Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Re-Style with Accessories - Hats off to the Cloche - Say Hi to Heidi D

There is nothing that wakes me up on Tuesday morning like an Anthro Sale. Do you hop out of bed for a good sale?

Remember I was BAD last week when I ordered the Phlox and Coral Coat by Tracy Reese?
You can see it and buy it here.

So I was a very bad girl AGAIN yesterday! Show you later.....

And then this morning I did it again.

What I got on sale today...

Chocolate Box Cardi - by Monogram - Anthro Sale Aug 2010
You can buy it on sale here.

Black Fennel Flower Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro on Sale Aug 2010

Pigment and Canvas Dress - by Nathalie Lete (the painting is anyway - don't know anything about the brand or designer)

This was $248 now $60 on sale at Anthro. Loving that price cut.
You can buy it on sale here.

Today's OOTD is all about the Accessory's. Do you see something that you like?

All I see is what I don't like. The shadow cast by the hat. Phooey!

And there it is again...

That's is. This cloche should not be worn indoors. Off with the hat.

That's only slightly better. My picture taking skills took a big hit today. The sale excitement was distracting me.

This really is a great "dressed up" look for work. I got many compliments in the office today. Too bad my camera didn't like it.

I'm going to go through today's OOTD fast. I'm way behind schedule due to the sale.

Through-The-Clouds-Tank - Anthro on sale Jul 2010

The cut-outs and appliqued flowers are so feminine and romantic.  exactly why I was attracted to this top. But the fit is large through the torso and small through the bust. An XS would not have fit across my chest. So I kept the Small. By the time I got around to ordering this one on sale, they had corrected the issue with the 2 flowers located directly over the nipples. He-he!  I also washed and dried it in the dryer.  It did shrink some.

Cafe Cream Skirt - by Eva Franco - Anthro on sale Feb 2010

I would have loved to have every skirt in Eva Franco's collection from last Winter. But the sizing was inconsistent to an extreme. I ran anywhere from a 2 to an 8. I am normally a 4. By the time my order arrived in the mail, and I found out I need a different size, they were gone. Next time I will have to pay full price if I want them.


Sterling Shadow Jacket - by Cidra - Anthro Feb 2010

Adore the Pink Polka Dot Lining that shows through the Gray lace front. But my jewelry gets caught on the lace and leaves little pulls. Sniff!
And now for yesterdays bad...

Did you know there are really 2 Geo's in California? My friend and co-worker Heidi is a Geologist.

She had an Anthro delivery at work yesterday. But they didn't fit her. They did however fit me. So I did what every good friend would do. I bought them from her to save her the $6 to return the.

I was NOT trying very hard to wait for sale. Heidi re-ordered immediatly. 

Rensselaer T Straps - by Miss Albright - Anthro Aug 2010





You can't have too many!

And while we are at it....

You also can't have too many Coats, Cardi's, or Handbags either! Despite what your Mother, Husband, BF and everyone else in your life says.

And we should know!  Right Heidi! And Katie, Lisa, Jamie, Chrissie, Diane, Heather, LC
Dea, Christine, Jess, Loraine, and HS (Heidi)

Are these shoes amazing looking or what? I normally wear a size 8. The 9's are just slightly big, which is a good thing. If you are a whole size, go up one size. If you are at a half size you are much better off.  Just go up to the next whole size. I just don't understand why only whole sizes are available. You can get them here.

Twinned Ribbon Cloche - by Christy's - Anthro April 2010

I assume this is made by the same Milliner named Christy's out of London. I just can't figure out why the hat was so cheap. Except that they are all the same size. Which means the hat is a size 22. That is the standard for ONE SIZE FITS ALL in hats.

I have one other straw hat made by Couture Creations - Mary Anne Koch is also a Milliner. That hat was 3x the cost of this hat. But it's also custom made for me in my color choices. This hat is so cool and fits great. Just don't try to take photos indoors wearing it.

Orla Keily All Leather Bowling Bag with Hand Cross Stitched Multi colored Wool AW 08 Collection
eBay April 2009

Yes! A bowling ball will fit in this Orla. This bag is HUGE. I couldn't afford this bag when it hit sale on Orla Keily's online site. I was so bummed when it was gone. I searched high and low for 6 months for this bag. One day I logged into eBay and there is was. I have never seen it again since. I didn't bat an eye over the price or it being slightly used. I couldn't thank the original owner enough. $600 was the original price. I paid $400. I will never part with this bag.

And here is Heidi in her OOTD for Monday. This is the Anthro Addict that spread her addiction to me.

She is also a Marathon runner. Can't you tell by her great legs. She kicks butt. She is also a Military Wife. Her man is currently in Afghanistan. She stays busy shopping, and running races all over the US.

Heidi's Outfit:

Crossway Heels - Anthro Aug 2009 Catalog
Hillside Vista Skirt -  by Tracy Reese - Anthro Oct 2008 catalog.
The jewelry is a mix of Sundance and Anthro.
The Embroidered Silk Blouse is from Sundance.  You can buy it here.

I love the way she mixed and layered her necklaces. So I did the same for my jewelry today. And she says she can't put together an outfit.  Don't believer her.  After all I learned by emulating her to a degree.

Please leave a comment for the Two Geo's In California. And don't forget to tell me what you scored on sale.

Love Laura (GeoInCalifornia) lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com


LC said...

I almost bought those shoes over the weekend, they were so cute, but I am determined to wait for sale. I really like your hat and the sterling shadow jacket, I have yet to wear mine.

GeoInCalifornia said...

LC, I don't know about the hat. It always feels over the top for BakersPatch.

Why haven't you worn the Jacket? I bought the top that went with the Anthro Outfit. Sent the necklace back. Looked cheap. The Jacket is really cute over a Tee Shirt and Trouser jeans.

The shoes actually dug into the outside of my ankle on one foot. I put some Foot Petals foam inside. Hopefully that will soften up after a few wearings.

I really was going to wait for sale.

Loraine said...

I love your OOTD and Heidi's as well! What a great find on the Orla Handbag...that is gorgeous!

And you are right, one can never have too many Coats, Cardis, or Handbags! I am just thankful my husband is supportive of my Anthro addiction, lol!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Having a supportive hubby certainly helps. Friends that share your obsessions are even better.

As for the eBay Orla. It's funny how sometimes I miss something I really wanted, and 8 out of 10 times I will eventually find it. If I look too hard, it won't happen. If I kick back and let it go, one day there it will be.

Like this Orla Bag. I looked for months. When I ran out of places to look I gave up. A few weeks later there it was. Exactly the one I wanted. The Multi Colored King Size. He-he!

Heidi held it in her lap once in my car, and lamented not buying one.

It's really more a Winter bag. But on occasion I bring it out for Summer because I miss it.

Seems silly to love a Handbag, Laura

editor said...

I am just seeing this post. I am Mary Ann Koch milliner at large....Glad you love your custom cloche hat made especially for you!
Cloche hats are challenging to photograph indoors. If you turn off the overhead lights you should have better success, no flash,soft white background and a nice bright sunny day helps too!

Laura said...

Dear Editor, Mary Anne! I love both hats you custom made for me. If you go just a few posts ahead you will see me wearing your Sara Cloche in Turquoise velour fur felt. These photos were taken in the lobby of my office. The lights could not be adjusted. I took much better photos wearing your hat. Thank you for stopping by. Laura

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