Friday, September 30, 2011

An Egyptian Queen - An OOTD - And a Brave New Anthro Blog

My Egyptian Queen Nefi (Hotot Rabbit) Poses

Nefertari was the Royal Wife of Ramses II.  The King built a temple dedicated to his Queen and the goddess Hathor at Abu Simbel, next to his own. Nefertari's tomb, which is located in the Valley of the Queens, is one of the largest and most beautifully decorated grave sites ever discovered.

Nefi (Hotot Rabbit) and Nefertari (Royal Wife of Ramses II)
I see a resemblance in the eyes, and the ears and um...hat that resembles bunny ears?

Do you think Nefertari would roll over in her Tomb to learn that someone named a Rabbit after her?  I was impressed with the lady's credentials.  Her man obviously loved her.  She didn't plot with the harem to murder him.  She wasn't also his daughter.  She was a Royal wife, so not a lesser wife or consort. She must have wordlessly put up with a lot crap to earn such high regard.

Test for aggressive behavior before attempting to grab an abandoned Rabbit

On the way back to the office after taking OOTD photos, I noticed a streak of White dash under a car. This was my first glimpse of a rabbit that was abandoned near the office weeks ago. Several employees had attempted to trap this friendly Hotot Rabbit.  Armed with a piece of banana I begged from a passerby, a few carrots, and a little help, I got bunny into a box.  We immediately bonded.

Abandoned Hotot Rabbit

I learned bunny was already promised to an employee in the Legal Dept.  Said employee was away until Monday. I offered to foster bunny until then.  Ha-ha!  Finders Keepers!

Heishe and Nefi had an eyeball to eyeball stare out for several minutes today. I would never tag my sweet natured 7-year old male cat as having a predators bone in his body. I was wrong. Heishe received an immediate predator warning thump from Nefi. This is wild rabbit behavior, that is learned by rabbits that inhabit a warren. Since then, Heishe is scarred sh*tless of Nefi, and has abandoned my bedroom entirely. But Nefi is on a mission to make friends. MewTwo and Nefi are working on mutual respect, after MewTwo received the warning thump more than once. She was amazingly patient when her tail was given the Nefi once over. I was on the receiving end of a few thumps myself.

A donated cage and a trip to the Pet Store and Nefi is given the Royal treatment a Queen deserves

When and where did this tame, non-aggressive, house broken, lovable little Hotot learn the warning thump? How did she survive in 100 degree plus weather?  A warren of wild rabbits won't take in a stray from another warren, but will accept a lone homeless rabbit. Hmmm! Our office is definitely located next to possibilities.

Nefi is in good shape, although thin. Dawn dish washing liquid and warm water helped with removing grease from her back. She finished the job. She and I are still working on her tiny tar covered feet.  Otherwise she is clean, has no injuries, no bad behavior, and no hair loss either.  Her ears are immaculate.  I suspect another animal has been grooming her. I couldn't find a single flea. 

She has the most amazing character, and adores Tomatoes.

The Hotot Breed is Globally Endangered.  Once raised for pets, show and meat. You should be able to hear my complete disgust! 

A trip to the vet is in the near future. I'm worried about exposure to pesticides and possible disease from wild rabbits.

Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
All Leather Handbag Handstitch Patent Green - by Orla Kiely AW08 - PerriBerri Orig $620 Sale $400 - April 2009

This is Wednesday's Outfit of the Day. Temperatures in the Central Valley of CA continue to hover at the century mark. There are no signs of Fall, which is no reason not to enjoy a Fall color palette.

Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
Jackie Cardi in Dark Rosewood - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Skinny Weave Belt in Yellow - Anthro Orig $34 Slae $20 - June 2011
Stunt Double Booties -by Pikolinos - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - May 2010
Straw Makers Earrings - Orange Carnelian and Purple Jade - Anthro Orig $38 Sale $20 - Jun 2008

Considering all the upheaval that has been taking place in our small community, I truly admire anyone brave enough to start a new Anthropologie related blog, post Anthro-Apocalypse.  The name Anthro in the title, deserves a standing ovation. 

