Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vera and Eva Together in Tuesday's OOTD - A Long Wait to Complete an Outfit

The mercury is climbing again in the San Joaquin Valley.  Today's high is a comfortable 88° F. 
Thursday's expected high could reach 102°F.  Yikes!

How does one even consider shopping for the Fall Season.  Except for a few exceptional morsels like, The Rensselaer T-Straps, Phlox and Coral Coat, and the Babergh Dress, I am holding myself back. 

Please don't let me see the September Catalog though.  The online lead-in is captivating. I have no patience or will power when it comes to Anthro.

Today's OOTD is a colorful interpretation of We Love Vera, Eva Franco, and Chilean Artist Chantal Bernsau.

We start from the bottom up.
Framboise Peep Toes in Raspberry - All Black - orig $158, sale $80 - Anthro Aug 2009
You may have seen these All Black peep toes with the chunky wood heel last week where I mistakenly identified them as Corso Como here.  The Anthro image looks Red, but the shoes themselves appear to be Magenta.  The actual color was listed as Raspberry.

You can purchase them in grey here.

Moving up to the next level we have a wonderful pencil skirt by Eva Franco.  I purchased the Anthro Outfit that included this skirt and the Dissolved Spectrum Cardi together. I haven't posted this outfit yet.
I didn't get this skirt on sale either. Choke!

Dreaming in Green Skirt - Eva Franco - orig $148 - Anthro Mar 2010

While having lunch with my dear friend Karen, she commented on how put together my jewelry was with my outfit. This was a few lunches back. Etsy is a key component that ties jewelry in and makes each effort complete. But many of my favorite pieces come from Anthro. And occasionally Anthro ties in a beautiful, if not interesting, piece of jewelry that entices me to go for the outfit.

Rose is a Rose Earrings-Etsy Shop Magillie-$18-Apr 2009
Purchase earrings here.


Sun and Sky Bracelet - Etsy Shop laurrose - $58 - Apr 2009. Purchase similar here.


 Now we come to the very top.

Meet the...Briny Winds Jacket, by We Love Vera.  The orig Anthro price was $128. I purchased this on sale for $70 in May 2009.

I have always worn this Jacket with black plants.  That is how Anthro styled the outfit. And, I love it that way. But last night I thought I would rev it up with the Dreaming in Green Skirt.

When I wore this outfit to lunch with Karen, I was wearing the Black pants.  I was also missing a key jewelry element.  Meet the missing element.

The Wingspan Brooch, by Chilean Artist Chantal Bernsau.  Made from dyed horsehair. At least that's what the Anthro description claims. A reviewer compared it to cheap plastic place mats. Anthro's original price was $98.  I picked this up on sale for $50, 6 months after the Briny Winds Jacket. A long wait from Spring to Fall to complete this outfit.

But as we have learned in the past,  Anthro knows how to pull our strings. Put an element on sale, then wait 6 months for the rest, and hope we cave into temptation.  I have waited, and I have caved, many times.

Do you have a difficult time purchasing your Fall outfits while the summer temps are are raging hot outside?  Or does it not affect you at all?  Do you wait until the weather cools down?

Do you have a "long wait for an outfit" story? 
Tell me about it.

Please leave me a comment or question. I love to hear from everyone.  I always answer you back.

Anthro Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Take Some Anthro, Add Some GeoInCalifornia! What Do You Get? Monday's OOTD

The great weather is in a short holding pattern.  We return to the 100's mid-week.  Than back down to the 90's for the weekend.  I think I almost suffered from heat stroke last week when it was 111° F.  My car was so hot it would not cool down.  I literally collapsed when I got home.  And I have a new car with good AC. 

This is a Spring 2010 Anthro image from the accessories section.
I copied the Flowers by Flowers Tank and Catch and Release Scarf from the models photo and added my own interpretation to the rest of the outfit.

This was NOT an actual Anthro Outfit.

It was only part of a picture.

This tank had plenty of issues with fit. I had to take up the straps at the front of the tank.  The neckline was too low.  Another issue that was strange about this item, was the use of appliques around the neckline and hemline. The appliques offered no stretch above and below stretchy jersey.  If your hips were an inch or two bigger than your bust than this fit.
Flowers by Flowers Tank - Little Yellow Button
Anthro $68 - April 2010
Otherwise you were out of luck. Don't let the buttons down the front fool you.  Fake, fake, fake! This is an over the head entry. The very cute pin tucking didn't help much with the sagging fabric around the tummy area. I don't remember seeing this go on sale.

Catch and Release Scarf - Lilac
Spring 2010 - Anthro $32
You may have already seen this scarf styled in the color Sky here.  This scarf is surprisingly made of a very fine wool with stretchy elastic goring that makes it easy to manage.

