Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Unfavorable Closet Space Wasters in a Favorable OOTD

WooHoo!  I hit Post number 50 today in just two months of blogging.  I am stoked!

I was out on the RiverWalk at 6 AM.  It was gorgeous and cool. But, the Heat Wave continues.

I re-styled today's OOTD last night.  The dress I might have worn once.  I don't like the cut, but the print is lovely. Although the fabric is rayon.  $118 seems a bit much for what it is. The sale price even seems a lot, considering I'm just not that into it.

Peppercorn Dress - by Maeve - Anthro orig $118, sale $60 - July 2009
So what do you do with a dress that you don't like that much?  Cover it up with a long bright Cardi that you don't like much either. 

Wallah!  What do you get?  Two unfavorable closet space wasters in a very favorable OOTD.  Both were on my "to sell" list. Since, removed from the list. Another great example of how to shop your closet. 

Above and Beyond Cardi  - by Tabitha - Anthro orig $128, sale $70 - July 2009

The Park Employees must have thought me a strange one for standing with my head almost in the Arbor.  I just kept smiling as they slowly drove past. 

Camden Wedge in Black - by Jambu - Zappos orig $123, sale $98 - May 2010

Shop the Camden Wedge at Zappos in Black or Red Patent Leather, or
Bronze Metallic Leather here.

The Camden Wedge has gone up in price since I purchased my pair on sale in May.  I just mentioned my son Camden the other day, didn't I?  Just checking to see if everyone is awake.  And no I didn't buy the shoes for the name.

Jambu's, formerly known as J-41's, are Jeep created, and trail rated.  I feel confident I won't slip, tip, trip, flip or turn an ankle.

Did you know?  If you are a Zappos VIP customer, and your shoe order does not fit, Zappos will ship(overnight) an additional pair of the same shoes in another size. You will not be charged for shipping or the additional shoes. In fact, they will do this as many times as it takes to get the same pair of shoes to you in the correct size. Just make sure you return the original pair ASAP.  Free returns too. 

Sepia Crocus Bag - Dark Stem Shiny Laminate Tote - by Orla Kiely - Anthro $178 - June 2008
 My very first and very favorite Orla Kiely bag from Anthro. Still loving it after 2.5 years.

Let's not forget about the jewelry. 

Orange Agate and Purpurite with Copper Chain - Etsy Shop fleurfatale $38 - June 2009
See me wear this necklace in a another OOTD here. 
Shop fleurfatale on Etsy here.

Natural stone is my favored choice when it comes to jewelry.  Etsy has an unlimited supply of lovely shops to browse for the perfect piece.  
iPhone Home Button Earrings - PowerBook Medic $14.95  - Jan 2010

Shop my iPhone Earrings, Tie Tacks, Cuff Links and more here.
A work friend sent an image of these in an email.  All it said was "guess what these are?"  I had no clue, but I pretended like I knew.  I said "Wow, where can I get them?"  My iPhone was sitting on the desk right under my nose, and I couldn't ID these Home Button Earrings.  Both Heidi D. and I purchased them immediately.  They are a conversation piece to say the least
 Shell Spiral Ring - Aprosio and Co. Italy - Anthro orig $178 sale $80 - July 2009

Shop more Aprosio Jewelry from Anthro here, and here.

OK!  The ring is interesting.  But I wouldn't purchase this at full price.  Did you get a load of the price of the clip on Earrings that match in the link above?  Is Anthro nuts?  But then, all jewelry from Italy will be overpriced. France too.

I was ready for an Anthro sale this morning.  I haven't purchased anything from the last two sales.  So I was a bit miffed to learn last night that there would be no new mark downs.  One good reason to pay attention to Kim at Anthroholic and Roxy at EA. Also where you can check out the Anthropologie Collective Blog Awards info and vote for your favorite blogs.
What do you think of my 2 unfavorable items as a now favorable re-style?
Any thoughts on how I could put these items to better use?
Should I have just stuck with selling them as planned?
My sticking point last night was with the shoes.  I had several pairs that I could have gone with. 
Did I do OK with the Jambu Wedges?