Hand Woven Amber, Walrus Tusk and Mammoth Bone Bracelet - Alaska - Gift
See The Violet Bloomtown in a different outfit here.
Similar Eva Franco's Violet Dresses here, here and here.
See JG of Stuff Jewish Girls Like in The Violet Bloomtown Dress by Eva Franco here.
See Anthro's En Plein Air Dress by Eva Franco on Molly of Anthromollogies here, and Kay of The Stylish Soprano here.

Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
Stunt Double Booties -by Pikolinos - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - May 2010
Sally Hansens
Pikolinos here, and here.

My new Post Anthro-Apocalypse read is Melissa of Head to Toe in Anthro here.
I applaud you for your bravery Melissa.

Have you recently discovered a Brave New Anthro Blog?  Please let us know in the comment section.

Nefi grooming after a first attempt to clean her Asphalt coated feet
Only one potty accident in the house in over 24-hours. It was entirely my fault. Luckily it was on vinyl floor. She has dramatically increased her appetite. She runs her territory before bed several times.  All rooms, and occupants (feline and human alike) are carefully inspected by her intelligent, lined eye.

Anthro Sister Loves Nefi and a New Blog, Laura (

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GeoInNewYorkCity! I'm Back!


View from the 22nd floor of the Helmsely Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South. I chose City over Park view.  How fun is that choice?

The corner of 5th Ave. and West 57th Street as I walked from my Central Park Hotel to Rockefeller Center.

Unconditional Osier Dress Precise Bow Belt

I admired the windows at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie as I waited for Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie and others to arrive.

No photos of the EA Shopping Event.  I respect that the Event is Roxy's gig.

Alice's Tea Cup

An amazing array of Tea's, scones, finger sandwiches, and dessert delights. More than 7 hungry shoppers could ever eat.

After lunch with Roxy and other EA shoppers, Kelly of Fashion Fuel and I headed out to meet up with two more of my favorite NYC Bloggers.





A quick visit to Saks on 5th Ave. to fulfil a promise I made.  I admit these photos are particularly comical with those horrid security locks dangling over my nose. He-he! Which pair do you like?

On to the American Museum of Natural History.  Our first stop was the Hayden Planetarium to see "Journey to The Stars" narrated by Whoopi Goldburg.  This was to fulfil a promise to my Mother.  As a child living in Brooklyn, she rode the Subway every weekend to visit the museum long before the Planetarium was built. No photos were allowed inside.  It was an experience I fully enjoyed.



I couldn't believe my luck when I walked past and did a double take on this display as we left the museum. Meet Lucy, a 3.2 million year-old, 40% complete fossil skeleton of an Australopithecus discovered in 1974.  I was 14 years old.  I remember the day they announced the discovery. They named her Lucy because The Beatles Song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" had been playing repeatedly from a tape recorder.  They had no idea of the importance of their discovery that day. The oldest remains of upright man (or woman) to date.

The American Museum of Natural History - Rock and Minerals Hall

Meet my tour guides. These are the ladies that I am thrilled to have met in NYC. Starting with me on the Left, Kelly of Fashion Fuel, Jamie of Thrifty Threads NYC, and Stephanie of Bar Chic.

These three Lovely Bloggers, now friends, showed me the way around like a true New Yorker.

We shared: a warm and muggy Sunday; a trip through the Hayden Planetarium; more walking than my poor feet could handle; a ditched effort to ride the Subway Sauna; a cab ride with a loud, political minded Nigerian/American cab driver; and my very heavy Anthropologie bag.

This last weekend I was in two cities at the same time as our President. 

Any questions?  Because I left a lot open to comments.  Oh like....What did I try on at Anthro?  Ha-ha!
Just for openers.

Anthro Sister Love NYC, Laura (lauramartinsemail)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girly Steel Toe Boots!

Hi Ladies,

I've been absentee for about a week.  I'm busy planning and preparing for a short trip across country. 

In the meantime, I couldn't help but share these Girlie Steel Toed Work Boots with all my Geologist and Engineer Readers. 

