Monday, February 13, 2012

Where did Floreat Go? A Hybrid Theory!

When the Farren Blouse by LeifNotes appeared online, I was intrigued by several familiar elements. The familiar Leifsdottir details didn't surprise me. After all, the use of Leif is a given.

Farren Blouse - by LeifNotes - Anthro $128 - Feb 2012

What if the word Notes had nothing to do with Leifsdottir, but hinted at Notes from something else.

There are details in this blouse not commonly used by Leifsdottir. In particular, the beading, embroidery, and the bright solid color. I pulled two blouses from my closet for comparison.
Where did Floreat Go? A Hybrid Theory!

Many in this community, including me, truly miss the beloved Floreat Brand. I haven't seen details like this since Floreat all but vanished from Anthro almost a year ago.

Sadly, the name Floreat is history, but I like to think the dream is moving forward.

The Farren certainly has Leifsdottir traits. The familiar drape and sheen of the silk/cotton blend.  The waistband borrowed from the Fanned Flames Blouse.  But it was the sleeves that brought a picture of Floreat's Work Of Glaciers Blouse to mind. Soon after that the detail work and rich color added fuel to the fire.

Is this where Floreat has gone?  Who but Anthro would come up with a Fashion Dream Team?

To fan the flames further (ha-ha Fanned Flames Blouse), Floreat disappeared from Anthro about a year ago. Just enough time to meld two teams, dream up some beauty's, and prepare for the Spring 2012 collection.

How about that Floreat price tag? I can live with that.

In a parallel universe, perhaps Leifsdottir has been using Floreat as inspiration. I don't think it's possible to bring such details to completion without experts.

Is the Floreat Team breathing new life (Notes) into Leifsdottir? We may never know.  I like to think it's true. Honestly, the thought makes me happy. But I am known as that Nutty Anthro Closet Lady.  Sometimes it takes a lot of nutty to put two and two together. I thought the connections were real enough to share with the community.

You can find me on Polyvore at the top of the side bar.  Use the right arrow to find 3 Polyvores styled with the Farren Blouse.

I want to know what you think, even if you see things differently. I'm excited to see what comes next from LeifNotes.

Anthro Sister and Floreat Love,  Laura (