Friday, July 30, 2010

Out and About - A White Water Rafting Adventure

No Anthro outfit today. An Athleta tank, shorts, and liberally slathered sun screen are top of my list.
My 22 year old son Camden and I rafted the lower Killer Kern River, from the Mouth of the Canyon, down 3.5 miles to Lake Ming. The Master Blaster is Seven exciting miles that include white water rapids.
We had a great time despite the body floating somewhere below.

Luckily they didn't schedule an upper Kern River run. Several wild fires have cancelled expeditions in the upper Kern Section. Including the Bull fire with still burns out of control.

Thanks to the folks at River's End Rafting Adventures. And a big thank you to Dave our expert River Guide.
And thank you Occidental of Elk Hills for sponsoring this Employee Activity.

Love to all my awesome readers, Laura


Dear Readers,

I am over-joyed at your respose. You are paying attention and providing commentary. I want each of you to know how excited and worried this makes me. I wonder how I will hold your interest with future posts. Then I wonder how I will find time to get everything done. Thank you to those of you that took the time out of your busy day to make a quick stop at ACC to see what I am up to during my first week.

A little over one year ago, my company moved our offices out of the Oil Patch and onto "The Good Ole Streets of Bakersfield." I have made this small community home for 35 years. Also home to Buck Owens (rip) & the Buckaroos, and The Bakersfield Sound.

Here the Summers are hot and dry. Situated nearby is the earthquake riddled San Andreas Fault. Where The Killer Kern River runs and the Mighty Sierra Nevada's surround. Right smack in the middle of the Great Central Valley of CA. So close, yet a million miles away from the cultural noise of Los Angeles to the South and San Francisco to the North.

This small town thrives on Agriculture and Oil. For many years this was my commute and part of my daily scenery.

You won't see couture here. And you won't find an Anthropologie within a 2 hour drive.

Here Casual Friday is everyday of the week. Where shorts and flip-flops are most often worn for lunch at The Elephant Bar. Clean boots and a new pair of jeans is a night out at Buck Owens Crystal Palace.

Our new offices overlook the beautiful and scenic RiverWalk Parkway. This Dome studded building is featured on the AM news every single day.

So how does this OCD riddled, web shopping, thoroughly Anthropologie addicted working gal, ANTHRO-UP in a culture of Denim and Boots in the middle of high Summer?

Start with a great pair of boot cut or wide leg jeans. You won't find the words skinny, cigarette or straight leg here. I adore this bright blue pair of Wide Leg Trousers by Pilcro from Anthro Mar 2010.

Add a colorful embellished tee. One with character from all angles. Something from the not so average. Like The Glinting Hollyhock Tee by C. Keer from Anthro Feb 2010.

Layer over a menswear blazer with bright feminine lining to ward of the cold AC. An excellent choice would be much like Anthro's Professoresa Jacket by Ett Twa Mar 2010.

My favoite element of this jacket is the hyroglyphic/cave painting style animal print lining. I find myself turning this jacket so I can see the surprisingly colorful troupe inside.

Include an essential pair of low heeled sandal booties and a classic everyday handbag in dark brown. Something like Orla Kiely's Leaf Tote from her AW09 Collection & Anthro's Stunt Double Booties by Pikolinos from May 2010.

Style in something you don't often see in Bako or The Dale (Oildale). An attention getting scarf, or a crisp straw hat. The Catch and Release Scarf in Sky from Anthro June 2010, and one of my favorite hats from Couture Creations wonderful Milliner. The Kaitlyn Straw Cloche in Teal 2010. But not both at the same time. We would find that to be too outrageous.

For the finale, have fun scouting Etsy's multitude of global shops featuring handmade and unusual jewelry. As a Geo by trade, I can't help but prefer real stone.

This is one gals solution to Casual Everyday in her No Anthro Zone.

Hope you all like today's Casual Friday Outfit Presentation. Please feel free to comment.

What pieces do you like?

Any suggestions to make-over this outfit?

Any suggestions for an alternate attention getting piece instead of scarf or hat?

Do you yourself use attention grabbers: every day, sometimes, never?

If so, what type are your personal favorites?

I am always open to new suggestions & love to hear fom other Anthro Addicts.

Any suggestions or other comments, please email to Laura (GeoInCalifornia) at

Love, Laura (one of many ANTHRO crazed lunatics)

PS: Personally, I'm not a fan of country music. I'm strickly a Rock & Roll kind of gal.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Now and Later Outfit – I Had This Before You ANTHRO!

Anthro's Perpetual Layers Outfit vs Laura’s Already Had It Layered Outfit

Everything I have shown you is currently available at Anthro. Except my Argila Wedges and my green cargo pants. If you're an Anthro NUT like me, you probably have everything in your closet to style this LOOK-A-LIKE outfit.

What do you think Readers? Am I close? Am I way off target?

Do you have an anthro Look-A-Like of your own to share?

Love, Laura