My first pair of Steel Toed Boots were actually Men's sized boots.  My current pair are Ladies Boots, but look like Men's. Those are now three years old, so I am due for a pair of new work boots according to company policy.  Although these are a little Cowgirl looking for my taste, I still love them.  A friend assured me they are very comfortable.

I can't wait to try them on locally next week.  I promise I will review them ASAP. 

Anthro Sister Girlie Boot Love, Laura (

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Lesson in Constructive Criticism - It's Open Season on GeoInCalifornia

How do we learn to give constructive criticism? Is it something that should be practiced, or does it come naturally? Apparently not. Otherwise we wouldn't need all these guidelines.

If you're not sure how to word constructive criticism, you can find simple guidelines here..

If you need some pointers on how to graciously receive, there are guidelines for that here...
7 Guidelines for Accepting Constructive Criticism

Note: Please refrain from profanity, abuse, name calling, demeaning comments or threats. Those are not considered constructive. On the flip side, I see no need to sandwich criticism between Puppies and Rainbows. Make it plain as day. And it never hurts to be reasonable at the same time.

Nothing is more irritating than replying to empty space. Wait. Let me rephrase that.  Irritating doesn't sound constructive.  Please stick around for my reply or kindly leave a forwarding email with Intense Debate.

The first outfit is an unposted set from a few weeks ago. 

Polka Peppered Dress - by Maeve - Anthro Orig $148 Sale $80 - May 2010

Jackie Cardi in Cerise - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Apple Pie Mary Jane's in Black - by Poetic Licence - Ideeli Orig $98 Sale $25 - Aug 2011
Pear Print Beach Bag in Dandelion - Orla Kiely SS09 - Orla Kiely $196 - Feb 2009
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Orig $58 Sale $30 - Feb 2009
Clear Bangle - Commemorative Anthro Gift from Maryland Accessory Store - Dec 2010

See the Polka Peppered Dress styled different HERE and HERE

Now that the serious discussion is over.  Let's have fun with it.  At the same time I will practice receiving your constructive criticism. Any part of this post is fair game.  Photo, location, outfit, pose, grammar, spelling and punctuation. You must leave at least one constructive criticism.

The second outfit I wore to work today.

Mompos Dress - Plenty by Tracy Reese - Anthro $228 - Mar 2011
Jackie Cardi in Laquer Yellow - by J Crew - $62 - June 2011
Factory Leather Belt in Orchid Shadow - by J Crew Factory Orig $24.50 Sale $6.50 - Apr 2011
Finest Hour Heels - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 from Burlingame Peggy - May 2011
Preserved Gypsophila Necklace - by De Jarnette of New Orleans - Anthro $68 - March 2011
Resin Animal and Natural Stone Bracelet - by my Mother - 1993

See the Mompos Dress styled different HERE and HERE
Warning:  I'm old and tough!   If you plan to have me for lunch, douse liberally with meat tenderizer and heat slow over an open flame. But please remove my Mompos* Dress first. Bad Laura paid full price for it. 

*Mompos is a city in Colombia South America. 

I need a tattle tale. Send me an email if you are interested.

I sincerely can't wait to hear what you have to say.  

Too many Polkas.  
Too old to wear the Mompos. 
Cardigans too bright. 

Moderation has been disabled!

Anthro Sister Loves Constructive Criticism, Laura (

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Great Divide

So this is what it comes too.  We divide.  Your either for or against.  In or out.  Accepted or outcast.
At least I have a choice. So I thought!

When I arrived home today from work, I discovered I had lost a Follower.  OK!  It's not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.  I have so few.  It's enough that I have no idea who.

I'm way under G O M I Radar.  I'm a bump.  A hopeless blip.  Not worthy of their time.  Thank You God!

Does it matter?  Not really.  I've never been about the numbers.  I know what I am capable of handling.  Anything over 200 Followers, and I will run screaming with blood shooting from my eyes. Going down a few is a blessing. With age comes a knowledge of my limitations.  Something at least one of us has no grasp of what so ever. That should read one of them.

