Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Meeting of Minds OOTD! In The Trees + Berry Stitched + Cream Confection = Smashing Success

A quick note about Birthday Discounts.  If you live in a remote area that is some distance from an Anthro store, and you receive your Birthday Discount Coupon that states it is only applicable if used in stores, please do not distress.  Drop Anthropologie a quick email at anthro@anthropologie.com and quickly explain your circumstances.  It's highly likely that you will receive an online discount via email.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 (TTS or Size Up)
Trickle Down Top in Navy - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40 - Nov 2010 (Size Down)
British Poise Cincher Belt – Anthro $48 – Nov 2010 (Size Up)
This outfit has been coming to me in bits and pieces for over a month now.  But I didn’t see the potential until I found this Post by the Anthropologie Connoisseur. At the time I had the In The Trees Skirt and was at a loss on styling a special outfit from this obviously very special skirt.  The Berry Stitched Boots were already on their way by snail mail. They arrived last night at 9 pm. I reviewed them since it’s likely there will continue to be many Pop Backs to the catalog.  Plus, they are on sale.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 (TTS or Size Up)
and yes that's my favorite eBay'd Orla Kiely (big as a bowling Bag) Handbag

Once the connection between the skirt and boots had been established, the rest of the outfit fell into place.  I went with the Trickle Down Top in Navy, and the British Poise Cincher Belt as I had already planned.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Cream Confection Coat - by Idra - Anthro $178 - Sept 2010 Sold Out Online

Now we come to the Jacket.  I originally picked this Green Houndspaw Coat by Leifsdottir, but was not happy with the coat covering so much of the outfit details.  So I asked the Anthropology Connoisseur to please take a look at my Virtual Closet and perhaps find something that would make this outfit a stand out.  She did! See her Post “On The Right Tract.” The Cream Confection Coat was exactly what was needed. Now why couldn’t I see that for myself?

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 TTS or Size Up
Cream Confection Coat - by Idra - Anthro $178 - Sept 2010 Sold Out Online
I added a mix of Red Stone Jewelry made from Garnet and Carnelian. So there you have the outfit.  Now for a couple of reviews.

Trickle Down Top - by Deletta
Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40
Trickle Down Top - by Deletta
Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40

No Anthro Zone Review:  The Trickle Down Top in 4 Scruptious Colors – by Deletta – Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40.  Still available in every size and color.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this Top.  Normally anything with ruffles that meander across the chest ends up a looser for me.  I was pleasantly surprised by this Deletta.

SIZE:  I normally wear a Small or a Four.  But from experience with Anthro T Shirts, I’ve learned to SIZE DOWN. I ordered an XSmall. I'm a 34C, 125 lbs, narrow across the shoulders.

FIT:  Perfection. The fabric has friendly give.  Since you can’t tell in the photos, at just under 5’6” the length hits me below the hips.  Perfection again.  The cap sleeves are almost to short to call sleeves.  The neckline dips just a bit low, and the fabric although lovely, is a bit sheer. I layered Anthro’s Reversible Tank in Black.

RUFFLES:  When I first tried the top on, the ruffles were waving back and forth around the neckline. So I pressed them down with an iron.  I had thought I might have to tack them with thread.  But no!  They really are better left loose. Of course they will tend to wave a bit when bending, but now they fall right back into place.  They are such a lovely detail. Ironing them also keeps them from sticking out at the bustline too much.  They are short enough not to look clownish.

Note:  Be sure the ruffles are laying flat when you put on a coat or heavy Cardi.  Just reach back and smooth them down so the weight of your coat doesn’t crease them.  Your good to go.

I normally don’t buy the same item in multiple colors.  But the temptation is growing. 
GeoInCalifornia recommends this Anthro Top and Rates it a full 5 stars.

Christine always tells me Heishe is cute - for a cat!

Review - Anthro's Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Orig $248 Sale $130 - Dec 2010

No Anthro Zone Review:  The Berry Stitched Boots – by Lucky Penny – Orig $248, Sale $130. Almost sold out. But there are likely to be some Pop Backs through this catalog link.

SIZE: I normally wear an 8, but I ordered a ½ size up.  I did the same with the Bowtied Beauty Boots by the same Brand.  Lucky Penny.

