Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Textured Cloud for a Sweltering 107° F Day

Do you know how hot it is today?  No, how hot is it?  Bakersfield is checking in at 107° F.

The plan was to make a few more attempts at embarrassing myself while taking photos near the fountain.  But it doesn't cycle on until 11AM.  By then it's too hot to venture out. So Taj Majal lobby in the wee morning hours it is... 

The rumor is the highs will be in the low 80's by Monday.  A 25° F temp difference in a matter of days.
No complaints here.  Especially after paying a whopping $180 PGE bill last month.  I shut the air down at bedtime and roast.  And I don't set the A/C below 80° F.

I see $180 as just shy of a Babergh Dress.
Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - eBay $50 APR 2010
This was my Anthro Dress #2 from Summer 2008. Thank you Jessica in Missouri.  This dress is on it's way.

I found a replacement in size 4 on eBay last April.

I know Jessica is going to adore this dress.

Floreat put the polish to this dress in divine Yellow Damask. Along with a fine Yellow Cotton lining edged in lace.  This one truly is a pretty Yellow Cloud of a Dress.

Infinite Loop Sandals - by Matt Bernson - Anthro orig $178, on sale $100 May 2009
These received a price cut to $50 before they sold out.  I didn't wait long enough.

You can see everything Matt Bernson has to offer here.
I discovered a love for Matt Bernson last Summer. Just the flat sandals.  Especially the ones with the studded foot bed. I shamefully bought 4 pairs. The high heeled stuff is too much DRAMA for me. I see butterflies when I look at this pair from Anthro. 

I learned how to add tabs last week. If you look just above this post, you will see a tab that reads "Anthro Closet Chaos Sale."  If you click on the tab, then on the link, you will jump to my freshly updated Sale Page.  I should have even more choices added tomorrow.  And a few new free items to choose from when you make a purchase.

Thanks to everyone that has already purchased items.  I bet you didn't know you are helping to finance a Babergh Dress. I am now 1/3 away from ordering.  I am hoping before free shipping disappears in 12 days.

Please leave me a size 4.

Now to the icing on my bright Yellow Cloud dress.  The Necklace. 

Mountain Laural Necklace - by Lavish - Anthro $158 Jan 2009

The Lavish Collection by Tricia Melaneze is found here.
I instantly recognized an Anthro Collector's piece in this Necklace. Still the price it steep for gold plated wire.  I've had this necklace for over 1.5 years and it looks the same as it did new.  No discoloration.  The links have never come apart. The wire is crocheted with glass beads. A replication of lace done with wire. A suitable addition of bright multi-colored drama to top bright Yellow and White clouds.

I ransacked my closet for the perfect Cardi.  It was hopeless.  I 've been hunting one for months.  Nothing quite satisfies my expectations.  I wore the Turquoise Abuzz with the dress today.

I would love to hear your thoughts today.  On anything.

I would appreciate some suggestion for a light Summer Cardi to go with my Sweltering Hot OOTD?

Anthro Love, Laura (GeoInCalifornia)


hs said...

Oh Laura, I feel so silly complaining on days it was 100 degrees and super humid here. You guys are baking like potatoes in the desert at 107 degrees!

I don't think I could wear a cardi or jacket in that weather, even if only indoors. Do you have a dress or top with short sleeves that could provide the coverage for work? Or, if you wanted something to wear with that dress, perhaps a thin short sleeved top underneath? Or a washable short sleeved jacket?

Sorry to hear the hear has been so bad out there. My husband wants us to travel to Needles or Barstow one day at the hottest time of the year just for fun! :))

not too fun.


Jamie said...

Oh man, that's hot, hot, hot!

I really love the Mountain Laural necklace. How stunning and the impression of lace is so delicate!

And I wonder if this might work as a nice summer cardigan? I love the white background against the coral beading. I have not seen it IRL, so I am unsure of how it will fit. Regular sizes are on sale for $52, petites for $38.

hs said...

Another thought, Laura - have you considered purchasing the Falling Tiers Cardigan in Navy?

