Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Calm and Earthly Pairing OOTD


Yeah for me! I didn't partake of the Anthro Sale. Only because there was nothing that caught my fancy.

Today is flying buy. and I am struggling to keep up with it all.  What better to calm my frazzled nerves, and keep my feet planted on Mother Earth, than this sweet UP-STYLED pairing?

This is Monday's Reject! The Calm Seas Skirt from Anthro August 09 and the Earthly Delights Cardi from August 10. A little Tropical-Nautical Birdie mix up.

Calm Seas Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Orig $198, on sale for $100 - Anthro Aug 2009
The Calming Element:  I love it when a high end skirt is 100% Cotton, Lined and Machine Wash.  Leifsdottir kicked this up in NAUTICAL wide seersucker stripes, deep pleats, large buttons, and a big wide Satin bow closure.  They even managed to squeeze in a pocket on the right. But the skirt itself is a lean 16.5 inches in length. I ordered up one size and dropped it down to ride low on the hips.  A comfortable level for sitting, and a solution that adds several inches in much needed length.

Bakersfield is frying up to a boiling 103 Degrees F. I didn't mind getting a little wet for the sake of this ACC blog post. The fountain is located directly in front of the Taj Majal where I work.

Earthly Delights Cardi - by  Sparrow - Anthro - Orig $128, on sale for $70 - Anthro Aug 2010 SOLD OUT

Is there something you want that has SOLD OUT? - You can always call CS and request a store search for anything that is sold out online or in your local Anthro. So never delete desired stuff from your wish list, because you will need that style number to initiate a search.
The Earthly Element:  Pre-Anthro, I didn't so much as touch the color NAVY.  Just uttering the word brought visions of Polyester 3 piece suits. But here I am taking images of myself in once dreaded NAVY, heavily adorned in large Tropical Flowers, while my fellow co-workers wander past heading toward their lunch time destinations. They are probably wondering what crazy Laura is up to. Notice I am acting all nonchalant.

I really have a tough time passing up any Vintage inspired, crochet embellished, colorful Cardi offered by Anthro.  I never tire of them.  And if there is no room in my chaotic closet, well then by golly let there be an ACC sale to make space. Ha-ha!

Framboise Peep Toes in Raspberry - by Corso Como - Orig  $158, on sale for $80 - Anthro Aug 2009
You can buy them here in Grey.

This is a comfortable, light weight, low heeled Peep Toe.  But not at all the bright red color as shown in Anthro's online image.  I was a bit disappointed in the color difference.  I have only worn these a few times over the last year. They are more of a faded looking pinkish color. And the wooden heels are noisy in the "Tiled Hallways of the Taj Majal." Think deep male monotone voice when you read that line.

See what I mean about the color difference?

About Duncan?  Lovingly referred to as DuncaButt! If I write too much I will cry.

Duncan was a Brown baby African Parrot Heidi bought in Hawaii when she ran the Maui Marathon.  One day he got scared and flew off Mike's shoulders and down a hill near their home in Frazier Park CA  It was a very bad week, because Mike was to be deployed to Afghanistan.  They did everything they could to find him.  He was still just a baby and could barely fly.

I bird sat Duncan many times.  Easy for me since I grew up around pet birds.  Since Duncan flew down the hill that dreadful day (about 5 months ago) I haven't worn my Duncan Earrings.  Heidi also has a pair.  Today I put them on. 

Unabashed Parrot Posts - Sterling and Cubic Zirconia - Anthro $80 Apr 2010
The Duncan Earrings sold out before ever making it to sale

OK!  Now I am getting weepy.  I loved that sometimes grouchy little bird. Yes he bit me many times and went poo on my carpet.  But I didn't care.  Yes he was demanding and would peck the kitchen counter, raid his food bowl, and throw food on the floor if it wasn't to his liking. He was just starting to imitate human sounds too. One weekend Mike brought him over without enough peanuts.  There was hell to pay for that. I gave him Hot Chili Pepper peanuts.  He loved them. Only after I licked most of the salt off.

The day I brought up uTube and we both danced and squawked with the parrots in the videos, was the day I fell in love with my friends birdie. Geez!

Todays OOTD has been rightly named my I MISS BIRDIE Outfit.  A much better name than Monday's Reject.

Bye for now.  Much Love, Laura


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Aw, I'm sorry about the bird. But you do look great today. Navy has kind of become the new black for me, I'm a big fan of the color!

Jamie said...

This is a gorgeous outfit, Laura. As always, your attention to detail is impeccable and noticeable. The Leifsdottir skirt and the Earthly Delights cardigan pair together so perfectly. I saw that cardigan in the Princeton store and there were surprisingly quite a few left. I do love it and I just found an old Anthro item in my closet that I ought to return since I've never worn it. Maybe I will use the return credit towards the Earthly Delights!

And your story about Duncan made me very teary-eyed. See, I am a bird person. When I was younger, we had a lovely cockateil named Jocko (little brother picked the name) who was delightful. He talked to us, which was a little unusual for the smaller birds. And he used to do this funny thing where he would puff himself in the "shoulders" and walk around like he was much bigger than he was -- we called him the Napoleon Bird. But he experienced something similar to Duncan -- My brother accidentally walked outside with Jocko on his shoulder; his wings were clipped, but they grew back. Jocko was startled by something and away he went...it was devastating

My parents have another cockateil now, named Sunny. Also a nice bird, but not quite the same.

Diem said...

I can't believe you wore a sweater at 103 degrees. The things we do for fashion :)

GeoInCalifornia said...


My Brother Richard and I had a female cockatiel named Bubes. She was sweet. No clipped wings. We never took her out of the house. We would close the curtains and let her fly circles around the room. My GrandMother would have a fit when we let Bubes walk through our cereal bowls full of milk, and then eat the cereal. Ha-ha! We didn't care.

My Grandparents had a male cockatiel named BoBo! That one was grumpy. But he could whistle "Shave and a Hair Cut, Two Bits." He lived to be over 35 years old.

Thanks for the lovely remarks. I am so unsure of every outfit I put together. I have no idea half the time what I am doing. A mix of common sense, art class color mixing, and heart. That and a stolen Anthro outfit now and again.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lisa, I am learning to like both Navy and Stripes. Did you notice I used both in this outfit?

GeoInCalifornia said...


It may be 103°F outside, but it's certified freezing in my office. What's really crazy is, I have to run a space heater in my office in Summer.

I have a cute Leifsdottir Gauze top that is perfect with the Calm Seas Skirt. But the pintucking and Nautical Bibbed Collar didn't work with the Cardi. So I ditched the top for Anthro's Reversible Tank in Ivory. Now it's covered with Navy Blue pills.

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