FIT: They feel a bit loose but I like them that way.They are super comfortable with the low heel.  Not much arch support which I don’t need.  I didn’t find them to be narrow as some reviewers reported. There’s no zip, so be prepared to tug a little.

COLOR:  Very deep Brown/Purple.  These should be named the Chameleon Boots.  They change color in the light.  A very cool pair of boots in my opinion. Not in your face at all.  Leather is butter soft and does scratch easily.  Be sure to use some sort of leather protector on these immediately.  Leather on the shaft is left more natural looking than on the shoe.  Because it’s so soft it will tend to wrinkle and crack easily.  But in a good way.  Another reason got applying the protector as soon as you get them.

DETAILS:  Open Stitching may not be good for wet weather, but it’s a cool detail and the main reason I purchased them other than the color. Great Slip Proof Rubber sole. Inside is raw and untanned. Not really deeply padded, but still very comfortable.  Nice flex for walking.

Just be aware of their limitations in wet weather. Take good care of them.  You’re going to want them to last a long time.
GeoInCalifornia recommends these Anthro Boots and rates them a full 5 stars.

I haven't thought about today's topic.  So let's just call this a free for all topic day.  What's on your mind?. Goooooo!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Pony Runs on Gasoline!

Greetings!  If you’re wondering about the strange title, keep reading.  I’ll get to it eventually.

If you haven't seen the lovely styling created by The Anthropologie Connoisseur for yours truly, be sure to see her post HERE.  This is one genius style maker.  I'm thrilled with her suggestions.  Please, please, check her out. Ask her for your own free of charge styling request.

Elizabeth at "Have Your Cake and Eat it too" is at it again with another Giveaway.  You can check out her blog and enter her Giveaway HERE.

Anthro Salka Jacket by Double Stitch Nov 2010
 I wasn’t completely taken with today’s outfit, despite the fact that I spent several hours re-mixing Sunday night.  I styled a few partial outfits that didn’t go to completion. This is the only complete outfit that I was comfortable with enough to wear.  It’s very possible that I set my expectations too high. Then I received a compliment by the first person that saw me at work. Then another!

Why does it take a compliment to bring reassurance?  Obviously I don’t trust myself.  Bad Laura! I wonder how many potentially cute outfits I tossed aside Sunday night.

I realize what I wear might matter to some, and nothing to others, but what’s important is that it matter to me.

Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $448, Sale $225 - Oct 2010

I still hadn’t worn the Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt except once to dinner.  So that was the first item pulled from my closet.  Despite my resolution to concentrate on the skirt and only the skirt, I got sidetracked multiple times. I did as promised and took pictures of the mass destruction I left in my wake.  Then I deleted them by accident. Do you believe that?

Shop the Paseo Ruffled Skirt HERE.  See my review for the Paseo Ruffled Skirt HERE.

Salka Jacket with Bandeau Top Layered

The Salka Jacket was an easy connection to the skirt. 

The tough part was finding a simple long sleeved tee to keep me warm.  My closet continues to lack basic items. I rummaged this Gray/Blue T Shirt from the spare bedroom.  I believe the Anthro name was the Bandeau Top. This represents some of my oldest Anthro.  I think any color long sleeve T shirt would work just great, since Gray and Black are neutrals.  Right?  After all, the only part seen is the sleeves and the bottom front.

Salka Jacket - by Double Stitch - Anthro Orig $118 Sale $59 - Mar 2009
I just noticed that the Product Image shows 6 buttons on the Salka Jacket.  Mine has only 4.

See an alternate suggestion for styling the Salka Jacket HERE.

I had a certain pair of tights in mind when I started.  And so we come to the odd title.  When I received the first pair of Pony Prix Tights they reeked of what I can only describe as gasoline.  I hand washed them and soaked them in Downy.  Once dry, they spread their foul odor to the entire drawer of tights. So back into the mail they went. 