Hope everyone is indoors and out of the Southern CA heat today. As for everyone else, how is your weather?

I am waiting patiently for your comments.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Monday, September 27, 2010

One Geo + a Jacqueline + a Golden Door = a Heat Wave OOTD

The Calendar claims it's Autumn. The weather report says otherwise. Bakersfield is climbing right back into the 100's. California is headed into a HEAT WAVE. BooHoo! I was ready to rock my cold weather duds.

Looks like the time is right to break out the remaining Summer outfits before it cools off.

Jacqueline Dress - by Maeve - Anthro $98 - Jul 2009

See me wearing the dress here.

Reviews on this dress were dicey. It was too short. The color was not yellow as listed. In full sunlight appears to be Gold or Chartreuse. In dim lighting it's Green. I wish I had ordered the Navy as well. The pockets and matching lining were well worth the full price. I was stunned when the empire waist and narrow grosgrain tie flattered me.

Golden Door Cardi (Anthro Catalog Apr 08) - by Knitted and Knotted
Anthro orig $148, new on eBay $30 - Feb 2009

When I saw my friend Heidi D wearing this sweater, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Not only are the embellishments sweet,  and the beading even sweeter, but the knit is light, loose, and airy. Perfect for year round. It was long sold out several months before I shopped Anthro. One evening I was cruising eBay, and hello pretty little sweater. I wasn't sure how a Cardi with a peplum would look on me.  But, it turns out that I like this one.

Infinite Loop Sandals in Gold - by Matt Bernson - Anthro orig $178, sale $100 - May 2009

See my MB's in an alternate outfit here.

Matt Bernson's are made in Brazil and the designer is fairly new.  As I recall, the final sale price hit $50 for the brown colorway.  Most of the 2009 Sandal collection were adorned with very cool gold studs across the front and back of the sandals.  Not these.  Maybe that was part of the lack of interest by Anthro shoppers.

Garden Tortoise Print Big Tote Orla Kiely Mainline SS09 $460 Jan 2009

See this Handbag in an alternate outfit here.

 Blue and Gold is one of my favorite color combinations. Orla Kiely calls the pair Bananaberry. Cute!

Glitzy Starfish Earrings - Sterling with CZ's - Anthro $80 - Feb 2010

Anthro's CZ earrings never go on sale. Well, almost never.
Right now, the cutest pair of Lady Bug CZ's are on sale here.

I found a few interesting items over the weekend. I can't wait to review them.

1. A spectacular pair of B. Makowski Mary Janes on sale with free ship at Macy's. I have dresses in my closet that have been waiting for this pair of shoes.

2. A gorgeous ruffled Leifsdottir Skirt also on sale with free ship at Neimans. Anjuli of Goldenmeans has agreed to help find a special blouse for the skirt.

I hope all my Readers had a lovely weekend.
Are you ready for more Summer OOTD's this week?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leifsdottir's Harlequin Buzzed the Town - Saturday's OOTD

My 22 year old son and I went  buzzing about Bakersfield (also known as Bakers Patch and Bako, and Bake Town) today.  The town Patriarch was Colonel Baker. It just so happens, Mr. Baker lived in a field.  Hence Bakersfield.  To the North is Coalinga. It was a railroad stop known as Coaling Stop A.  Hehe!

I am the ruling Queen Bee. There is no King. Then there is my one boy bee that works for me to live in this little hive. He goes by Camden. Which means "from the winding valley."  Well, we do live in the Great Central Valley of CA.

How about an OOTD now?

Precious Stones Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro orig $258, sale $130 - Feb 2010

Shop this Dress on eBay in Size 4 here.
and in Size 10 here.
I didn't pay much attention to this Dress.  The reviews were all over the board.  It's a tunic.  The original price was a bit much for a Cotton/Linen Blend. That's Leifsdottir for you.  When it hit sale I went for it. It's packed with details.

Front slash pockets.  Gold birdcage buttons, each with a softly jingling bead inside. Full white cotton liner with yellow lace edging.  Cut-out tie back for adjustable fit across the shoulders.  It's all there in Black and White Harlequin Print.  And machine wash, tumble dry.  I dry inside out so the buttons don't get damaged.

