Monday, March 28, 2011

What's in Your Macchiato? Engineers Spotted!

It was chilly and windy today, but signs of Spring are evident.

I had to make a deal with the bees to take this photo.

Macchiato Jumper - by Zehaval - Anthro Atlanta Orig $148 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Haviland Sweatercoat - by Monogram - eBay using EZSniper $96 Dec 2010 - Vintage Anthro Orig $168 from Oct 2007
Vintage Tatted Snowflake Ornament Necklace - Jan 2011
Warm Sugar Bracelet - Etsy Shop MudandMint $43 -

Opal, Calcite, Bronzite, Moonstone, Rutilated Quartz - May 2009

The rich, chocolate brown corduroy of Anthro's MACCHIATO JUMPER by Zehaval, seemed appropriate for a blustery day.  The lacy bodice and hemline like Buttercream for a Chocolate Layered Dress.

Shop the Macchiato in Size 4 on eBay HERE
I am wearing a 6.  The dress runs small.

By the time I left the Park, my hair was a poofy, wind tossed mess. 

More Buttercream in the form of the HAVILAND SWEATERCOAT by Monogram.

I swear, seeing myself in this much sought after Anthro coat is magical. After 2.5 years of loosing auctions on this rare coat, I used a Snipping Service to bid and WIN.  I wasn't even following the closing auction at the time.  This is a completely hassle and stress free way to win.

Macchiato Jumper - by Zehaval - Anthro Atlanta Orig $148 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Plum Paisley Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010
Charlotte Ivory Combo - by Re-Mix Vintage Footwear - $178 - Nov 2008
Vintage Tatted Snowflake Ornament Necklace - Jan 2011
Warm Sugar Bracelet - Etsy Shop MudandMint $43

Opal, Calcite, Bronzite, Moonstone, Rutilated Quartz - May 2009

The idea to wear Anthro's PLUM PAISLEY TIGHTS by Tintoretta with the Macchiato, came from another Blogger.  Please reach out and cyber smack me right in the middle of my forehead, because I can't remember who it was. 

Will the originator of this idea Please step forward and take credit!

If I had stepped in front of a full length mirror this morning, I might have reconsidered wearing my CHARLOTTE'S in IVORY by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes.  The light color seems out of place when I look at the full picture.  But when I look at the dress down, the shoes fit the picture.

Shop the Charlotte's in Ivory and other colors at Re-Mix HERE

Vintage Tatted Snowflake Ornament Necklace - Jan 2011
 This is the only Snowflake to hit Bakersfield all Winter.  And it's a beautiful one at that.  Thanks Mom!

Bees were crawling all over these bushes, but not one landed in my photo.

Warm Sugar Bracelet - Etsy Shop MudandMint $43
Opal, Calcite, Bronzite, Moonstone, Rutilated Quartz - May 2009
  MudandMint is one of my favorite Etsy Jewelry Shops.  The owner went on vacation in 2009.  She was supposed to re-open a few months later.  I'm still waiting for a notification.  Nothing in over 1.5 years. 

WARM SUGAR BRACELET by Esty Shop MudandMint

What about those Engineers?

I spotted a couple of guys and one gal by the lake at RiverWalk Park next to my office.  They had this gadget on the grass.

Gas powered winch!

They were putting this large wood object in the lake.  Initially, I thought they were dredging the lake for a body.  Don't laugh!  People have drowned in the lake before.

They told me what they used this winch for.  I was amazed. 

Then it hit me!  I asked if they were Engineers.  Yes, from San Diego State.  I knew it. 

Ski Jump - If you look closely you can see the winch line running through the Photo!

They use the gas powered winch to pull them across the lake on Wake Boards.  Ingenious!  They built this contraption and the jump.

Only an Engineer would think of this.  Unlike canal surfing with an automobile tow, this is legal. 

You may recall that I submitted my Tax Returns last Monday.  My State refund has was deposited on Saturday.  That is an amazing turn around.

Are yours done yet?  May I suggest Turbo Tax.  It's fast and easy! BTW, I am not getting paid for the suggestion. I just want to help!

Anthro Sister Macchiato Love, Laura (

Saturday, March 26, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review - Polka Dot Fun!!