I know you have the ivory and were not crazy about the back ruffle. But, in the navy, the back ruffle is barely visible, and as you know the cardi is super light and short sleeved (and on sale!).

The navy would look stunning paired with your yellow dress.

Diem said...

I wouldn't do a sweater when it's this hot.

OT, but I bought my first pair of Colico sandals. They were marked down significantly from the $300 price on Piperlime. I've worn them all day and walked all over the place with them. They are so comfortable even with 2.5 inch heels. They might rival my Chie Miharas for comfort and style.

GeoInCalifornia said...

other Heidi, Is Hubby nuts. Don't go with him to either Needles or Barstow. Ugly and hot. The only reason to go through those towns is if your headed to Vegas. I have lots of stuff I can wear in the office during Summer. I just want something special that doesn't work against the dress. The Falling Tiers Cardi in Navy isn't so special. Funny I liked the ivory when I got it. I forgot to look behind me. Ha-Ha! I tried the dress with the Navy Proscenium Cardi and the is too long. Needs a Vintage length.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Jamie The Halogen Sweater from Nordies is great. But completely Sold Out. I am eyeing the Blue Curaçao colorway with gold beads. From what i have on my closet, I like the Oscured Oleander in White with it best. I just haven't felt wowed over anything yet.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Diem, My all time favorite shoes are Anthro's Blushing Mercury Heels by Chie Mihara. She is awesome. Those strappy platform sandals are metallic pearl pink satin and feel like walking on clouds. Sexiest shoes I own. Now that you are a Coclicos fan, it's an easy slide into a third brand that makes up the European shoe conglomerate. argilas. I bought Anthro's White Plains Wedges when I saw Roxy of EA wearing them. Wonderful soft suede with a nice wedge. They also make some gorgeous vintage looks that are to die for. Google them and look for some images. I couldn't find any of the vintage models.

Jess said...

Ah I am post behind lol, sorry for the late comment :) What a cheery dress! Looks great with the gold sandals too. Though I do not have a particular sweater in mind, a pale purple would look great with the yellow I think

Diem said...

Laura -- I have those wedges. I also bought them when I saw them on Roxy. They are one of my favorites sandals this season because they are comfortable and very in style with the wrapped ankle look.

chefjess said...

Jessica from Missouri here. You look fabulous! I dont think I can do the dress justice after seeing you.

I think you should go with a shawl draped over your shoulders instead of a cardigan. Maybe in a beautiful teal.

I have a few Chie's and love them. Interestingly, the blushing mercury heels and the Argila sand wedges both turned out to be too much heel for me. I'm a wimp when it comes to heels and foot pain after breaking both feet, although I've done at least three marathons after that. I think you should incorporate those Chie's into your next OOTD. Would love to see you in those.

GeoInCalifornia said...


That is so funny that we both saw the White Sands Wedges on Roxy and bought them. She was wearing them for a review. But I remember her mentioning that she wanted them. Roxy is a big influence on many of us. But I still did my research on Argila.

GeoInCalifornia said...


You are a Marothoner. How fabulous. Not so did you break both your feet? It's a wonder you can continue to run long distance? And it sounds like you must be in some pain from your injury.

Did your dresses arrive yet? Please let me know when they do. From your comments it's obvious that you have some appreciation and knowledge of style. Anyone that owns Chie Mihara's would. I have no doubt you will style the Yellow Cloud wonderfully.

Perhaps with something teal as you suggested.
I would love to have a photo to post on the blog of your styling.

It's funny you mention a shawl and the color teal. I tried the Yellow Cloud with the Catch and Release Scarf in Sky. Loved it, but worried I would be cold in the office.

So I wore the Turquoise Abuzz Cardi with the Dress that day.

Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...


I love your idea of Purple. And chefjess suggested a shawl in Teal. And I liked the Sky Catch and Release Scarf with the Yellow Cloud. Well, I also have the Catch and Release Scarf in Lilac.

Thank you for the Suggestions!

Chrissy said...

Love this whole outfit! I need to find that necklace, too!

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