Racine Tank - by Zoey - Anthro orig. $38, sale $20 - Aug 2008

Layered underneath is this little mustard yellow tank and...

Button Trio Leggings - by 39 Sixtyone -  Anthro orig $54, sale $10 - Jun 2009

Shop similar Ribbed Leggings here.
these Black, ribbed, cuffed and buttoned leggings. They were on sale at the end of the winter for 85% off.

Trojan Sandal in Black Matt Bernson 176 May 2009

Shop MB's Trojan in Luggage here.
I love Matt Bernson's flat sandals.  This is just one of 4 pairs of MB's. The gold studs around the toe and heel are eye catching.

Great and Small Coin Purse - Anthro orig $28, sale $19 - Feb 2010
Remember these cute coin purses.  They are much larger than you would expect.  I fit my magnetic sunglasses, lip gloss, and iPhone in one of these. I really need a larger bag. So I dropped this little bee jeweled bag into something much bigger...

All Leather Messenger/Satchel - Orla Kiely Greenline Collection SS09, orig $598, sale $398 - Sept 2009
When you throw this bag away, it's completely bio-degradable. So Orla tagged it as her Greenline Collection. Now why would anyone throw this away? 

And the finishing touches...

Flight of the Bees - Citrine and Sterling $44 - Etsy Shop Eye Candy Creations - June 2009

Bejeweled Bee Ring - by Kenneth Lane - Anthro orig $105, sale $70 - July 2009

Shop the Bee Ring here.

Heishe!  Stay away from that Bee! 

And that's my OOTD for buzzing about town.  Hope you enjoyed a little Bakersfield history. 
Tell me about your favorite Leifsdottir. 

I love Leifsdottir coats.  My favorite is my very first one.

Any Orla Kiely? 

How about your favorite Anthropologie Dress?  Tell me about it.

What is your favorite recent new item from anywhere?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silence the Bootie Zipper Jingle - And an OOTD!

First thing this morning, I hear two employees saying something about why I am so noisy when I walk.  That was enough for me.  I had been planning to do this for several pairs of booties and shoes. It's those darn jingling zipper pulls.

Today's OOTD:

Organic Senorita Dress in Brunette - by Athleta
$69 - Apr 2009

Shop the Dress on sale here.

Half Dome Hoodie - by Athleta
orig $118, sale $65 - Apr 2009

Shop Athleta Hoodies here.

Turquoise Rose on Hand Stamped Sterling Salt and Pepper Bead Chain - by Allison Dayton
Athleta $198 - Apr 2009

Shop Athleta Jewelry here.

Many Roads Booties - by Zita Maria Italy
Anthro orig $198, sale $100 - Sept 2010

I thought I would quickly share my simple solution to quieting the annoying jingle.  I cut a small piece of self adhesive foam, just long enough to cover most of the back of the pull. I then cut a notch at one end to go around the pull attachment.  I am sure you could use any kind of soft foam or even heavy tape that will stick to the back of the zipper pull without sticking to the zipper. I used a left over piece of Foot Petals Strappy Strips. It worked perfectly. the foam can't be seen from the other side of the zipper.

Shop Foot Petals Strappy Strips and other Foot Petals products here, and here.

Bakersfield is in that weird time of year when it's warm one day, and chilly the next.  Mid 70's yesterday and back up to mid 90's by tomorrow.  I live in a land of two Season's.  We usually skip Spring and Autumn.

I am  two hours away from a glorious 3-day weekend.

Who loves Athleta?  I certainly do!

Anthro and a bit of Athleta Sister Love,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Creative Mid Week Restyle - Wednesday's OOTD and Statement Overload

A male co-worker remarked that my clothing today was very creative.  He then said he meant it as a good thing.  So I inserted the Word "Creative" in my Post Title.  You be the judge on my creativity.  Tell me Pass or Fail in a comment at the end. 

Unscripted Scoopneck - by C. Keer - Anthro orig $58, sale $30 - June 2010
Let's get rolling with this top from Anthro.  I love the blue-green color.  I wasn't sure I would like the fabric tendrils after reading negative reviews about seaweed.  I ironed out some of the twists and even trimmed a few off.  Then I was happy.  Especially with the thick stretchy band that keeps the neckline from sagging.