I'm balanced on the wire looking up at Hope and Change.
 I'd rather make a Change, than sit around Hoping.
Upon arriving home after an 11 hour work day, I had planned to...

...use the Stop Following Button for the first time ever.  Before I could do that I had to find it. That's right.  I'm the dumbest Blogger that ever lived.  I asked a Reader for help. Then in my extreme stupidity, I thought I had to go to this blog so I can..............Stop Following.  After all, that's where I started Following.  Makes sense right?  Ha ha!  So I click on this blog and...

I Am Blocked.  

Drafting Shift  - by Tabitha - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - Aug 2011
Via Cardona Wedges in Moss - by Dolce Vita - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $50 - May 2011
Sunspots Necklace - by Nashelle - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - June 2011
Chiaroscuro Bracelet - from Sundance - Labradorite 14K Gold Vermeil Sequins $130 - Mar 2009 
Labradorite Briolettes - Etsy - 2010

It appears that the choice was made for me. The tables have been turned. Although I haven't taken a stand (at least not until now) I am automatically considered a traitor. After all, isn't that what most criminals and liars do.  Point the finger in any other direction but themselves. If I want inside the castle walls, I must knock softly, ask politely, and grovel for entry.  Otherwise known as...laying down at the door like a mat.

I prefer to stand, thank you very much!

Something of grave importance is going on over there. And I'm not on the welcoming list. No one but groveling worshipers are allowed though the Golden Gate. What could it be?  Then it hit me.

All natural Stone Jewelry Today
Labradorite and Solar Quartz
(a fancy name for plain old White Quartz)

It's just another Giveaway!  Man oh man!  I'm not missing much. Perhaps a dress picked out in a style that anyone can wear. Impossible!  I passed on that one months ago. How could that possibly work. I hopped, skipped and jumped right out of the way.

Honestly, who could possibly find time to post with all this turmoil.  Someone took my Photo from someones Sunday Readers Submissions and Posted it on G O M I.  Of course, since I have given it to someone else, I automatically loose all copyright protection.

At least that much I know. That's important stuff. Finding the Stop Following Button never needed my attention.  I honestly thought I would never use it.

I suddenly feel as carefree as a bird.

So do you want to know what I have been doing.  I have lurked everywhere you could possibly want me to be.  G O M I, Anthro Forums, Posts by Bloggers that have been scammed.  I have to tell you I was prepared to defend her.  But the minute I saw her hopeless Anthro-apology, I knew the game was over.

Spare me please!  She never liked me to begin with.  I am too old to have anything worth while to say.  What could I know about fashion?  OK!  So that one is true.  But you know what.  I pushed myself to learn.  I worked at inspiration.  I spent hours in my closet.  More time than I had to give.

Drafting Shift  - by Tabitha - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - Aug 2011
Via Cardona Wedges in Moss - by Dolce Vita - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $50 - May 2011

Honestly!  Do you know a Fashion Bogger ( I use that term loosely, because lord knows I'm really not) Geologist that used Reader Submitted Rocks to Style Outfits? Inspiration That Rocks!  The one cool, unique thing I have done in one year as a Blogger.  It's not enough.

The only excuse she could have given that would have brought me to my knees is Simon.  That's right, her little dog that needed extensive back surgery and physical therapy. I can't imagine how much that would have cost.  I believe she was unemployed at the time.  I grew up with Dachshunds.  I love them all.  They are my weakness.  I love my parents Dachshunds.  I was there for Kim (ha I said her name) during that period, because I truly understood. It's heart breaking.  I cried over that sweat little dog.  I prayed for him.  One thing she didn't lie about is her feelings for Simon.

But she didn't go there!  I was spared the embarrassment of falling for the dog.

Ask me anything about what I saw and read over a 5-day period.  My awesome friend even stepped in and tried to defend the use of OUR photo on G O M I.  If anyone can stand up to being picked on, she can.  Even she was no match for bullies.  One comment was enough for her. It's still there right under the photo of the Stepford Wives in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes. Followed by an attack of piranhas not worthy of your attention. BTW, GOMI posters.  That tattoo on Snow Kitties foot says 26.2.  As in miles.

