Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lynx and Leo Shines With Earthly Delights!

Oh Happy Wednesday OOTD! My order from last weeks Anthro sale finally arrived at my door last night at 7 PM. So after much trying on, taking off, air fluffing, and tedious ironing, with many shoe and jewelry presto chango's... is my styling for the Lynx and Leo Dress.

I can't sing enough praises about this Cinderella Dress. If I were not who I am, I would send this back. Because lord knows I am too old to pretend to be Cinderella.

Instead I will take the Cindy out of the Dress and add some Cinder by covering most of it up with the Earthly Delights Cardi.

But I will give my Dear Readers just a glimpse of what the rest of my World will never, no not ever see.

Don't panic! No one is around at 5:30 AM. How dare I go BRA LESS?

It was easy! The bodice of the dress is boned and the fabric is substantial enough to offer some support. But it still isn't enough for public comfort. As you can see I am barely contained.

Lynx and Leo Dress - by Maeve - Anthro on sale Aug 2010

I would have never gotten into this dress without the help of

1. Elastic Back Panel and
2. Adjustable Straps.

The dress is as near to a perfect fit as I can get. I actually like the empire waist.

You guys are all wishing you had ordered this dress aren't you? Tell the truth!

I read the reviews carefully. This dress is everything the reviewers said it would be.

I would gladly have paid full price for it. But I didn't.

Sad little note. It has a tiny hole near the hemline. I will darn carefully with needle and thread.

Earthly Delights Cardi - by Sparrow - Anthro on sale AUG 2010

This Cardi is deep dark Blue. The crochet down the placket is also
a cover over most of the buttons.

Some nameless person managed to put those buttons through the button holes
hidden underneath and then through non existent button holes in the crochet.

Talk about a tight squeeze. I was all I could do to get the buttons out.
It stretched the crochet out of shape.

Underlined Heels - by Coclico - Anthro on Sale APR 2010

I tried on 4 different pairs of shoes. Sandals were the best choice since
it's nearing 100° F today. I went with something darker to balance out the
dark sweater. This dress dictates heels to me.

I love this pair of Coclico's. Uber expensive even on sale, but well worth it.
The attraction is the red piping around the straps, and the Berkie like foot bed.
The first pair Anthro sent me had the most annoying pop click in the heel.
CS immediately air mailed a second pair.

They arrived the next day. I heart Anthro CS.

Orla Kiely Reversible Leather Shoulder Bag in Cream Olive - AW09 Collection Orla Keily US Jan 2010
It was my birthday last December 22nd. I was on vacation. It was also an Anthro sale day. This WISH LISTED Orla bag went on sale. My friend Heidi ordered the bag and left me a message. I missed the call and the bag. How many times has this happened?

I stalked this sucker on the Orla Keily US site. Sure enough, a week later it went on sale. The Autumn/Winter Collection usually does on January 1st. I paid more for it on Orla Keily's site. We all know Anthro sale prices are the best. I don't use this bag often enough. I was happy to bring it out today with the Lynx and Leo. It's reversible and Olive Green inside.

Glitzy Starfish Earrings - Anthro FEB 2010

I adore these cubic zirconium paved Sterling Starfish. These paved earrings are outrageously expensive and never make it to the Anthro sale section. I have only 2 pairs. The Starfish and the darling colorful Parrots. Sniff! A few of you know how close I was to Duncan. I was his sitter when Heidi and Mike went out of town. I still can't wear the Parrot earrings because I miss that sweet bird.

Blooming Tendrils Necklace - Anthro on Sale APR 2009
The Blooming Tendrils Necklace was on Anthro's website for over a year before it finally went on sale. Both Heidi and I snatched it up. It wasn't cheap! I am constantly having to either put the chain back together or stick foam to the back where the wires scratch my neck. The last time I wore this was to see Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist live. My favorite Comedian and Dummy!

This is one styling for the Lynx and Leo Dress. I also plan to wear the Turquoise Abuzz Cardi as it was styled by Anthro. Minus the belt on the outside of the Cardi.

Well, off I go to don a bra and get to work.

Hope you all have a wonderful fabulous Wednesday, Laura


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

That dress looks like it was made for you - the fit on you is fabulous!

I DO wish I bought it, but I am pretty sure it wouldn't look as good on me as it does on you since you've got a more womanly figure :o).

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Shoot - I almost forgot - I like your new header, though now I get to drool over your entire closet and not just your shoe collection!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lisa, These are old closet snap shots. As soon as I have time I will take new with the shoes.

I can do so much with this dress. I see no reason why it wouldn't look great on you. You look fab in your cute full skirts.

Katie said...

I was out of town all week, away from the computer. How did the Graphical Dress work? I don't see you talking about it, was it a no-go???

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