Everything from here on out is my own interpretation for the rest of the outfit.  Since the Tank is on the longer side, pants seemed the only solution last Spring.  But this morning I restyled this in my mind with a skirt. Hmm!
Practical Application Trousers - Daughters of the Liberation
orig $88, sale $50 - Anthro Mar 2010
You may have seen my only pair of Green pants here.  I wear these at least once or twice a month.  I can roll them to any length to suit any pair of shoes. 

White Sands Wedges - Argila
orig. $365, on sale $180 - Anthro May 2010
I love my Argilas.  Diem loves hers too. I am also wearing them here with the Green pants. I can't sing their praises enough. I am so thankful that Anthro has such great sale prices.  You can buy them here for the same sale price.

Now for some icing on Anthro's 1/2 an outfit...

The fist is me pulling down the hem of the tank. It just looks like I have an attitude.  I really don't. You may recognize Leifsdottir's Good Tidings Cardi.

Good Tidings Cardi - Leifsdottir
orig 248, on sale $60 - Anthro Oct 2008
Did I ever get a great PA on this Cardi.  The week prior I ordered it for $130.  Thank you Anthro for a chunk of change back.  Love it!  You can see it styled very differently here, at the end of a post.

The necklace is another real stone piece from Etsy.  A combination of lined Orange Agate and Purpurite with Copper.  This piece is from Shop fleurfatale.  You can buy one like it here

OK!  Maybe a little attitude right here at the end.  It's Monday! 

How is my interpretation of the rest of Anthro's 1/2 of an outfit? 
Would you interpret it differently?  How?  A skirt maybe? 

Give me some ideas.  I will do a re-style for you.

The Argilas are very neutral and light colored.  So far they look best with pants because my skin tone is fair.  I need to get a tan to wear with dresses.

Happy Monday, Laura lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I MUST HAVE IT! Freebees and Giveaways on other Blogs.

Has anyone seen Anthro's Shrunken Jemima Cardi in a Small?
I must have it.  From January 2008 catalog.
You can reach me at lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com
Hi everyone! 

Last Tuesday our High ended up being 111° F.
The expected high today will be 75° F. 
A whopping 35° drop for the high in 5 days.

Here is some info on Freebies and Giveaways on other peoples blogs.
Fabulous Florida Mommy is giving away $1000 to one Blogger and one Reader. All you need to do is use the new Polyvore Mini Editor on her site to create as many outfits as you like to increase your chances to win.

Ashley Getting Dressed  is giving away a gift bag of her favorite things.  But hurry because this one ends Tonight! Sunday Aug 29th. Just ask her a question for one chance, and blog about her giveaway for 2 chances.

Sarah at Mocha-Soy Whippy is giving away a DKNY Snake Print Clutch.  Contest ends Friday Sept 3rd.

Love and Luck, Laura

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Beautiful and Fragrant OOTD in the Valley - Chie Mihara's for Chefjess

Thank goodness, the weather is incredible today.  A welcome break from the high 100's earlier in the week. What better day for a Saturday Photo Shoot.  So my fabulous photographer and I made tracks to The Great Kern County Museum for some local historical backdrop.

What better place to photograph my favorite dress, than the bright sunshine at the foot of the Beale Memorial Clock Tower. This OOTD features Purple and Pink.  At one time two of my least favorite colors.

The Fragrant Valley Dress - by Corey Lynne Calter - Anthro, orig $188, sale $100 - June 2010

This outfit features two styling elements that are rare for me.
The cowl neck and the added belt.
I adore the tie, and low V at the back of this dress.

Woven Buds Belt - Anthro - orig $28, sale $10 - Aug 2010

I recently had a request to feature my Chie Mihara's in an OOTD.  So chefjess, here are my favorite shoes and my favorite dress together.  These are not the shoes I am wearing with the Fragrant Valley Dress in my profile photo.

Blushing Mercury Heels in Pearl - by Chie Mihara - Anthro, orig $380, sale $190, Mar 2010
You can view and buy this shoe in Peach  here.
Or similar in Pearl here.

I like the relaxed over the shoulder look of this Orla Keily Bag.

This is one of the doorways of the Kern Country
Chamber of Commerce building that was later used as the main exhibit building for the Museum.

If you are interested in seeing more of the Kern County Museum and the 50 historical buildings on the Museum grounds click here.
Orla Keily's All Leather Satchel in Ochre
Greenline Collection SS09 - orig $598, sale $398 - July 2009
I went for a statement bracelet, and kept the earrings simple.