G O M I  didn't root out Anthroholic.  Her clients did!

I just don't have the patience to fight stupidity.  I'm not on this planet to make trouble just so I can hear others make a lot of noise. Nor do I plan to make noise over nothing but trouble.  I either enjoy myself, or I'm gone.  And no one tells me how to dress, how to stand, and what to write. I am my own machine. If someone doesn't like my choices, they can step out of my tiny breath of air space.

Next post, let's talk about Anthro.  Because that's what brings a smile to my face and yours.  That's something that Bonnie (Small Town Fashionista) and I have in common.  Wow does she impress in a Bathing Suit.

What are you feeling right now? Ask me anything.

For the first time ever, I am dropping that corny stupid line I always use.

Laura  (

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Anthropologie Twin!

Oh, Oh....25% off all Fall Sweaters until Sept 18th HERE Woohoo!

Quintuplets in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes by Miss Albright

As I poured over the photos of Seven women scurrying about a small area stuffed with every Anthro item they could think of, I couldn't help but notice a re-occurring theme. It's practically a phenomenon among the Anthropologie Community.

From L to R:   Liza, Joni, Ashley, Domino, Karen, Heidi and Myself
The Anthropologie Twin

Liza and Joni twins in the Noon and Night Dress

Joni and I in the Horticultural Cardigan by Guinevere

She is as familiar to you as she is to me.  She is the smiling face of Anthropologie.

Liza, Joni and Heidi Triplets in the Pansy Corset Trench by Elevenses

It’s not all about the cloths
Age does not factor into the equation
Height isn't a prerequisite
Color only makes the bond stronger
Language isn't a barrier

Just walk into an Anthropologie and look around. The most inspiring part of the experience, are the people that love Anthropologie.

Heidi and I in the Frilled Echelons Peacoat by Elevenses, and  Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt by Maeve.  Domino looks on 

What I wouldn't give to be a store employee watching the drama unfold

Me in the Fatigue Finery Cape by Madchen

For many years Anthropologie has brought the World to my doorstep in a box

Clothing Rack on Level one 3rd Street Promenade Anthropologie Santa Monica CA

Last Saturday I ventured to Anthropologie with friends

From L to R: Joni, Myself, Karen, Heidi and Liza
wearing the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes
standing in an ice skaters T-Stop

Everything that occurred after our arrival at the Santa Monica Anthro plays out like a dream

Hardly!  There is plenty of real damage carefully pressed, polished and put in its own special place in my closet.

It's an hour before opening. Heidi, Karen and I eagerly peer through the glass next to a towering distressed wood door in the quiet 3rd Street Promenade. A small arm is seen waving from amidst the colorful dimly lit store.  We watch as the waving arm weaves its way towards us from the depths of beautiful displays. This must be our store manager Lauren. She opens the door with bubbly laughter, waving us inside.

 This woman is so obviously my long lost Sister I never had

I instantly adore her!

Lauren  - Store Manager 3rd Street Promenade Anthro Santa Monica CA

We walk into the far reaches. I'm filled with anticipation. There is so much here to smell, touch, see, and test. I'm a self appointed Anthropologie Inspector. I’m dedicated to trying as much as possible in a few hours.

I realize there's not enough time in a year!

Liza in the Across The Land Dress by Maple

Introductions are made. We climb twisted stairs.  At the top is a smiling woman. I know her by process of elimination, and hazy dressing room photos from the day before. She recognizes me instantly. I was here today because she kindly asked me to be. Liza is my Tippi Tipster. The name I gave her when she began helping me match up Readers and community members with a special Anna Sui creation for Anthropologie. The Tippi Dress.

 Karen laughing in the Familiar Fit Cardigan
The Cardi went on sale today
Karen qualifies for a PA

We hug!  We chat!  We make note of what we are wearing. Liza and I in head to toe Anthropologie, Heidi decked out in Orla Kiely, Karen is the exception. No fear! We will joyfully immerse her until she is senseless. Most of which will go against her traditional concepts of fashion.