Do you miss ACC's Inspirational outfits? Want a 2nd and 3rd helping? Visit Molly of HERE.

WARNING:  Be prepared to see the World from Molly's prospective.  This lady spins and weaves words like no other. She is a character! You will be amazed by the unique ways Molly and her Readers are getting INSPIRED.

Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs
with Outlook Belt, similar HERE, and Spectrum Phlox Necklace (soldout online)
In the above review photo I tucked the cowl into the bodice. Later I hand sewed the cowl at the edge to the inside of the liner.

Before I start this dress review, I want to honor a Blog Tag from Lisa Respect The Shoes.  She has tagged me with this handwriting exercise. In turn I am passing this little call of duty to Molly of Anthromollogies.  Why?  Because Molly Inspired Me!  Tee-Hee!

Hand write the following and share on your blog:

Blog Name
Write "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
Favourite Quote
Favourite Song
Favourite Band/Singer
Anything you like
Tag someone

Wait! This isn't handwriting.  This is printing.  Look Mom, no lines either. 
Maybe bullets would have kept me on the straight and narrow.

No Anthro Zone Review:  Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Orig $158 Sale $80 - Mar 2011

This dress is cut for Gals that are Curvy on Top, or not so Curvy, and have Low Hip/Waist Ratio. 8 inches or less. I wasn't impressed by the unruly short cowl.

 Great Dot Maxi Dress
by Moulinette Soeurs

SIZE: I ordered my normal SIZE 4 for M. Soeurs. I'm 5'6" Tall, 130 Lbs, 35-28-36, Narrow Shoulders, Low Waist. Normally 4 to 6 in Anthro Brands. 6 to 8 for other designers.

FIT: Spot on. Arm holes not too low. Perfect fit through waist, and hips with spare room to sit comfortably in non-stretch Silk and Rayon. For ref. my waist/hip ratio is 8" (36-28). This dress will fit most gals with waist/hip of 8" or less. Length is perfect for heels, a little long for flats.

Can be worn with or without Belt.

Did someone say something about a RED BELT?

FABRIC: The Sheer, Silk Bodice provides flattering drape if you don't take the cowl in consideration. Online, the Bodice appears White, but is actually Ivory. The Navy, Polka Dot Love Skirt is substantial Rayon that floats.  Needs pressing.

1. Loads of POLKA DOT FUN!
2. Full Lining good! Polyester Bad!
3. Shell and Liner have their own Back Kick Pleat.
4. Bodice and Liner not connected at neckline.
5. Side Zip with hook.
6. Bra Strap Snaps
7. Quality materials
8. Excellent construction
9. No Pockets!

COWL: The short uncooperative cowl was unflattering on busty me. Every time I moved, the cowl changed position and shape. Sometimes morphing into a horn that appeared to grow from my chest when viewed from the side.  I loved the rest of the dress. But the cow-l had to hit the road.

Modified Cow-l - Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress

I pinned the cowl to the inside of the liner while wearing the dress inside out.  I didn't attempt to incorporate pleats.  Instead I allowed the fabric to float freely around the neckline. I then whip stitched along the edge of the cowl to the liner, careful not to catch the bodice shell in the stitching.  It was a little tricky, but I love the results.

This dress passed the "Style It Three Ways" test.

With that note, I'm about to leave you hanging and wondering what those three outfits might entail.  I'm not about to spoil my OOTD's!  I ordered a pair of shoes to complete one of the outfits.  Everything else I already have, or had ordered before I got the dress.

See Kim of Anthroholic Review The Great Dot Maxi Dress HERE.

Highly recommended, versatile Maxi Dress for Curvy On Top Gals, with LOW HIP/WAIST RATIO.

Shop the Great Dot Maxi Dress in all sizes HERE.


Would you spend hours working through an issue for a dress you really love?
An issue, that if un-solved, meant the return of the dress?
Would you risk making changes that would make the item non-returnable?
Have you actually made un-reversible alteration yourself? Was it a pass or fail?
Tell me please!
I need to know if anyone else does these crazy late night Clothing Projects.
For My Sanity!

 Anthro Sister Love with Polka Dot Sprinkles, Laura (

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anthro's Gunilla Dress by McGinn! Polyester Love!