Pony Prix Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $28 Sale $10 - Oct 2010

The Pony Prix Tights are sold out, but Anthro also has the Foxy Tights HERE
  Anthro promised a quality control check.  After 2 weeks and several phone calls to CS (where are my tights) I received my replacement pair. Along with a PA. They had gone on sale. I guess they didn’t pass quality control inspection.  I bet I know why.  Pair number 2 also reeked. I had planned to review these once I got the 2nd pair.  I missed that opportunity completely. They sold out in one day for $10. This is a common problem when everything must be ordered online.

I’ve seen the Pony Prix Tights on Kristina of Kristina J, and Jamie of Thrifty Threads.  Well?  My inquiring mind wants to know.  Do your tights have a gasoline odor too? What did you do, if anything?  Or are they so cute you put up with it like I do.  I'm hoping it will dissipate over time.


Anthro's Pony Prix Tights by Tintoretta with Macy's Sasha Pumps by B Makowsky - Orig $138 Sale $104 - Nov 2010
  The Sasha pumps were yet another easy connection

Contrast Cuff Gloves - Lambswool and Angora - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - Dec 2008

 Shop similar Gloves HERE.

As I was preparing to leave for work this morning, I thought of a certain pair of gloves.  My gloves are housed in an Orla Kiely storage bin on a shelf under my dresses.  I grabbed for the bin, and found the perfect pair.  Not that I have worn them much so far today.  Just on the way to work and over to Target to pick up a few things. They add a little extra special something to the outfit.


Anthro's Salka Jacket with Leifsdottir's Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt Nov 2010

Dear Wonderful Readers,

I must thank you for your inspiring emails, helpful suggestions, and encouraging comments.

I recently received a thank you from Antoinette, who scored a pair of Three Times Booties using my Anthro Switcharoo link to the catalog product page.  She got the last pair. I am inspired to keep up with those links whenever possible.

Shelley sent a suggestion for a hair cut that just might help cover some of my hair issues. When I asked, she also sent a photo of the hair cut on her.  It turns out we have the same hair issue.  By the end of this week I might have a new hair cut as long as my Stylist Sara approves.

Please feel free to send me comments, suggestions, ideas for improvements.  And know that I sincerely appreciate hearing them.  This is what the Anthropologie Community was meant to do.  We meet here to help each other, even if in the smallest of ways.

Now for today’s comment topic:

Have you ever ordered something that had a strange flaw, or at least bothersome problem, but kept the item anyway because you really liked it?  An issue like the Pony Prix Tights perhaps?  Perhaps you tried to repair or eliminate the problem. 

Tell me your story!  How did you deal with it?  Did you order a replacement only to find it was no different than the original?

Today's topic is only to get the ball rolling.  Please feel free to comment on anything you like.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Kitchen Crew skips the Babergh for the Bowtied Beauties!

That will be the day when you find me in a store on Black Friday. This is one girl that would rather skip the crowds for the relaxed experience of Cyber Monday.

Meet Monty Albright - The Bright and Shining
He's a Long Haired Dappled Miniature Dachshund
Monty is the lovable thief

Meet Gaby Albright his partner in crime - a younger long haired Red - and the Alpha dog
I got a call from Mom requesting a crew of one to help Dad with Thanksgiving dinner. So I scrapped the planned Babergh Dress for something casual and machine washable.
The minute I entered the dog ruled house, I dropped an ANTHRO glove. Monty was on it while Gaby chased after, barking and dragging the Gifted glove from here to there. Luckily he trades his treasures for treats. A little dog slobber is a priceless thing on a glove.

Anthro's Bowtied-Beauty Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro $248 - Nov 2010
Perfectly Plaid Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010

See my review for the Bowtied-Beauty Boots HERE

Shop these gorgeous, comfortable, quirky, bow bedecked boots HERE
Shop similar plaid tights HERE

See Tricia of Tricia's Take wearing the Bowtied Beauties HERE
and her Sister Jessica of Breakfast at Gigi's wearing the boots HERE
I have a confession.  I've been intentionally throwing tried and true outfits into posts because I have been in a creative slump for several weeks.  I finally broke the spell Thanksgiving morning. It all started with a strong desire to pair the Bowtied-Beauty Boots with the Perfectly Plaid Tights. It was do or die. 