Joni Shows of her Written-In-Stars Heels by Chie Mihara
It's then I see a familiar face step onto the landing.  I know her voice. I recognize her vintage Anthro dress.  Her perfectly coiffed 70's flip.  This is Joni, for which the Caranday Cause was formed. This Petite, delicate wisp of a woman is a professional ice skater, with a heart of Gold, a love for all things Disney, and the Lord of the Rings. I would know her in a crowd. From within her eyes shines a strong determined Pollyanna. And in her hand a Fruit Tart.  I hug another long lost Sister.

Liza in Noon and Night Dress with Horticulural Cardi, Myself in the Painted Plaid Dress (review online HERE) and Heidi in an Unknown Top

The girls are setting up the dressing rooms with all our Wish Listed requests. What shall we do? We begin by exclaiming and pointing out near, dear and familiar items, as we slowly make out way to the largest sale room imaginable.

Domino (Personal Shopper) with Ihrin Shirtdress by Lili's Closet

Oh yes!  Then there is our photographer. What I wouldn’t give to know Aarons thoughts as he attempts to sort us out and photograph our every interest. It would seem an impossible task for Liza's husband.  I compare it to throwing me into the middle of a football field and expecting me to know which way the action was going.

Ashely (Selling Supervisor) lends a helping hand
The next Four hours is a scene of dressing room confusion

Liza wearing Unknown Bracelet

A collection of clothing and shoes seems to change position from one place to another as if by magic.  That magic is assisted by Ashley and Domino. It wasn’t until later that I see photos of our Joni picking up shoe boxes and peering into dressing rooms to ask if her assistance is needed.  Bless you Joni.

Heidi in the Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt, Twisted Ascot Tee and Waving Pennant Necklace 
Joni keeping track of everything

Karen has a specific idea for an outfit that she accomplishes very quickly. 
Heidi, Liza and I have a shopping list from the Fall Collection ready and waiting in our dressing rooms.
Joni, our self designated helper doesn’t walk away empty handed.

Squeek go the Nightshades!  Back go the Nightshades!
I returned these very expensive Chie Mihara's at the store.
The first day I wore them out of the house, one shoe had a very loud annoying squeek

We exhaust ourselves, some before others.  I could have easily kept going until closing, but not without much needed energy.

Sonoma Wine Garden

The ever thoughtful Lauren, my new found Sister, made reservations at the nearby Sonoma Wine Garden.  If you ever have the chance to venture there, our Server, and now Joni and I, recommend the Austrian Pancakes.  A concoction of squares of what seemed like French toast, smothered with grilled plums and raisins drizzled with caramel.  On the side is fresh Whipped cream with Vanilla Bean.  A not too sweet confection that is more like dessert.  Don’t forget the Pomegranate Wine.

Pidgeon Toed in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes by Miss Albright (Reviewed online)

I didn't leave with these shoes.  I couldn't find a pair that was defect free that fit me.
I left instead with the Glossed Loafers by Lucky Penny

Glossed Loafers by Lucky Penny (Reviewed online)

After a leisurely lunch on the roof top, we made our way back to Anthropologie to pick up our packages. We pose for a parting Window photo.  We express our unwillingness to say good bye. We watch Aaron, Liza and Joni walk away, then make our way to the Parking Garage, to find a parting GIFT from the City of Santa Monica on my Windshield. 

Five Friends after a day of shopping at Anthropologie

Liza and Aaron (photographer)
Next year my Front License Plate will be in it’s proper place, or Heidi drives Cheeto to LA for the Spring Event.

Ascot Swing Coat
Color Blocked Sweater Skirt
Painted Plaid Dress (Review online)

I’m ready to go back now!

Odd Shoe In
Related Post:  Friends, Food, Anthropologie, Priceless HERE
Review Post:  Tangerine Flicker and Interspersed Ponte Dress HERE

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (