Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vera and Eva Together in Tuesday's OOTD - A Long Wait to Complete an Outfit

The mercury is climbing again in the San Joaquin Valley.  Today's high is a comfortable 88° F. 
Thursday's expected high could reach 102°F.  Yikes!

How does one even consider shopping for the Fall Season.  Except for a few exceptional morsels like, The Rensselaer T-Straps, Phlox and Coral Coat, and the Babergh Dress, I am holding myself back. 

Please don't let me see the September Catalog though.  The online lead-in is captivating. I have no patience or will power when it comes to Anthro.

Today's OOTD is a colorful interpretation of We Love Vera, Eva Franco, and Chilean Artist Chantal Bernsau.

We start from the bottom up.
Framboise Peep Toes in Raspberry - All Black - orig $158, sale $80 - Anthro Aug 2009
You may have seen these All Black peep toes with the chunky wood heel last week where I mistakenly identified them as Corso Como here.  The Anthro image looks Red, but the shoes themselves appear to be Magenta.  The actual color was listed as Raspberry.

You can purchase them in grey here.

Moving up to the next level we have a wonderful pencil skirt by Eva Franco.  I purchased the Anthro Outfit that included this skirt and the Dissolved Spectrum Cardi together. I haven't posted this outfit yet.
I didn't get this skirt on sale either. Choke!

Dreaming in Green Skirt - Eva Franco - orig $148 - Anthro Mar 2010

While having lunch with my dear friend Karen, she commented on how put together my jewelry was with my outfit. This was a few lunches back. Etsy is a key component that ties jewelry in and makes each effort complete. But many of my favorite pieces come from Anthro. And occasionally Anthro ties in a beautiful, if not interesting, piece of jewelry that entices me to go for the outfit.

Rose is a Rose Earrings-Etsy Shop Magillie-$18-Apr 2009
Purchase earrings here.


Sun and Sky Bracelet - Etsy Shop laurrose - $58 - Apr 2009. Purchase similar here.


 Now we come to the very top.

Meet the...Briny Winds Jacket, by We Love Vera.  The orig Anthro price was $128. I purchased this on sale for $70 in May 2009.

I have always worn this Jacket with black plants.  That is how Anthro styled the outfit. And, I love it that way. But last night I thought I would rev it up with the Dreaming in Green Skirt.

When I wore this outfit to lunch with Karen, I was wearing the Black pants.  I was also missing a key jewelry element.  Meet the missing element.

The Wingspan Brooch, by Chilean Artist Chantal Bernsau.  Made from dyed horsehair. At least that's what the Anthro description claims. A reviewer compared it to cheap plastic place mats. Anthro's original price was $98.  I picked this up on sale for $50, 6 months after the Briny Winds Jacket. A long wait from Spring to Fall to complete this outfit.

But as we have learned in the past,  Anthro knows how to pull our strings. Put an element on sale, then wait 6 months for the rest, and hope we cave into temptation.  I have waited, and I have caved, many times.

Do you have a difficult time purchasing your Fall outfits while the summer temps are are raging hot outside?  Or does it not affect you at all?  Do you wait until the weather cools down?

Do you have a "long wait for an outfit" story? 
Tell me about it.

Please leave me a comment or question. I love to hear from everyone.  I always answer you back.

Anthro Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)


goldenmeans said...

I love that brooch! It is amazing, a perfectly suited to the Meet The Briny Winds Jacket (what a name btw!). I am impressed that you were able to wait so long -- and successfully! -- for both pieces to wear them together.

As for a personal long wait for an outfit story -- I tend to fixate on individual pieces rather than sets (my most anguishing wait was probably for the Lolland Sweater Dress, still stressful to think about), but actually today I just posted about an outfit I envisioned in my head but had to wait about 5 months to wear, until one of the pieces (the Future Past skirt) had a second cut; I just couldn't justify wearing it before then. But I was super scared it might sell out completely during that time!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Funny, because I have a Lolland story too. CS gave me bad measurements and I ordered a Large when I needed a Small. The fit was so bad I thought the dress was horrible. So I didn't re-order. Later my BF ordered the dress for me from eBay. And I absolutely love the Lolland. Can't wait to wear it this Fall. Would love to hear your Lolland Story.

Will hop over to your blog and check out the Future Past Skirt.


LC said...

I wore the same skirt today! Haven't posted my OOTD yet. I like how you paired pops of color with it. Those shoes are really cute.

Jamie said...

I love the Meet The Briny Winds Jacket, especially with the Wingspan Brooch. The brooch reminds me of a Chinese lantern. And I happened to wear some coral rosette earrings that are pretty similar to what you are wearing, though they are studs.

I don't think I have ever hunted down a specific item to complete an outfit, but I did search for a specific cropped crocheted cardigan for about 5 months (the one I wore in my Babbo outfit). I eventually found it...at a sports supply store, no less!

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