I am meeting a Reader for lunch today.  Karen was the runner up with her submission of Petrified Wood for the Inspiration That Rocks Series.  I'm excited to meet her, and give her a Snowflake Necklace.  Also, a little nervous.  Is that crazy?  I might be overdressed too. 

Gunilla Dress - by McGinn - Anthro Orig $258 2nd Cut $70 - March 2011
Sulky Belt in Blue - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - March 2011
Ribbed Waist Cotton Cardi in Ochre - by Gap - Orig $50 Sale $40 - March 2011
Preserved Gypsophila Necklace - by De Jarnette of New Orleans - March 2011
I've had Anthro's GUNILLA DRESS by McGinn for a few weeks.  I've been so busy with the Inspiration That Rocks Series and Reviews that I haven't posted an OOTD with this dress. I picked it up on Pop Back, at the 2nd cut price of $70. Who sells a dress for $258 that's 100% Polyester?  Anthro!  Despite the dreaded fabric, I'm in love with this dress.  Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the back.  The bodice has an over jacket that buttons up the back.  So cute!  The dress itself is super comfortable.  I think I can come up with several different ways to style this into Spring. 

And I love the PRESERVED GYPSOPHILA NECKLACE by DeJarnette of New Orleans with the dress. Although it's tough to see the necklace in my photos.

Shop the Gunilla Dress for Pop Backs HERE
Shop the Gunilla in Size 4 on eBay HERE, Size 4, 6 and 10 HERE, Size 4 and 6 HERE
Shop the Preserved Gypsophila Necklace HERE
Necklace Reviewed HERE

Gunilla Dress - by McGinn - Anthro Orig $258 2nd Cut $70 - March 2011
Sulky Belt in Blue - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - March 2011
Ribbed Waist Cotton Cardi in Ochre - by Gap - Orig $50 Sale $40 - March 2011
Opaque Tights in Turquoise - by Hue  - Anthro $12.50 - June 2008
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Preserved Gypsophila Necklace - by De Jarnette of New Orleans - March 2011
I ordered this RIBBED WAIST COTTON CARDI in Ochre from the Gap online.  I purchased 4 slightly different Cotton Blend Cardi's from the Gap is various colors for $140 total.  I'm considering a few more.  I wish they had Orange. 

Shop Gap's Cotton Cardi HERE

The waistline on the Gunilla Dress is an inch or two higher than I like.  To define my waist at a lower elevation (ha-ha) I belted the dress with Anthro's SULKY BELT in Blue.  I then pushed the Belt down, which also helps to flatten the very puffy pleats that start at the waist.  I suppose a photo minus the Cardi would have been helpful.  Sorry about that. 

Gunilla Dress - by McGinn - Anthro Orig $258 2nd Cut $70 - March 2011
Sulky Belt in Blue - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - March 2011
Opaque Tights in Turquoise - by Hue  - Anthro $12.50 - June 2008
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Green Line Satchel in Ochre SS09 - by Orla Kiely - Orig $598 Sale $398 - July 2009
I adore Anthro's HONOR GUARD BOOTIES by Messica. I went with these to keep the look on the modern side for work.

I'm not hip on Orla Kiely's ALL LEATHER GREENLINE SATCHEL with this outfit. But for lack of time, I grabbed and ran with it. This is a Green, Disposable Bag.  What!  Just toss it in a landfill when your done using it.  What!  No metal parts to pollute.  Completely Biodegradable!  That's right!  No cotton lining, and no OK elastic key fob either. Who throws away a $600 handbag?  A Purse Snatcher?

Gunilla Dress - by McGinn - Anthro Orig $258 2nd Cut $70 - March 2011
Sulky Belt in Blue - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - March 2011
Ribbed Waist Cotton Cardi in Ochre - by Gap - Orig $50 Sale $40 - March 2011
Opaque Tights in Turquoise - by Hue  - Anthro $12.50 - June 2008
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Green Line Satchel in Ochre SS09 - by Orla Kiely - Orig $598 Sale $398 - July 2009
Preserved Gypsophila Necklace - by De Jarnette of New Orleans - March 2011
It's been raining for several days straight.  Flooding is expected.  I had to unplug the drain in my backyard again.  Haven't used that drain in 4 years.  Now I've had to drain the yard twice in 4 months.  Our annual rainfall is nearing 190% of average. 

