Sunday, August 8, 2010

An OOTD Replication! Anthro's Hibiscus and Eggplant Outfit with Lanai Welcome Necklace!

It's just another Manic Monday for this OCD riddled,
Anthro obsessed lunitic, from a No Anthro Zone.

Sunday night was grueling. I labored for an hour over the addition of 4 belt loops to my Marianne Tank. Spent another hour destroying my meticulous closet while attempting a replication of the Hibiscus and Eggplant Outfit from Anthro's June Living Color Outfits. All this after hours of household chores.

No sooner did I complete my replication project, when my boy kitty walks right up to me and gives me a wink. Not because he was impressed with the final results. My baby boy had an eye problem. I called the vet and made an appointment for today. When I checked him out this morning his eye was fine. I think I may have scratched him with a brush. Wow do I feel like a real idiot.

I am very pleased with the final results of the outfit replication. I managed to pull everything I needed to complete the Hibiscus and Eggplant Outfit right out of my closet.

The only necessary item I recently purchased was the...

Marianne Tank - by Girls From Savoy - from Anthro on sale June 2010

I found it necessary to add 4 belt loops to the tank. Wearing a belt higher than waist level is one of my most difficult fit issues. My large rib cage will cause any belt above the waist to slide back down. The bodice of the Marianne Tank ends high. Going without a belt was not figure flattering along with my larger bust. The tank is gathered with a full skirt that resembled a Tutu on me.

I have two Anthropologie belts. Why only TWO? I normally can't pull them off due to the reasons discussed above. I was on a mission to wear this belt after owning it for more than a year. It's stretchy, comfortable and RED.

Outlook Belt - Anthro June 2009

I tried on about 5 skirts from my closet. There were a few from Athleta that almost did the trick. I finally decided on this denim skirt. The same skirt I used in last Monday's restyle of the Spotlights Tank. I am finding this skirt to be very versatile after pretty much ignoring it for a year.

Ruffled Panel Dark Denim Mini - by Leifsdottir - Gilt Fuse Summer 2009

I purchased this skirt in my normal size 4. Knowing it ran big. This dropped the high waisted skirt down to rest just above my hips. Lending me some additional needed length and making it far more comfortable to wear.

I adore these Pikolinos. I wear them often. They did need some break in time. They were tight around the big toes. The leather is fairly soft and these awesome shoes stretched out to perfection after just a few wearings.

Stunt Double Booties - by Pikolinos - Anthro on sale May 2010

I rounded the outfit out with a handbag from my favorite London designer. I heart Oral is to say the least. This is an all leather beauty with lots of space inside and two additional outside pockets. One pocket is hand stitched with Bright Pink patent leather shoe string using her well known stems design.

All Leather Holdall (in INK) from AW08 (Autumn Winter Collection) - by Orla Keily of London - on sale March 2009

It was recently pointed out that Anthro has not had any Orla Keily items this year. Take a look at Orla Keily online USA or UK. Great Summer sales right now. There are also lots of online stores that carry Orla Keily. PerriBerri and Garnet Hill have some of the best sale prices.

My outfit topper really pulls my version together. Just my opinion. You might recognize the Lanai Welcome Necklace from Anthro. Now SOLD OUT at the whopping price of $198.

Hopefully I fooled you for a few minutes with this copy. This necklace is from the extraordinary Etsy Shop WahtVeritas. Saraporn, the shop owner and designer, is a wonderful friend that lives and operates her shop from her home country of Thailand. I requested this custom order necklace using a photo of the Lanai Welcome Necklace. Saraporn made this almost exact duplicate at a fraction of the cost. She is a trusted source for real stone jewelry.

Stone Masterpiece Necklace - from Etsy Shop wahtveritas - June 2010

I like the black Onyx beads just as well as the clear quartz beads used in the Anthro version.

Dear wonderful, fabulous Readers of ACC,

Tell me how I did. Please! I want to know what your opinion is. Good or Bad!

Did I accomplish my replication project?

Is my version AS GOOD AS Anthro's Hibiscus and Eggplant Outfit?


What made it BETTER? When I use an Anthro Oufit I always try to add an improvement?
What made it not as GOOD AS? I always want to improve my styling even when borrowed from Anthro.

Should I have replicated this exactly using the Anthro items and spending far too much money?


Heishe's (5 people years in Oct) eye is completely healed. I read on the Internet that a cat's eye injury (like a scratched eyelid) can heal within 12 to 24 hours. This was him last night. I know, he looks unhappy.

He was actually playful and eating treats. But he was also very clingy with me. I still think he came to me and showed me his eye. Thank goodness his eye was completely normal this morning and I was able to cancel my vet appt. and make it to work on time

Sorry for the crappy iPhone image!
Love to you all on this bright beautiful Monday in August, Laura


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Wow, I love that necklace and actually prefer the recreation - the colors are brighter.

I think you did a great job with the outfit replication - the belt makes the top a little less casual, so more put-together for work. Bravo!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you for the Bravo. I didn't mention this in my post. My bra straps show in back. Boohoo! I must wear a sweater to work. At least until I can move both straps and sew them back to align with my bra straps. Easy, but difficult to find the time.

Lauren S. said...

I agree with Lisa--the necklace makes your version a brighter, more colorful outfit. I'm really regretting not getting that top when I had the chance!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Thank you for the thumbs up. I'm satisfied with the results.

LC said...

I like it! I haven't worn my Marianne Tank and think I will try something similar to this. I like your belt better than the one Anthro used.

GeoInCalifornia said...


All you really need is a belt and a blue skirt. Be sure to post the outfit. I am curious to see what you do with it.

And I challenge you to use stuff from your closet you already have. How fun is that. An OOTD challenge.

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