In my OCD mind, I imagine my blog friends taking all of 2 minutes to effortlessly pull the most wonderful of re-mixed outfits from their closets without so much as breaking a sweat.  While it takes an hour for me to find something that is even presentable.  This involves ransacking a normally organized closet and creating total chaos in the dressing area.

Next time I'm taking pictures of the destruction.

I couldn't have asked for two better parents
My Mother has more creativity in her little finger that I have in my entire body. Not only was she a teacher for many years, she went back to school to become an RN. My Dad was a devoted 5th grade teacher in a predominately migrant school for his entire 35 years of teaching. Both are now retired.

Flawless Scoopneck - by Eco-ga'nik - Anthro online exclusive $88, Cocoa Sold Out - Nov 2008
Whatever Skort in Atlantic - Athleta $49 - Feb 2010

Athleta's Whatever Skort is as versatile as a favorite pair of jeans. And styles just as easily with everything.  Including Anthro! I added an old Kohl's Belt in warm Earth tones, Blue, and a touch of sparkle for the Holiday.

Shop Athleta's Whatever Skort HERE

Flawless Scoopneck - by Eco-ga'nik - Anthro online exclusive $88, Cocoa Sold out - Nov 2008

I kept with a predominantly Brown palette. I tucked in the Flawless Scoopneck in Cocoa. Adore the short fringed detail around the off kilter neckline, ruched front, and slightly belled sleeves. This is another Anthro piece that was entirely too low cut.  I whip stitched the neckline together where the fringed seam ends.
Kai Coat - by Idra - Anthro Orig $178 Sale $80 - Dec 2009
Chilled Facet Gloves - Gifted - Dec 2009
I topped this Thanksgiving Day outfit with the light and fluffy Kai Coat by Idra and pulled on the Chilled Facet Gloves. A gift from my boyfriend for Christmas last year. Then completely forgot to take a photo wearing the coat and gloves.
Present Perfect Necklace - Tataborello Italy - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $40 - Mar 2009
This is the Present Perfect Necklace by Tataborello from 2008. I didn't even know this was a Tataborello piece until recently. I almost gave this necklace away.

And Wallah! There you have it. And I have the "The Anthropologie Connoisseur" to thank for the inspiration. I finally re-mixed an outfit after several weeks in a slump. The only issue I have is possible competition between the Belt and Necklace. Since it was Thanksgiving, I'm allowing myself a small faux pas.

What did my Readers wear for Thanksgiving?  Please leave a comment about all the fabulous details.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Anthro Zone Sale Picks - Not Another Copy Cat? - Round Three For Leifsdottir

  20 York Street is giving away a fabulous necklace.  Visit 20 York Street HERE to enter.

Leifsdottir's Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Stone Garden Necklace

I picked up a few Anthro items on sale yesterday.

Alice In Autumn Sweatercoat by Charlie and Robin in Navy - I wanted the Splendid Vinca, but this is more versatile
Perthshire Dress by Edme and Esyllte  (sold out) a Wish Listed item.
Belladonna Top by Karen Nicol - some addition of Pink to my closet.
Wandering Thoughts Cloche in Moss - more versatile than my Turquoise Wool Cloche
Matched Mates Necklace - highly rated - love the variations of Green
Snowball Fight Scarf in Red - to wear with the Perthshire Dress
Downy Canals Scarf in Ivory - it was cheap and I need a neutral scarf

I'm just an old Copy Cat.  I fell first for the Leifsdottir Tunic in Black at Nordstroms.  I tried to run with my own outfit using the Black Tunic. I could have used Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi in Gray.  But I'm a colorphile, so that wouldn't do. I quickly admitted defeat, and returned the Black version for the Chartreuse. One of my favorite colors mind you!

Anyone know the Anthro name for the Tunic? 

Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - by Leifsdottir - Nordstroms Orig $228 Sale $114 - Dec 2009
 I probably would not have ordered the Falling Ribbon if not for the outfit.  It just looked so perfect with the Tunic.  It was as if they were made to be together. Navy and Chartreuse?  How does Anthro do this?  Is it all planned out?  Did they ask Sparrow to design the Cardi around the Leifsdottir Tunic?  Whatever the answer, thank you for this pairing Anthro.

