Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You AnthroYogi - What an Awesome Community!

It's an Anthro Sale Day. I love waking up Tuesday Morning to a Sale. I am so proud of myself today. I stuck to my Wish Listed items when ordering online this morning. I am so happy to report that I picked up the RED Graphical Dress in size 4.

A huge THANK YOU to Katie (AnthroYogi)

Katie helped me work out my fit issues with this dress. She chimed in on my comment on Anthroholic to let me know she has the same rib cage issue I do. She has been following me on Anthro as GeoInCalifornia reviewer. She believes this dress will fit me despite my large rib cage and the constricting band.

This community is awesome. So willing to help another member. I am so happy I found all of you.
OK! Here is the rest of my Sale List for today.

The Lynx and Leo Dress in size 4. The only white dress I own is 2 sizes to big. This dress and several Cardi's will be seen together in the coming weeks.

The Earthly Delights Cardi in size SMALL. Might be seen with both dresses. I'm not sure yet. There could be too much double dating going on here. The initial date will set the stage.

The Woven Buds Belt in Green. I'm hoping this isn't too wide for me. I can't wear wide belts. I have had plans for this belt to go with my FRAGRANT VALLEY DRESS for a month.

No outfit today! I am out of time. I must, must, must get to work. We are in Reserves right now. We must prove and explain every drop of oil we claim.

Much Love to all you Wonderful Gals, Laura


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I was good today and only got the Perilla dress.

That belt would be PERFECT with the Fragrant Valley dress. And the Lynx and Leo dress looks great, can't wait to see how you wear it.

(BTW, I can't stop staring at your header. Your shoe collection is drool-able!)

Katie said...

Yippee! Now I really hope I was right about the fit! ;)

I ended up buying too much today. This sale actually hit some things on my wishlist.

Can't wait to see all of your choices styled!

Loraine said...

Great choices, Laura! I only ordered the AG Tomboy jeans, but now you have me thinking about the Earthly Delights Cardi. I like how the flower wraps around to the back!

Dea said...

All purchases look great and can't wait to see them on you!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Everyone, I really do love you guys.

Lisa, I have the Perilla Dress in my Wish List but I do have my limits.

I normally don't wear belts. I'm short waisted, and wide belts cut me in half. I'm hoping this is one of a few belts that will work.

Katie, I am most excited about the Graphical. I think the Turquoise Abuzz will look great with it. I have a tentative Shutterfly Outfit put together for it already.

I hope you are right on the size. I had to return the Breakfasting dress a few weeks ago. I was major bummed it didn't work.

Thank you for all your help last night on Anthroholic. What did you get today?

Loraine, Everyone raves about AG. My friend Heidi loves them. Pilcro seem to fit me the best and are cheap. I just added the Earthly Delights Cardi last night.

Dea, Did you get anything today from the sale?

So do you guys all have a store nearby? I am so jealous if you do. What's funny is the last time I was in an Anthro I couldn't shop. It felt so disorganized.

I can't comment from work. I can see my blog and your comments, but I have to use my IPhone to comment back. Annoyingly slow.

So I tried tried mobile Blogger and sometimes my comments won't post. Any suggestions since I'm new to this?

Thanks to all of you. You are such a fun and helpful group. I love you all Bunches, Laura

PS: I must earn my Anthro Spending money now. Will try to stop by your blogs tonight. So post me your sale choices.

That's only part of my shoe collection. I wish they were all in one part of my closet. But my poor closet is about to explode.

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