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Anthro's Phlox and Coral Coat- A Review for Chrissy

This is officialy my first full Blog Review. My new addition finally arrived last night UPS. Earlier in the day three sale items from last week also arrived USPS.  I dread when all packages arrive the same day.

I was up early this morning to take photos for this review as promised.  Chrissy of Passion For Fashion is waiting patiently for my test drive before purchasing Anthro's Phlox and Coral Coat by Tracy Reese.   It might be best to order soon.  Two sizes are on back order.

Chrissy, This coat is absolutely fine.  More than fine. Superb.  I only wish it wasn't 95 degrees F outside.  It will be several months before I can don this fabulous masterpiece.


SIZING:  I normally wear a size 4 in everything.  I'm 5'5.5" tall, 125 lbs, 35-27-36, 34C.  I have a larger ribcage and bust than the average size 4.  I am narrow through the shoulders. My arms are also shorter than average. 

REVIEWER COMMENTS:  Several reviewers suggested sizing up.  Most justified the suggestion due to a snug waistline when layering heavy clothing.  Some also commented that one size up was not enough, and are considering re-ordering 2 sizes up from their normal size. There was one comment concerning blank spots without embroidery.  There are no blank areas on my coat.

CONCERN:  Total confusion!  I am swimming in the 6. Is it possible we have inconsistent sizing?  I am no where near a store.  It would be helpful if someone could check this irregularity out by trying several coats all the same size.
FIT:  The length will work for most gals.  I am thankful the waist is properly located and not under my bustline. The coat is big through the shoulders, bust, and waist.  I am wearing the Lolland Sweater Dress under the coat.  For now I will keep it.  But if you want the coat to appear as it does in the model photo (fitted) there are some possible sizing inconsistencies to be addressed. 

Anthro August 2010 Catalog - Phlox and Coral Coat by Tracy Reese - $288
You can buy it here

FIT CONTINUED: I was surprised to find that the sleeve length was just an inch or so too long for me.  So take this into consideration. You may want to try the coat on in the Store, or at least inquire about sleeve length if ordering online.  The sleeve length may increase with size and the overall length may also increase with size as well.

FABRIC and LINING: The canvas backing for the applique is BLACK cotton. The applique color is TAPIOCA not white as it looks in the online images. The lining is PINK 100% Polyester. Yuck to the Polyester. But there is a price point here. Silk would have upped the price to close to $400. It's nice and slippery for easing into the coat.

DETAILS:  The Tracy Reese name is Crewel Princess.  As in creweled embroidery.  How fitting and cute.
The Coral trim at the wrist and hemline claims velvet.  It doesn't appear to be velvet.  But still very eye catching.  Sadly the buttons are light weight plastic. None have come loose, but are not sewn on well. The button holes are outlined in the same Coral thread.  There is a hook at the stand up collar, Another at the waistline.  Two over sized snaps below. Hand Warmer Pockets are well hidden in front and lined in the same PINK Polyester as the Lining.

PACKAGING:  My coat was hot and slightly damp upon arrival.  Possibly sizing on the coat?  It quickly dried and appeared in perfect condition within 20 minutes. I did lightly iron a few areas that were creased.  I used a sticky roller to remove fussy bits of threads. 

My favorite coat of all Anthro time would have to be Leifsdottir's Diamondplate Coat from the 2008 August Revival Catalog. The original price was $398, I ran away with it on sale for $150.  These coats are neck and neck favorites.  Price point is the Diamondplate has 100% Silk Lining, Velvet pockets, and a third inside pocket for gloves, or sunglasses also lined in Velvet. 

Waiting for the sale price was such a sweet deal for this coat.  More than 50% off.  My point is, with the ratings and reviews so far, I don't expect the Phlox and Coral Coat to make it to sale in all sizes. $288 is a bargain for the coat at full price. It's your money and your obsession.  I wanted it now.

I am working on a lovely post for the Pigment and Canvas Dress by Nathalie Lete on sale for $60 at Anthro, was $248.I will be returning this gorgeous, well fitting dress. When I added up the damage for the three sale items from last week, I realized for $15 more I could have ordered the Babergh Dress.  So that is my quest 2 weeks from now after I receive a refund from returns.

Love Laura (GeoInCalifornia) lauramartinsemail


Chrissy said...

Thank you SO MUCH for such a detailed review! I actually got to try it on myself today, and I LOVE it! Will be buying this on payday for sure!!!

As for sizing inconsistencies, I tried both the 2 and 0. I don't layer all that much, so I preferred the more fitted look of the 0. I didn't even find that to be all that tight, so I can't believe people are suggesting to go up one or more sizes!!!!

I must have this piece. Even my boyfriend loved it, and he's not one to get too excited over coats, of which I have over a dozen, LOL.

Get the Babergh with your return money, too. It is so well worth the money, because it's truly a special dress.

GeoInCalifornia said...


You can bet I will order the Babergh Dress as soon as possible. I will have to wait till the paycheck after this Fridays. By then I should have the return credit for the Chocolate Box Sweater and the Floreat Daisy Pencil Skirt. But I am keeping the Pigment and Canvas Dress. It is super sexy and fits me like a glove. Without a bra. Rare for me.

I think I will request my almost body double Katie (Anthro Yogi) to try the dress on for me.

