Monday, August 16, 2010

My Wake Up It's Monday OOTD - Second Styling for the Red Graphical Dress

Hello Readers, I had such a great time with Friday's Picnic Photo Shoot. Thanks to all my lovely Readers for some wonderful comments.

I was not excited about coming back to the office for photos.
As promised, my second styling for the Graphical Dress...

Graphical Dress in Red - by Edme and Esyllte - Anthro Sale Aug 2010

I didn't realize how much cleavage I was exposing until I saw Friday's photo's.  I spent most of Saturday adding 2 strips of edged cotton in white to the neckline. It's hand stitched at the straps and the inside neckline on the bodice. I did the same to the Lynx and Leo Dress. I am extremely happy with the results.

Before Friday I had already stitched a Barely There to the inside of the bodice just below where the straps are attached. Without the shelf bra, I could see right through the bodice. I also had to add a dart to each side of the bodice to prevent gaping away from the body.

A lot of work for two dresses. But well worth the effort.

I love the tie on the back of the dress. But this dress and I are up against a tight squeeze through the ribs. The elastic band below the tie has give, but it's very tight, and leaves me feeling breathless.
To make this an appropriate outfit for work , I added the Abuzz Cardi in Turquoise. This is a fairly heavy sweater for the the 100° F heat in Bakersfield. Another reason for so much fuss over the dress. I wanted to remove the Cardi when outdoors, and show off the back detailing on the dress, minus added bra straps.

Abuzz Cardi in Turquoise- by Moth - Anthro Aug 2010

I look strangely flat in this image.  I don't normally need to use the flash, but it was too dark at the foot of the stairs without it. You can see my shadow againt the steps. Just call me FLAT GEO.

There it is!  The entire outfit! Now let's see the other additions that make up this ensemble.

I was torn between 3 pairs of shoes. I finally decided this morning to go the sweet route, as opposed to a bit more rugged.

I haven't worn these Miss Albright's in 2 years. I think this is the second time I have ever worn them. I find them to be a bit uncomfortable.  The inside cut-outs and metal ring attachments for the flowers rub on the top of my toes.  I added some Foot Petals foam to the inside, but now they feel too tight.  Hopefully they will stretch if I wear them a few more times. 

Istria Peep Toes - Miss Albright - Anthro Sale Mar 2009

In this next photo you can see the cute little orange flower on the side of the heel. 

The shoe selection, also brought about a jewelry change.  I have worn this Necklace countless times.  I love it.  I picked it up cheap.  One of the first items I ordered online in 2008.  The chain has discolored badly. I like the effect of the darker color over the cheap looking gold it once was.  It tends to get a little tangled, but looks great that way.

Coracle Necklace - Anthro Sale May 2008

Etsy Bracelet - Shop Mudand Mint - April 2009

Did you notice I threw in a little bit of yellow. Anthro online had a tutorial on how to add an additional color into your outfit.  Especially necessary when the main items have two dominant colors.  Dark Orange, Turquoise, and a touch of Yellow.  These are my three favorite colors together.

Did I add the color correctly?  I almost wore Yellow Platform Sandals.  But I wasn't happy with the results.  I decided the third color had to be minimal because the Dress and Cardi already offered all the POP that was needed.

Keep an eye out for more Sale Posts this week.  I have about 20 items coming up.  Four Tops were already offered for sale in the Post previous to this one.  When you make a purchase, you can select from a very cool list of free items.  One free item per purchase.  My first customer (Jamie) was given 2 free items, just for being first.  So two free Anthro tops are now gone.  Four tops and 6 items of jewelry are still up for grabs free with purchase.

Happy Monday, Laura (


Katie said...

So I guess I didn't take EVERYTHING into account when I recommended the Graphical Dress! I really am flat, camera flash or not, so that must be the difference. While you may feel a little constricted, you'd never know by looking. It looks fantastic on you and I love the alteration you made! What a great idea. I am going to have to try that with some tops/dress I own. Good choice with the Abuzz cardi, it looks awesome!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Katie,

That is a simple add on that does not change the dress at all. In fact everything I did leaves the dress unaltered. If you want pictures from the inside let me know. I used an old cotton slip with some edging on it. Stitching all done by hand.

Even though the dress is tight through the rib cage, I still had to take in the bodice with 2 darts.

You were correct on the 4. Size 6 would have been too big. I'm just built really odd.


Jamie said...

You look fantastic, Laura. I love this second look even more than the first -- everything about it -- the Abuzz cardigan, the Miss Albright shoes, the jewelry -- everything! And I am very impressed by your tailoring skills. I have a whole host of Anthro and Talbots clothes that I need to alter myself or take to the tailor to make the fit just a little better -- but it's so easy to put it off. Especially when I think of what the bill at the tailor's is likely to be, if I have the clothes professionally done.

Thanks so much for providing the name for the cardi! I tried it on in the store but didn't find the item name quickly enough, so I wasn't sure how to track it down should I decide it's a must have. But now I know!

Sarah said...

this is so cute! I love how you mixed the clashing colours- it works so well!! xxx

Beckerman Girls said...

The neckline on that dress is particularly sweet!!
And you look beautiful!! Great styling!!
The Beckerman Girls

GeoInCalifornia said...


It never occured to me that these colors clash. I think they go together perfectly.

I visited your blog. How pretty are you? I adore your style. Lots of very beautiful and thoughtful images of you. Did you do all your photography yourself?


GeoInCalifornia said...

Beckerman Girls,

I hand sewed that neckline on myself. For modesty sake. Thank you for the compliment.

Your site is engaging. Wish I lived in Canada.

Love to you, Laura

Anonymous said...

HI Laura
I love the inset you sewed on the neckline. I own the same dress and it is a little revealing for me. How did you do that? Thanks for the inspiration. The color combo is very pretty

Laura said...

Welcome ali,

I can post some pictures and instructions this weekend on how sew in the neckline. Keep an eye out for it. Or send me an email and I will send some pics back.

Thanks for the compliment, Laura

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