Anthro MAR 2010

I have always been one to wear Orange. These are my gateway booties. The first pair of booties I have ever owned. Now I have 3 pairs of Everybody shoes. I adore them. But they are European. The brand runs small. I must order up to a 38.5 or 39 to fit my size 8 foot. For the price the quality is outstanding. These are a little strange to wear at first, but remarkably comfortable and eye catching.

Next is the Handbag. The perfect choice would have to be my gateway Oral Kiely Tote. This vinyl with leather trim shoulder tote is big and gorgeous. Two years old and still as perfect as it was new. I carry this bag more than my leather Orla Kiely's. And it goes with anything Turquoise and Orange plus a whole range of other colors.

If you don't own an Orla Kiely you are missing out on this wonderful London based designers unique take on handbags. Warning! Her stuff is addicting. Darn that Heidi for this one too. I have purchased only one non-Orla in 2.5 years. All the totes are set up the same inside. Making changing handbags a snap. I keep everything in the same corresponding location. Pockets and key fob are located in the same place in each bag. This bag features her wonderful soft cotton stem print lining. I can't say enough about these bags. Pricey, but worth it. AW line (Autumn Winter) goes on sale in early January. SS2010 line (Spring Summer) is on sale now at her US and UK websites.

Sepia Crocus Bag by Orla Kiely (aka Dark Multi Stem Shiny Shoulder Tote) SS2008 Collection

I styled this relaxed outfit with real stone and natural materials for jewelry. Athleta's Turquoise Mix - Four Times Leather Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu, a Seven Stone and Oxidized Silver necklace from Etsy shop MudandMint, and Yellow African Jade with Silver Earrings also from Etsy.

What do you think Dear Readers? Did I successfully give Monday a good turn around?

Should this outfit earn a spot in my Shutterfly for iPhone Outfit Folders?

Any suggestions how I can turn around my outfit and still stay within my Likes and Dislikes posted on the Right Side Bar?

What gets you going on a Monday morning, besides a strong cup of Caffeine?

Does a new outfit get you out of bed and on your way?

Do you challenge your styling habits now and then with a quick re-style.

Or do you stick to your known outfits and not risk a Monday morning change?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a post to turn this Monday around kicking and screaming.

Much Anthro Love, Laura (


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

My first response is "wow, you've got a figure on you!" And my second is "where in the world did you get those shoes?!" Why is it to me that Anthro shoes always look kind of "meh" on the web site but look sooo good in real life when worn?

I appreciate a gal who knows the story behind each one of her fashion finds.

GeoInCalifornia said...


Thank you for the compliment. But that is a special "Make my figure look great please" filter. I forgot where it is.

Second: Those Booties are from European Brand Everybody shoes. Ordered on sale from Anthro Online. The Everybody shoe name is Metro Arancio in Pale Orange. has them on sale in Black and Tan. For reference. I wear an 8 and ordered a 39.

Third: As for knowing everything about my's an OCD thing.

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