Salka Jacket - by Double Stitch - Anthro orig $118, sale $59 - Mar 2009
I originally ordered this vintage style wool jacket from online.  It was way too big.  So I took it with me to the Fresno CA Anthro (2 hours away) and returned it there.  Since it was now on sale, I received a full refund, and purchased a replacement at the sale price, without having to pay shipping or return. Yeah!

Dark Denim Ruched Panel Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Gilt Fuse orig $150, sale $64 - Oct 2009

This cute little Liefsdottir Skirt is one of my favorites.  And the only clothing item I have ordered from Gilt Fuse. 

Mullion Tights Grey - by Eloise - Anthro $18 -  Sept 2009
This is what I am worried about.  I love tights.  I have a drawer full.  It feels like I don't get to wear them often.  Especially the textured tights like these.  They seemed to look great held up to the Unscripted Scoopneck last night.  But when I put them on this morning I wasn't so sure.  Does this happen to you?
I know nothing about putting outfits together.  I just use my common sense and go with my heart. 

Shop similar plaid tights from Anthro here.

My Mother once called this expression Laura's "Mona Lisa" Smile. Except there is no smile. We were doing a Family portrait.  I was in grade school.  Everyone was smiling but me.  Even the dog. Maybe that's why models don't smile that much.  They get tired of using up their lifetime allotment smiling at a camera.  He-he!

Dreaming in Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro orig $188, sale $90 -  Mar 2010
Shop the Metro Booties on sale here.

See me wearing the Leifsdottir Skirt and the Everybody Booties together again here.

I have never been one to wear boots let alone booties.  It was this particular pair that roped me in.  I think it was the color that first grabbed my attention. It happens to be one of three of my favorite colors.  I have worn them many times, and never grow tired of the rich splash of Orange adorning my feet.
Orla Kiely Leaf Tote Mainline AW09 - Garnet Hill orig $300, sale $150 -  Nov 2009
Shop Orla Kiely's AW10 Collection at her US site here.   UK site here.

This handbag is sitting on the side lines in my office. I truly try to hold out for Orla Kiely on sale. I am totally in awe of her bags. I love how most of the collection is set up exactly the same inside.  So it's easy to transfer from one bag to the next.  Her designs are unique, and feminine.  Her bags are classic and the construction is meant to last a lifetime. If you want to find her items on sale, from past season collections, you can visit some of the websites I have listed on my Side Bar. eBay is also a great way to find fabulous deals on Orla Kiely.

Ribbon Rays Necklace - by Tataborello Italy -  Anthro orig $258, sale $129 -  Mar 2010
Tataborello Jewelry from Italy is gorgeous. Each is slightly different from the next. When I first ordered the necklace I didn't bat an eye at the cost full price.  When it arrived with a broken bead it went right back to Anthro.  For that much it had better be perfect.  Luckily it went on sale as it was headed back.  I quickly bought another and got a Full Refund for the return. 

Thank you Anthro.  You are just cool that way.  Please don't ever change.

Sea Ribbons Bracelet - by Tataborello Italy - Anthro $218 - Feb 2010

View the 2010 Collection of Tataborello Jewellery here.

I haven't found any of the really nice pieces anywhere but Anthro. There are a few rings and earrings scattered about the Internet.  It's true I didn't like some of the collection that Anthro had.  Like the huge earrings.  But Anthro is the place to go for statement earrings.  I'm a little afraid of statement earrings, but not Orange Boots and Plaid Tights.

Did I Pass or Fail with the tights?

Do I have too many statements going on with this outfit?

How many statements am I making here?

I count FOUR possible statements.  Would that be two too many?  I think two is probably enough. At the max three. 

1. Orange Boots
2. Plaid Tights
3. Necklace (maybe it's not big but it is very Orange and sparkling.
4. Bracelet (both big, Orange and sparkling)

And was my work friend being nice when he quickly added his intentions were good?

Anthro Sister Statement Love, Laura