Friday, August 6, 2010

Reject Tried and True - Casual Friday, Minus Denim

Twice this week I rejected my tried and true outfits. Something I don't normally do. I blame it on the anticipation of waiting for Tuesday's sale and now the arrival of my sale items by SNAIL MAIL.

We all know it boils down to the desire for something new from...


While I wait for delivery, why not style something previously un-thought of. Entirely new and untried.

It's not often that I go bonkers and do this. I'm much too organized to go in the closet and grab an item then start madly trying to find something to go with it. Knowing I might very well be late for work.

I thought Mondays OOTD was a winner. Easier when put together the evening before.

Nothing short of fashion suicide the morning of.

This OOTD exhibits a Casual Friday flair minus a pair of jeans. And about as eclectic as I am comfortable with. If only my camera had a longer self timer. I could have managed to get the Necklace situated in the proper side position.

Are Those Just Shadows? Or do I have yucky knee rolls?

Then I come upon this lovely image from the back. I want to discuss this photo. Not liking it at all!

I do like this striped, oh so soft jersey tee...

Anthro's Bouquet of Stripes Tee - by One September - May 2010

Another fine example of stripes done right. The downward pointing placket draws the eye away from the chest and breaks up the normally negative effect of Horizontal stripes running across the front.

Someone called me a girlie girl, DIVA last weekend.

Hello! I was in a raft, heading down the rapids, with a dead body in the Killer Kern River somewhere. What was girlie about that?

This cargo skirt from Athleta is not one bit girlie...

Athleta's Sherpa Skirt in Olive - November 2009

I wear Athleta's multi zippered and pocketed skirt all year round. A closet staple for years to come. And these come in every color imaginable from one Season to the next.

Now we come to my ruffled nemeses...

Anthro's Falling Tiers Cardi - by Moth - June 2010

This is one Cardi I should have returned.

Instead, I waffled over it.

On the one hand: I like the slimming effect created by the longer sides coming to a point in front. I love the twisted cording above the bust line that helps reduce the cylinder effect caused by continuous horizontal ruffles that circle and engulf.

On the other hand: I object to the ruffles that resemble a shell on my back.

Underfoot are...

Anthro's Tan Lines Sandals - by Everybody - July 2010

This is the second time out for these comfy, casual, low heeled sandals. I have been eyeing Anthro's Chiseled Doily Booties, also by Everybody. Might be too over the top for me.

At last! One of my recent favorites...

Anthro's Honorine Necklace - by Citris - June 2010

I can't wear this Necklace enough

I returned the Tessera Necklace by Citris, and ordered the Honorine Necklace on sale. The Tessera had a tendency to bounce even though I temporarily shortened it by weaving string across the fabric beads in back. The Honorine feels like wearing a fat free, weightless Fiesta around my Neck. I have now managed to style 3 outfits with this Necklace as the focal point.

What to do about the Falling Tiers Cardi! Do you have ruffle issues that work against you? Any suggestions for styling this Cardi to look less like a shell on my back? Or should I give up and find an honorary place in the back of the closet for this ruffled nemeses?

What are some of your favorite focal piece's that you never tire of?

The Honorine is a difficult piece, that is far from versatile. The first two outfits were styled around the Honorine Necklace. Here (by luck) I added the Necklace last.


Let the weekend begin! Hope you all enjoy yours more than I will. I neglected my household chores last week. So housework here I come.

Much Anthro Love, Laura (


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I never venture too far from my camera because the timer is short too! I barely have enough time to get myself situated, and then I sometimes find myself right in front of the camera with no idea what to do with myself, hence the goofy poses a lot!

As for the falling tiers cardi, I like how it looks on you. Maybe if you paired it with some skinny jeans, it'll help balance out the ruffleness in the back, but I think you look pretty good!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lisa, Skinny Jeans it is then. Even though I normally don't wear them. Next week I will post a picture.

Even my free iPhone camera App has a timer with choices. But the Olympus does take some pretty decent pics.

Diem said...


I'm a new reader and I love how you give detailed description of your Anthro clothing.

I didn't like the Falling Tiers cardigan on me because of the ruffles. I felt they overwhelmed my petite frame. I'm 5'2". I think skinny jeans would probably be best if you were to keep this sweater.

I also own the Tan Lines sandals and wore them for the first time yesterday. They are so comfortable! These are my first pair of Everybody shoes. I might be addicted!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Welcome Diem,

Like I tell everyone that comments on my detailed descriptions, and sometimes long winded stories, it's an OCD thing.

I love the Falling Tiers Cardi from the front. Just wish they had left the ruffles off the back. I washed it yesterday, so no turning back now.

I have 3 pairs of Everybody Shoes:

The Tan Lines Sandals

Carmel Swag Booties (wearing them with the Fragrant Valley Dress in my Blogger Avatar)

And Dreaming in Stitches Booties (my all time favorite pair) You can see these in my Post "A Re-Style to Turn My Monday Around Kicking and Screaming"

Great shoes if you can deal with the inconsistent sizing.

What do you thing of Anthro's Chiseled Doily Booties by Everybody?

I want!


Diem said...

I like the Chiseled Doily Booties. But I will probably wait for sale on those because it is way too warm here (in the DC area) for me to even think about booties. I don't think I can even wear them until late September.

I wasn't sure about the sizing for the Tan Lines sandals. The reviews were confusing so I ended up with my usual size and they fit since they are so loose in the back. I have about 1/2 inch left in the front. I think if I went up half a size, they might slip off in the back. I have mine at the fourth hole already.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Diem, I had to punch an extra hole in mine.

The Chiseled Doily Booties won't be in stock until late October. So I am keeping an eye on the sizes to see if any start to disappear. I like them enough to pay full price if they are going to run out of my size.

But there are at least 5 pairs of shoes I want, want, want.

Knowing I can't have them all.


Diem said...

I think shoes are my weakness at Anthro because they offer high quality shoes. And when they go on sale at half price, I can't resist them.

Loraine said...

I just ordered and received my first pair of Everybody shoes. They are the Grazing Caterpillar Booties and they are keepers! I also have my eye on the Chiseled Doiley Booties amongst many other pretties!

I look forward to seeing your outfits for this week, Laura!

GeoInCalifornia said...


I have a few planned. But my kitty has an eye problem. Appt with vet tomorrow at noon. My poor baby. May take a vacation day. So I might not post a new outfit until Tuesday. But this one is planned and ready to go. An Anthro Outfit with variation and a fantastic jewelry knock-off.

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