 The wide full skirted Tunic does tend to make the Tushy look bigger. 

Falling Ribbon Cardi - by Sparrow - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009

As it turns out, I fell for the Cardi six months later.  One day I stepped into my closet and picked up my Jacqueline Dress and began scanning for a Cardi.  My eyes hit on the Falling Ribbon.   A second outfit was born. This outfit has gotten more compliments than anything I've worn in my life.  And it's my very own re-mix.
 See my RE-MIX for the Falling Ribbon and the Stone Garden HERE

Shop the Falling Ribbon Cardi in Gray size Large HERE, size XS HERE.
For reference, I'm wearing size Small

Stone Garden Necklace - Anthro $178 Sold Out - Dec 2009
Freshwater Pearl, Serpentine, Citrine, Smoky Qtz, Carnelian, Red Agate, Sterling
Now I had an additional outfit.  That meant I could wear the gorgeous Stone Garden Necklace more often.

This necklace makes me happy!
My Mother calls it the most beautiful necklace in the World. 

Back to the outfit for today.  The necklace seemed the perfect natural choice for the Cardi and Tunic.  But also a major expense.  It was gifted to me by my BF for Christmas. Hallelujah!  The day after we ordered it, it was Sold Out.

Leifsdottir's Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Stone Garden Necklace

You can't get this necklace anywhere today.  But I can point you too an Etsy shop where you will find some remarkably priced gorgeous necklaces just like it.

Both Heidi D. and I have ordered many times from the lovely Shop owner Saraporn in Thailand. And yes we both have the Stone Garden Necklace.

I shopped my closet for the rest of the outfit. There I found an ancient pair of Kohl's straight leg jeans by Apt 9.

Anthro's Two Paths Trench - by Idra - Apr 2010

Two Paths Trench - by IDRA - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - Monterey, CA Store Apr 2010
  I also found the Two Paths Trench just hanging about behind the closet door.  I picked up this lovely machine wash/ tumble dry coat on a girlfriend shopping spree to the Monterey CA Anthro store. Just two weeks ago it was in the mid 80's. Several wind and rain storms later, we are in the mid 50's.  I love any excuse to prance about in my Winter garb.  This coat comes out of the dryer almost wrinkle free.  Within a few days of purchase the coat went to sale and the kind store SA happily gave me a PA.

 See Dea of the Dea Diaries wearing the Two Paths Trench HERE

Cadence Oxfords - by Biviel - Anthro Orig $168 Sale $90 - Nov 2008
Orla Kiely Dark Stem Tote SS08 AKA Anthro's Sepia Crocus Bag - Anthro $178 - Jul 2008

I have managed to RE-MIX the Falling Ribbon Cardi and the Stone Garden Necklace.  But the Tunic style and color make it very limiting. I tried the outfit with a Black Pencil Skirt and it just didn't look right with the full skirted Tunic.  Straight leg jeans offer a narrowing effect, along with heels to give lift that balances out the wide skirt. 

Dear Readers,  I need a stellar idea to RE-MIX the Tunic. I would also love to know the Anthro name.  I have forgotten it.  And Google wouldn't let loose with the name either.

Happy Thanksgiving! Anthro Sister Love,  Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Leifsdottir Continued - My Picks for CSN Gift from Kelly - Lovely Green Earrings from Elizabeth!

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir AKA Left Bank Twill Coat in Citrus
I thought I would start this post with prizes I recently won from two fabulous Blogs.

From Kelly of Fashion Fuel D.C. I won a $45 Gift Certificate from CSN Stores.  I went for 2 practical items that I never seem to get around to picking up for myself.

The first is a thumb drive to be devoted to the Blog. 

Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Flash Drive, 2GB

See full details at CSN Stores HERE.

The second is a bracketless shelf for the wall over the headboard of my bed.  I will clamp an LED light to the shelf. I only went $4 over my gifted amount.

Kathy Ireland by LH Licensed Products Wide Logan Bracketless Shelf in Black

See Full Details at CSN Stores HERE.
 From Elizabeth of Have Your Cake and Eat it Too, I won a fabulous pair of very dressy Green Earrings.  I'm still thinking about an outfit to go with the earrings.  Now isn't that a fabulous idea.  I have actually styled an outfit around jewelry before.