Spring is off to a good start! Did anyone pick up some Tuesday Sale goodies from Anthro?

I ordered Anthro's Winsor Knot Dress by Deletta from online...

Anthro's Winsor Knot Dress - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $70 - March 2011
Would love to here what you picked up....
Anthro Sister Love, Laura  (

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review - Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress
by Corey Lynn Calter

I would love to thank my Aussie friend Jen of vintageglammz for this marvelous adventure.  I clicked a link to her favorite thing and found this dress.  And one enchanting dress this is.  The instant I laid eyes on it, I was struck dumb. Entranced by a vision of glorious Silk Butterfies floating about me. What was I thinking, ordering a dress with no reviews to guide me.  There is only one explanation.  A SPELL was cast upon rational me.

Leather Belt Included

I am the proud owner of Anthropologie's Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter - Size 6.  I love everything about the FV dress. The Silk Print with it’s rich colorful floral pattern on Black background.  One of the very rare Floral Dresses in My Closet. The simple, comfortable, easy to wear fit and style.  The year round versatility.  What I hoped for was another CLC dress that had the same characteristics as Anthro’s FV Dress.

See Anthro’s Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter HERE, and HERE.

Fragrant Valley Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter  - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - June 2010
The Good Stuff in SIZE 6:

1. Gorgeous Silk! Soft and Glossy! What you can't see from the online images are Pastel Green Butterflies along with Black, Blue and Red. These fantastic colors make styling this dress with Cardi and Pumps a snap.
2.  Fully lined in Yellow Cotton.
3.  The back Zip is made by YKK.  The best there is.  Hook and eye are at the top.
4.  The Bodice is Boned. The construction is top notch!
5.  At 5'6" the hemline hits just above my knees.
6.  The construction is top notch!
7.  The leather belt is stamped by Corey Lynn Calter, but made in China.  I wasn't impressed by the belt, but it does carry a certain aged, vintage impression.

First Attempt...
1. I tried the dress on with a bra. The waistline seemed to land several inches above my natural waist.
2.  I could not zip the dress past my Rib Cage (30"). Although I could hook it at the top.
3.  The top of the bodice was several inches too big and hung away from my chest.

Second Attempt...
1.  I went at it bra less, after realizing that was the reason for boning.
2.  I put the dress on backwards and zipped it all the way up.  Then carefully turned it around and shimmied into it.
3.  I then pulled my…well for lack of better words…chest up. 
4.  The dress fit, but I could barely breathe. It’s obvious this dress is meant to be worn bra less. Something that should have dawned on me when I read the word boning.

The problem is, the GIRLS are spilling out to the North, East and West.

This dress is exactly as Modcloth states…a PARTY DRESS!

Not what I was hoping for!

If you are not so modest about having your Girls spilling out over the top of this Marvelous Little Silk Dress…

Shop Modcloth’s Enchanting Entomologist Dress HERE.

That kind of presentation is not for me. I sadly returned my Spring Dream Dress yesterday.

Any day now, a new dress will catch my eye!  In the mean time, I wait for Anthro’s Magellan Dress and Land of Springs Dress to make sale.

Both Dresses Reviewed HERE.

Anthro Sister Love under a SPELL, Laura  (

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration That Rocks! And the Winners.................are!

The Winning Inspiration That Rocks Outfit is...

Final votes are tallied on the right side bar

Style #3...

Anthro's Building Blocks Top - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - Aug 2008
Dark Denim Ruched Panel Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Gilt Fuse Orig $150 Sale $64 - Oct 2009
Anthro's From The Poles Jacket Purple - by Sparrow - Anthro Berkeley Orig $128 Sale $70 Red Tag $52- Dec 2010
Opaque Tights in Green - by Hue - Anthro Orig $12.50 Sale $7 - Feb 2011
Anthro's Sevilla Heels - by Coclico - Anthro Orig $385 Sale $190 Red Tag $142 - Jan 2010
Anthro's Meteorology Necklace - Anthro Gold Filled, Smokey QTZ, Amethyst and Prynite, Orig $128, Sale $50 - July 2008
Inspired by...

