Closet ORG

Once you get the closet organized you need to invest in some time to keep it that way. Keep hangers in the same location so you can return the item to it's original location.
Clothing sectioned in groups-tops and some sweater above,
Skirts and more sweaters below
It also helps to color code or use different hangers for clothing group. That way, if someone else regularly hangs up clothing or puts thing away for you they will automatically know where it goes. If you group your clothing in areas of the closet you will always know where to look for an item.  Also helps to group by solids and prints within each clothing group. Personally, I don't let anyone else go in my closet.  If it needs to be vacuumed, I do it myself.  I have lost many a drawstring or shirt sleeve to the someone else vacuuming my closet.

I try to keep up on my ironing and laundry on a daily or at least weekly routine. To save on dry cleaning bills I use Dryel for the dryer. I make sure any stains are removed the same day they occur. Ironing your cloths helps. You will usually spot a stain before it's set in, or a loose button before it falls off. Keep a Tide stain pen in your purse and at work.

I have offered this time saving tip to many. It may not work for everyone. Some people have more body odor problems than others. I don't at all.

I have a $0 dry cleaning bill. I freshen and remove wrinkles from my cloths at the end of each day (including dry cleanable). Just spritz lightly with a mix of about a tsp of Downy to about 2 cups of water, then toss in the dryer on low heat for just a few minutes. Including sweater, dresses, and pants. Pretty much everything. Even coats. Just don't mix heavy fabrics in the dryer with light fabrics. Also Downy will stain some rayon's and light colored silk. So be careful about the fabrics you use it on. I also regularly use a sweater shaver on my sweaters. Even my oldest stuff looks brand new. It requires some dedication, but I enjoy playing with my cloths so to speak. Ok! So I'm a little OCD in a good way.

See my page for Boot and Shoe Care Love!
1. If you don't wear it, remove it from the closet. No suitcases or junk allowed. I personally like to have my Winter coats in my Walk In. Sometimes I have to try on several coats before I find the right one. I also don't trust my 22 year old around my expensive coats in the coat closet. I drape my coat section with a plastic cover during the summer to protect them from dust.

2. If it doesn't fit you or you haven't worn it in over a year, it's time for it to go. I believe you have a blog that you sell you cloths on. Am I right? If you keep cloths thinking you may lose or gain weight, you probably will, but you will not wear out dated stuff.

3. If you have unfilled spaces you are not using your space wisely.

Boots laid flat in original boxes under clothing

4. If it's not street cloths fold it away in a dresser or store it under the bed. If you have high shelving above near the ceiling, get a stool and store out of Season cloths above. Sweaters go in during Summer, bathing suits and other Summer cloths go in during Winter.

Shoe racks below dresses

5. Shoes on the floor is not good use of space. I found white shoe shelves at Walmart. $25 for 2 racks that stack gives you three shelves when the floor is included. If you turn a pair of shoes back to front instead of facing the same direction you can fit an additional pair of shoes on each shelf.  Have you noticed that shoe racks are designed for men's shoes?  I have to lay my high heels on the side to fit then on a covered shelf.  It's the pits I tell you.
5.5 to 6 pairs of shoes per shelf by pushing every other shoe to the back
instead of 4 pairs if next to each other

Cup hooks on side of shelving for belts and
6.  I have multiple odd ball jewelry racks hung on the walls purchased here an there on sale cheap.  And I have one nice Wood with glass front DVD/CD case I keep fabric or delicate jewelry that should not be left out in the open.  I also have cup hooks on the side of the closet shelving for hanging belts.

Jewerly Racks from UO and Anthro on sale
to fill open wall space

Glass Wall Mounted Jewelry Case $10 on eBay
$50 DVD case for fabric jewelry-gloves that should not sit out in open

LC of Bella Seattle has full size shoe racks like a shoe store.
If your hubby is open to the idea, have him move stuff he doesn't often wear to a spare room. Have him just keep what he wears regularly on a daily basis in the master closet. Even better if he's open to letting you have the entire closet. Just a thought!

If there is a door use the back. Hang hooks for handbags, robes and PJ's. If there is any other wall space open, use it. Use bathroom doors too. I have Anthro hooks all over the place. I hang my outfit for the next day on them.
Wal-Mart over door hooks - back of closet door

I don't keep scarves, or gloves and such in the closet. I found a very nice wall shelf with heavy duty hooks. It's 5 feet long. You can put a basket or two or three on top for hats and gloves. Hang you scarves on the hooks. You can even put pictures and Knick Knacks on the shelf. Mine is solid wood with cast iron hooks. I got it on eBay for a bit over $100. I love it. They come anywhere between 2 to 6 feet in length. You pick the color of the stain.

eBay Shelf in diff lengths for scarves, hats, blankets, and knick knacks

I had a stretch of wall behind the door that was angled oddly. About 1.5 foot wide and floor to ceiling. I anchored a 9 foot by 10 inch white particle board shelf to the wall with dowels. Then spaced hooks drilled into the shelving. I now have 10 large Orla Keily bags hanging there.

Handbags on Wall Hooks mounted to old

Don't drop a wad of money on a closet system. They actually waist space. It's more about clean up.

Anthro Sister Love!  And here's to a neat, organized Anthro Closet.  No Chaos Allowed!  Laura (