Be sure to visit Elizabeth and enter another fabulous Giveaway for some wonderful jewelry from Etsy Shop ArtWark.

Earrings from Elizabeth of Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Thank you Kelly and Elizabeth for these wonderful gifts. Sorry that I was unable to get a link to Elizabeth's Blog.

Before I start today's OOTD, I want to let my Readers know that ACC posts are now appearing on Facebook  To find me, search LauraAnthroCloset.

Anthro's Kensington Coat with Pebbled and Primped Boots

When I first laid eyes on Anthro's Fey Grove Dress online, it was instant heart stopping LOVE. This was 100% Silk Leifsdottir inside and out.

Anthro's Fey Grove Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $348, Sale $180 - Aug 2009

Shop Anthro's Fey Grove Dress AKA Leifsdottir's Abbey Rose in size 2 on eBay.
It wasn't long before the reviews began rolling in. They were mixed.  I watched several online stores.  Whoever went sale on this one first was getting my money.

Anthro's Kensington Coat and Curled Zinnia Dress with Pebbled and Primped Boots

Along with the roll out of the Fey Grove, came the Curled Zinnia.  The collar of this dress struck me as clownish. And the shape screamed frump!

Curled Zinnia Dress - by Leifsdottir -  Anthro Orig $358, Sale $180 - Sept 2009
Shop Anthro's Curled Zinnia Dress AKA

Anthro sent both dresses to sale the same day.  I ordered 2 Fey Grove Dresses.  One for me, another for Heidi D.  Then I called back and made a second order for the Curled Zinnia Dress. I must have been out of my mind that day. A clown collar dress?

Anthro's Curled Zinnia Dress AKA Cathedral Garden Dress by Leifsdottir

I was the looser on the Fey Grove. It hung shapeless on my short torso. Heidi D was the winner! So into the mail went the Fey Grove Dress. Twice now I have fallen in love with that dress all over again.  On Heidi D. Too bad it was all ways of wrong for me.

As it turns out, the Curled Zinnia Dress was a winner. Odd how my clothing perspective can change overnight. I still look at the curled Zinnia and see CLOWN COLLAR.  But the color palette is all ways of right for Fall.  And styling is a cinch in so many ways. It's not heart stopping love.  But it's enough that I wear the dress.

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir with Pebbled and Primped Boots by Miss Albright

Left Bank Twill Trench Coat AKA Anthro's Kensington Jacket in Citrus - by Leifsdottir
Bergdorf Goodman Orig $478, Sale $320 - Mar 2010
I say Leifsdottir's Left Bank Twill Trench. You say Anthro's Kensington Jacket.  Either way, they are one in the same.  Cute heart lining, and a 3rd inside breast pocket for sunglasses.  I always forget to use it.

Another Leifsdottir known as Anthro's Cherry Vanilla Trench goes equally well with the Curled Zinnia Dress.  I will save that for another time.

Pebbled and Primped Boots - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Oct 2010
Do I need an excuse to wear Anthro's Pebbled and Primped Boots?  See my review for Miss Albright's boots HERE.  Remember the prospective comes from the mind of a Fledgling Anthro Boot Addict.

Left Bank Twill Trench Coat by Leifsdottir

All Leather SS09 Green Line Satchel in Ochre - by Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely online Orig $598, Sale $398 - July 09

This is an environmentally safe handbag.  Just throw it away after use. It's completely bio-degradable. Huh?

After paying that much?  Right! 

Orla's Green Line products have no metal or plastic, and no harmful tanning chemicals were used. You mean no cool key fob? And don't spill a drop of anything on it.  The leather soaks stains right up.  And they don't come out. I clean and protect all my shoes and handbags often.  But this one is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir
I've decided to wear my Babergh Dress for Turkey Day.  I am waiting for the Over the Moon Booties to arrive.  The Dress and Booties were pictured together in the July catalog.

Shop the Over the Moon Booties by Schuler and Sons HERE

Anthro's Babergh Dress with Over the Moon Booties

What do you plan to wear for the Holiday? 
Anthro Sister Love, Laura