Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Bright Orange OOTD - Mix the Old and the New

I bring you another re-style to brighten and energize your weeks end. This is Tuesday's OOTD. I took my own advice and planned this quick re-style Monday evening instead of making a chaotic mess Tuesday morning.

I started with a bright Orange top and re-styled from there. I purchased this top in the Monterey CA Anthro on a trip with fellow Anthro crazed runners from my office. This is one of three Anthro's I have had the pleasure of visiting in 2.5 years. If you ever make a trip to Monterey, don't forget your canine companions, because this store is DOG Friendly.
Buds and Bunches Tee - by Bordeaux - Anthro APR 2010

I ordered this Cardi with the Dreaming in Green Skirt by Eva Franco. Love it so much I wanted to wear it more. So it has since been added to two outfits of my own.

Dissolved Spectrum Cardi - by Guinevere -Anthro MAR 2010

I stumbled across these destroyed jeans hidden inside a 2009 Anthro catalog.
Ett Twa Stephanie Boyfriend Crops - by Ett Twa - Anthro (hidden catalog inventory) on sale APR 2010
Every now and then I pull these wooden Miss L Fire's from the far reaches of the closet.
Port-To-Port Heels - Miss L Fire - Anthro on sale JUL 2008
Today's Handbag is Orla Keily's AW08 All Leather Holdall in Ink from

All the jewelry is from Anthro.

I had no idea this 2 year old necklace was a Nakamol until I checked the tag. The necklace sold out before going to sale. The necklace is still available online at for the same price I paid 2 years ago from Anthro.

Tree of Life - Tourmaline - by Nakamol - Fall 2008

Do you recognize this necklace from the 2008 Wonder Catalog? I fell madly in love with this crocheted, wire and glass bead work of art by Lavish. It's gorgeous and attracts a lot of attention. The designer is Lavish by Tricia Milaneze.

Mountain Laurel Necklace - by Lavish - Anthro Spring 2009

Plated Perennial Earrings - by Lavish - Anthro on sale July 2010

The minute these unique Lavish earrings appeared online, I had them Wish Listed. So the second they went on sale I ordered them. They are super light weight, outrageously fun, and feel squishy.

This bracelet is not my usual choice of real stone. Plastic indeed. I can't imagine wearing this if the designer had attempted to use stone beads. It would have ended up on the sale page regardless. Too heavy for anyone to wear. I first ordered the Yellow at 1/2 the original price. When it received a price cut to $20, I ordered the Orange. The reviews were painfully mixed. I love it.
Lapilli Bracelet - by Gerard Yosca of NY - June 2010
Hope all you wonderful readers had a great week. I am looking forward to an early four day weekend with a vacation day today. I am working on my styling for the Graphical Dress for next week.



Jamie said...

What a beautiful look! Each of these items is something I would love to add to my closet (and I've been stalking Ebay for a long time for any reasonably price Orla Kiely items!) I love all the jewelry, especially the Tree of Life necklace. And you look marvelous in orange. I love the color, but it just doesn't work with my skin tone. Shame!

Looking forward to seeing how you style the graphical dress.

FYI -- I just posted a giveaway on my blog: Feel free to check it out!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Jamie,

I was amazed that necklace was still available. And it comes in different stone selections. The gol plating is quality. Mine is 2 years old and looks brand new.

Orange is my favorite color.

Have you checked out PerriBerri for Orla. Great Prices. Also ILoveOrla. The links are on my side bar.

I will be visiting your site soon.

Thank you for the wonderful comments.

hs said...

Laura, so funny that you mentioned the Monterey store - my daughter live in Monterey and used to work at that store about a year ago! I didn't know it was dog-friendly, and I've never been in that one, so I'll have to check it out.

My husband and I were out your way in Bakersfield a few years back (when we took a 30-day train trip around all the old historic train routes in the US). Lots of fun, but Bakersfield was pretty hot!

Have a good evening,

GeoInCalifornia said...


The Monterey Anthro is inside a tri-level open Mall. The entire Mall is dog friendly. Anthro has an open patio right in the middle of the store near the dressing rooms. It's equiped with tables where other waiting guests can rest with their 4 legged friends.

Thirty days on a train sounds like a very long time. But also a fascinating idea for a vacation.

Are you and your husband just fascinated by trains, or did either of you work for the Railroad?

I hope your tour included the Historic Tehachapi Loop just to the East of VERY HOT Bakersfield.

Thanks for visiting ACC. And thanks for the fun comments. Laura (GeoInCalifornia)

hs said...

Laura, thanks for responding. My husband and I like to travel extensively and take lots of adventure trips. On one, we slept in a jeep right on the ocean in a remote, totally unpopulated area of Lana'i (Hawaii), and then the next night checked into a 5-star hotel to balance the experience! Fun!

And, on the train we did have a sleeper car, and we did get off several times and spend an overnight in different cities. Just a fascinating way to see the country.

I don't think we ever saw the Historic Tehachapi Loop close to Bakersfield. We will have to check it out next time we are out that way.

Your blog is very cute and interesting. I love how you styled the orange Graphical Dress!

Warm regards,

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