Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Beautiful and Fragrant OOTD in the Valley - Chie Mihara's for Chefjess

Thank goodness, the weather is incredible today.  A welcome break from the high 100's earlier in the week. What better day for a Saturday Photo Shoot.  So my fabulous photographer and I made tracks to The Great Kern County Museum for some local historical backdrop.

What better place to photograph my favorite dress, than the bright sunshine at the foot of the Beale Memorial Clock Tower. This OOTD features Purple and Pink.  At one time two of my least favorite colors.

The Fragrant Valley Dress - by Corey Lynne Calter - Anthro, orig $188, sale $100 - June 2010

This outfit features two styling elements that are rare for me.
The cowl neck and the added belt.
I adore the tie, and low V at the back of this dress.

Woven Buds Belt - Anthro - orig $28, sale $10 - Aug 2010

I recently had a request to feature my Chie Mihara's in an OOTD.  So chefjess, here are my favorite shoes and my favorite dress together.  These are not the shoes I am wearing with the Fragrant Valley Dress in my profile photo.

Blushing Mercury Heels in Pearl - by Chie Mihara - Anthro, orig $380, sale $190, Mar 2010
You can view and buy this shoe in Peach  here.
Or similar in Pearl here.

I like the relaxed over the shoulder look of this Orla Keily Bag.

This is one of the doorways of the Kern Country
Chamber of Commerce building that was later used as the main exhibit building for the Museum.

If you are interested in seeing more of the Kern County Museum and the 50 historical buildings on the Museum grounds click here.
Orla Keily's All Leather Satchel in Ochre
Greenline Collection SS09 - orig $598, sale $398 - July 2009
I went for a statement bracelet, and kept the earrings simple.

Shinning Eddie Bracelet - by Tataborello - Anthro, orig $218, sale $100 June 2010 

Citrine Briolet Drops with Sterling - Etsy - $35 - Summer 2009

I hope you enjoyed my Fragrant Valley OOTD for Saturday.  Thank you for coming along with me and my fabulous photographer on our visit to the Kern County Museum.

I hope you are having a great weekend wherever you may be,  Laura (GeoInCalifornia)


Jamie said...

I love this shoot, Laura, and the Fragrant Valley dress is so beautiful. I like the belted look on you -- I think you should do it more often!

And the Shining Eddies bracelet is absolutely stunning. Just the perfect complementary piece to the FV dress.

Happy Saturday!

GeoInCalifornia said...


This and my OOTD with the Marianne Tank are my first two attemps with belts.

My waist is large and undefined. Most of the time a belt only draws attention to that problem. This width seems to work. Wider or narrow belts do not.

I have ordered about 10 belts from Anthro. I kept only 3. It's frustrating. I can't seem to make the belted Cardi look work at all.

chefjess said...

Wow! You look amazing and it appears that everything you have on was meant to go together! Love the shoes on you. I think the pic in front of the door with you looking to the side belongs in the anthro catalog.

I received my package. Thank you. I have yet to try anything on as I have been undone by a raging head cold since Thursday which just seems to be getting worse. I promise soon.

GeoInCalifornia said...


My photographer is fabulous. He really makes me look younger than I am. I was supposed to take a photo afterwards, but stupidly forgot.

Get well soon. Sickness on weekends is no fun at all. Please send me pictures of your outfits with both dresses. If you don't mind.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The Fragrant Valley dress may be one of my all-time favorite Anthro dresses. It looks gorgeous on every blogger I've seen it on (including you) and I like how you casual'd it out for regular wear with the belt.

How do you find the sizing on the Chie shoes? I LOVE most of their styles but their prices give me heartburn! Are they comfy and worth the splurge?

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