I really don't know what to do about the coat. I would like it to be more fitted like you said.

I should probably send it back Monday and wait for the return to re-order. It's not like I can wear it now.


TUMC said...

Thank you so much for the review! I'm totally going to have to stalk your reviews :-) -- I have very similar measurements to you (even down to the short arms) except that, sigh, I'm a few inches shorter with wider shoulders, so things don't look as good on me as they do on you.

Re inconsistent sizing: With some blouses (I'm looking at you, Floreat), I've taken to ordering two (or more) at a time, sometimes in the same size, to see if they fit differently. I think I had to try on something like four or five of the Rose Mallow blouse to find the best one for me.

Jamie said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks so much for this wonderful review on the Phlox and Coral Coat. I will try to stop by my local Anthro either today or tomorrow to see how the sizing runs. I'll let you know what size works best for me (I'm usually 4-6 in Anthro, depending on brand). I'll also compare a few 4s with each other and a few 6s with each other to see whether there seem to be inconsistencies among items marked as the same size.

And I don't think I ever let you know that all three tops fit me perfectly! And the soliloquy top, in particular, is so, so flattering. I'm so surprised you gave it up : )

Happy Sunday,

Chrissy said...

Laura, I think a smaller size would absolutely work better on you! I normally take a 2 in coats, but was swimming in this one, so that's why I grabbed the 0.

GeoInCalifornia said...


I am doubly swimming in the 6. It's so difficult to know if I should try the 4 or the 2. Since you went down one size from your normal, should I do the same?

I am a 34C in bras. But I'm actually a 35 across the chest.


The Soliloquy Top did nothing for me. I really need to keep to the taylored look or appear frumpy. It's a chesty girl thing that hard to explain. Some things work, some don't.

I posted a bunch of sale dtuff this morning. I now have a Sale tab on my blog. It just took some time to figure out how to do these things. Time is something I don't seem to have enough of lately. And it's the blog thats stealing it all.

It would be helpful if you could check out the Phlox and Coral Coat. I am going to have to return this one. It's huge. I did as almost all the reviewers suggested an sized up from my normal size. Then I found out that Chrissy sized down. It appears that is what I might need to do to get the military fitted look I wanted.

I sure love your OOTD!


GeoInCalifornia said...



Oh no! Are you in a NO ANTHRO ZONE too? It can be painful. Especially the inconsistant sizing issues with some brands. When I first went to online ordering it was like pulling teeth. Where I live the Malls are dead. All the Majors have pulled out of town. Closest Anthro is Fresno CA. It's not a great store. Next would be LA. Two or more hours away with traffic. I just won't go there.

I just dropped a huge chunk of change on this coat, to find out that I was misled into ordering up. Now what to do?

I need to get my body double to check out the coat for me. She is the same size as me except the chest. That may be the biggest issue with this coat. Because despite what other reviewers said, the waist and chest are huge on the coat.

Thanks for visiting and please stop over often.

Love, Laura

Jamie said...

Hi Laura!

I did indeed get to the mall this afternoon to try on the Phylox and Coral jacket. It is beautiful -- I was stunned by the details!

I grabbed a 4 and 6 (they only had one of each), and the 4 was much better on me. I was wearing a thin shirtdress and still had some room to spare in the 4...I probably could have worn a light sweater comfortably with the jacket. For sizing reference, my measurements are you'll definitely have a bit of spare room in the 4. I'm almost wondering if the 2 would be better on you. They didn't have any on the floor at the Anthro I went to (Short Hills mall). If I have time after work today, I'll stop by another Anthro that's just a mile from my office, to see if they have any 2s. It will probably be way too snug on me, but I can at least pull out my measuring tape and let you know what the bust measurement is.

And thanks so much for alerting me to your new sale posts -- you have the most beautiful things. I'll have to take a good hard look at my bank account and see if I can buy anything else before the next paycheck : )

Xoxo, Jamie

Saskia said...

I hadn't considered this jacket until now--at the moment I'm pining to try it on! It looks great on you!

If you ever decide to part with your lolland sweater dress do let me know :) I started shopping at Anthropologie after it came out and, well, it's so me!

I can't imagine not having an Anthro near me--I hope they build one near you soon!

GeoInCalifornia said...


eBay has Lolland Sweater Dresses in various sizes. That is where I got mine. I originally ordered the dress from Anthro online and was misled into ordering a Large of all things. The dress was so big I thought it was horrible. My BF later ordered the dress in size Small from eBay as a gift. He paid about $180 for it. Just a bit less than original. But worth it. I love it. Wear it with the Malted Barley Boots by Area Forte or my Orange Dreaming in Stitches Booties by Everybody. And lots of Tataborello Jewelry. And the matching Brown tights of which the name escapes me now.

I returned the size 6 Phlox and Coral for a size 4. I am expecting delivery this evening. Hopefully I can do another review of the sizing this week.

If you have been reading my Posts, I am suffering greatly from a pinched nerve in my shoulder that is effecting both arms, shoulders and my neck. Making it at times difficult and painful to do anything.

Off to the Dr again today for a work release.

It will likely be a cold day in hell before Urban Outfitters ever builds an Anthro in Bakersfield CA. The unemplyment rate is close to 20% here. This town thrives on Agricuture, Oil (my choosen path), and Country Music. We could never support an Anthro.

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