Shinning Eddie Bracelet - by Tataborello - Anthro, orig $218, sale $100 June 2010 

Citrine Briolet Drops with Sterling - Etsy - $35 - Summer 2009

I hope you enjoyed my Fragrant Valley OOTD for Saturday.  Thank you for coming along with me and my fabulous photographer on our visit to the Kern County Museum.

I hope you are having a great weekend wherever you may be,  Laura (GeoInCalifornia) lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leifsdottir Roses and Bees - An OOTD Inside & Out

I'm thankful today is my Friday! I went on a photo shoot early, in the Park behind the Taj Majal. Trash cans make the perfect tripods.  Just the right level for placing a camera. Just don't let it roll into the trash.  Ha-ha!  No I didn't.

Yesterday's high was 107° F.  Today's expected high is 101° F.  By Sunday the expected high is 81° F.  I'm thankful for this unheard of 26° cool down over 5 days. 

Today's OOTD is another Summer 2009 favorite. Leifsdottir's Rose and Bee Blouse.  Also known as Anthropologie's Night Blooming Blouse.  The original price for this 100% Cotton Blouse with Silk Tie was $228. I picked one from Anthro on sale for $100 in June  2009.

A wide Black Silk tie laces up the back through metal grommets, then ends at the nape with a trailing Silk bow. The blouse front is embellished with White pop-up crochet flowers next to sweet gathered puffed sleeves. White gauze cotton fabric features bunches of sketched roses interspersed with honey bees.

The online description claimed the blouse was lined in Silk.  It was not. This was not the first time Leifsdottir claimed a blouse was lined, and we were duped.  I added my own white Cami, because the cotton is see through.  And let's face it, the blouse is awesome.  I get compliments when I wear it. 

One thing Leifsdottir does well, is detailing.  And I am a detail kinda girl.

A pair of black Wide Leg Cargo's are the perfect staging for this Blouse. These are Anthro's Year Round Pants by Hei Hei in Black. Original Price was $98, I found them on sale for $50.  Lots of button pockets and seams on highly comfortable Black stretch Twill.  Machine wash, tumble dry.  I don't even bother with an iron. These are a bit big for me.  Pardon the baggy look. 
Rounding out the bottom are a truly awesome pair of Rachael Double Strap Wood Platform Sandals by the Frye Shoe Company.  The oldest shoe company in the US of A.  Anthro had these long before I started my Anthro addiction.  I remember seeing a few pop backs in red.  I found this pair on Amazon in July 2008.  I love the slip resistant crepe base, the burned in Frye logo, the soft padded foot bed, and the rugged metal rings and grommet details. Price $170.  I did see some colors on sale at Sundance months later.  The Yellow was hard to come by.

First Class Citrine and Sterling - Etsy Shop bm1coastsbeadworks $22 - Sept 2009

Let's talk Bee Jewelry.

This is Anthro's Bejeweled Bee Ring by Kenneth Lane. Original price was $105. I paid $70 on sale in July 2009. This is 22K gold plating (although the description didn't specify the plating part), with enamel and swarovski crystals.  I heart this ring.  It has a springy comfort ring on the inside of the band.  After a year of wearing this many times, it looks brand new.  I don't get it wet. 

You can view and buy the same ring here.

I am also very careful not to get perfume or any other chemicals on any of my costume or fabric jewelry.  This includes natural stone too.

When I purchased this Etsy Necklace, it hadn't occurred to me that the charms were so small. The honey drop is a Yellow Citrine faceted Briolet, along with Sterling Bee and discs on a fine braided leather cord with toggle clasp.  Price was $44. However, the tiny bee charm is the same size as its Rose buzzing counterparts on the Leifsdottor Blouse.  Perfect in this small scale.

Finally we come to this magnificent Natural Stone wonder from Etsy Shop Mud and Mint for $43. Last I checked the Shop was still closed.  The owner seems to have gone on a very long vacation. She does gorgeous stone jewelry designs that are both simple and comfortable.  This is her Warm Sugar Bracelet.  It's composed of both smooth and faceted rounds of Opal, Calcite, Bronzite, Moonstone, and Rutilated Clear Quartz on Non-Tarnishing Silver.  She also does wonderful examples using Oxidized Silver.

Here you can see the dome on my office building that earned it the nickname - Taj Majal

This OOTD was my second example of last Summers Theme Outfits.  I still consider these outfits among some of my favorite tried and trues.

What do you think of these as compared to my detailed, texture driven outfits for this Summer?

I see many OOTD's using color themes. I love Jamie's recent dessert themed outfits. 

I would be fascinated to see themed outfits like my Bees outfit, and Mondays Strawberry theme?

Love, Laura (GeoInCalifornia) lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com