Lab Grown Bismuth

Submitted by Keiko of Keiko's TanPoPo. View Entire Post HERE
Keiko and her young daughter are currently in Japan with family!
God Bless Them!

Congratulations Keiko,
It will be my pleasure to send you this one of a kind lovely...

Vintage Tatted Snowflake with Seed Pearls 
Handmade by my Mom Nancy
and turned into a necklace by me
 In honor of Keiko's winning Inspiration That Rocks Mineral, I am wearing my inspired outfit to work today.

You read my Post Title correctly! Winners!

The Runner Up is...

Molded and Melded Tee - by C Keer - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $29 - Oct 2010
Washi Wrap Skirt - by Fei - Anthro Orig $88 Sale $40 - March 2011
Drawn To You Cardi - by Lilka - Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Sulky Belt in Brown - Anthro $48 - Feb 2011
Striped Tight Red Motif - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Apr 2010
Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190 - Apr 2010
Tour De Jewels Necklace - Anthro Orig $38 Sale $20 - March 2011
Style #5...

Inspired by...

Submitted by Karen.  View Entire Post HERE
Karen lives in my Hometown of Bakersfield, CA.

Congratulations Karen,
I happen to have an extra lovely with your name on it...

Vintage Tatted Snowflake
Handmade by my Mom Nancy over 35 yrs ago
and turned into a necklace by me

Thank you to all the Ladies that submitted Inspiration That Rocks Photos I used to create Inspired Oufits from... 

Style #2 Opal - Submitted by Saskia  See Entire Post HERE

My Son Camden took this awesome photo
using River water to capture the Sparkle
in the Opal


Style #4 Ammolite - Submitted by JG of Stuff Jewish Girls Like - See Entire Post HERE

Another amazing photo taken by Camden - I love how
Anthro's Dissolved Spectrum Cardi captures the shapes and
colors of the Gemstone

Style #6 Labradorite - Submitted by Leanna   See Entire Post HERE

What fun to find this Oilfield Equipment Display of pipes that
 resemble the elongated lath shaped crystal faces in the Labradorite

Below are just a few of the additional Rock and Mineral entries

Lisa of Confessions of a Call Center Gal - Chert
This was next on my Radar!  

Another Submission by Karen - Sandstone?
I made an attempted - my closet defeated me

Terrie of The Anthropological Shopper - Peacock Ore (copper)
One of my favorites
Lori of Lorispeak - Chalcedony
Another attempt - my closet would not cooperate

I took a vacation day yesterday.  I awoke to the sound of crashing waves past my open Lanai.  I leisurely strolled onto my secluded beach, sipping a Mimosa, wrapped in my Silk Anthro Robe to watch the Sun rise....Ahhh!

In My Dreams!

First, I spent 2.5 hrs cleaning my guest bathroom which is also my Son's bathroom.  I drenched it in bleach and scrubbed it from top to bottom.  Washed the shower curtain.  Cleaned the walls.  Even bleached the floor.  Now that he's employed, I've lost a full time live in housekeeper and gained a lot more work than a one thumbed girl can handle.

Next on the agenda! TAXES!  Three hours with Turbo Tax is a piece of cake compared to years past when I spent days wading through Schedules and Forms. 

Woohoo! REFUND!

State of California offered me Ready Return! Forms are prepared online in advance. It's FREE! Problem? I needed to make changes.  But everything relates back to the line number on the Federal Form.  Turbo Tax doesn't work that way. I couldn't make heads or tails of the necessary changes.  I gave up and paid the extra $36 to file State with Turbo Tax.  I saved $20 filing Federal before March 25th.  Total cost $66.  Six dollars up from last year.

Why pay?  Free eFile! I can expect a refund on April 1.

As long as it's fast, convenient and accurate, I don't mind the extra cost.

Are you a Refund Early Bird? Or Pay Later Procrastinator?  What method works best for you?  Paid Tax Preparer? Do it yourself? Paper Forms?  PC or Online Software. 


Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress by Corey Lynn Calter. I returned Anthro's Magellan and Land of Springs Dresses for this Butterfly Graced Frock.

Anthro Sister Love with Spring Snowflakes, Laura