Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Jacqueline, a Falling Ribbon, Two Stunt Doubles, and a Stone Garden = Wednesday's Girly OOTD

Guess what? The lights were on all over the Taj Majal building at 5:30 AM. I took pictures on the stairs!

Woohoo! This week is progressing nicely. So without further delay, here is Wednesday's OOTD.

The Falling Ribbon Cardi - by Sparrow - $98 - Anthro Dec 2009
The Falling Ribbon Cardi in the Navy version didn't make it to sale. It was part of a cute little outfit seen here.

Anthro Outfit Fall 2009
I purchased the Cardi and Necklace from Anthro, and the Leifsdottir Top from Nordstroms. Nordstroms had the top on sale months before Anthro. I got tired of waiting.

Jacqueline Dress - by Maeve - $98 - Anthro July 2009
I ordered this Maeve Dress in Yellow, the color is actually Chartreuse, months before the above Anthro outfit appeared. The dress is almost the the same color as the Leifsdottir top, and the ribbon falling down the Cardi placket. A few months back I spied them together in my closet and hence a new outfit was born.

Along with the spectacular Stone Garden Necklace (another sell out), I was totally in love with my creation. Have not worn the Anthro outfit since.

Stone Garden Necklace - Designer ? - $178 - Anthro Dec 2009
Freshwater Pearl, Serpentine, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Red Agate, on Sterling
The best Christmas Present I have ever asked for and received
This natural stone necklace SOLD OUT the day my BF ordered it for me. My Mother refers to it as "The Most Beautiful Necklace in the World." A fitting name.

If you like this necklace, you can see similar here, or if you love natural stone jewelry you can find plenty at a great price here. My friend Saraporn in Thailand makes all her jewelry by hand for her Shop WahtVeritas on She is a wonderful lady to work with. Much of her jewelry looks exactly like many items Anthro has offered.

And here is another Etsy marvel. When I first scoured Etsy 2 years ago looking for Wrap Bracelets there were not many. Now they are all over.

Faceted Carnelian Leather Wrap Bracelet - Etsy Shop RowdyWear - $75 - Sept 2009
You can see many examples of wrap style bracelets and request a custom order for this exact bracelet here.

Stunt Double Booties - by Pikolinos - orig $188, on sale $90 - Anthro May 2010

Also worn here.

After I ordered these booties online, I scoured the Internet for more Pikolinos I might like. I didn't find any styles that truly suited me like these do. They are still a little tight across my toes, but I have worn them only a few times.

Today's Orla Kiely is the handbag that started my obsession and my collection. I know a few of my readers, such as Rachael and Loraine, are big fans of Orla Kiely.

Anthro's Sepia Crocus Bag - Orla Kiely Dark Multi Stem Cotton Laminate Tote Bag -
$178 - Jul 08
This Dark Multi Stem Print is one of the most sought after prints from Orla Kiely's collections. I have seen it sell for more than the original price on eBay. Not that I would ever give mine up.

Here are a few Orla Kiely things that I love:

The first set of 3 flip book I bought on sale at Anthro online the Summer of 2008. These three books lasted 2.5 years. I recently re-ordered them on sale for $19 including shipping from Sadly they are now gone. Orla does have them on her UK site here.

These fabulous little note books fit perfect inside any Orla Kiely Wallet.

I can even carry a pen inside my wallet. This older wallet is completely lined with leather. I have been carrying this one for 2 years straight. It looks brand new. Some new wallets I have seen are nylon inside. It may depend on if the wallet is part of her Mainline Collection (all or mostly leather) or her ETC Collection(mostly laminated cotton). She used to use nothing but cotton lining on her handbags, but recently I am seeing some of the laminated bags with nylon lining too. Very disappointing. And I am wondering if this is part of the reason why Anthro has carried no Orla Kiely products since last Winter.

Athena Wallet - Orla Kiely SS08 Collection - orig $148, on sale $80 - Anthro Aug 2009
I will leave you with a few more images of my outfit. I also included a final image of one of my Anthroholic Reader's Outfit Submissions from a few months back. I am using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in that image. Hard Hat and Goggles, but no Steeled Toed Boots. PPE is what I wear every time I go into the Oil Fields for Safety Sweeps.

I'm a set of bookends! Teehee!
Safety Laura
Bye for now! Don't forget the Labor Day sale at Anthro starts tomorrow morning. I will be checking in with Kim at Anthroholic tonight to see what info she got, and check out the items that may be offered.

Please leave a comment.
Do you like my re-style using the cardi and necklace from Anthro's outfit?
Why do you think Anthro has stopped carrying Orla Keily products?

Love to hear from each and every Reader today. Don't be shy.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (

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Tien said...

I love how you combined all those colors to work in harmony! You look so timeless and very cute!

Meg said...

I LOVE the Falling Ribbon Cardi and I'm so sad I missed out on it! Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combos...the whole outfit is awesome!

Slastena said...

Hey, Laura- lovely look and fun post. I remember seeing that cardi in my store, but in a different color- very cute. The sandals are awesome. The outfit is girly, but sandals do add a touch of tough.

Loraine said...

We have matching wallets! Whenever I pull my wallet out, it always brings a smile to my face...such cheerful colors!

That necklace is stunning and really compliments your outfit. What a great gift from your BF!

Mandy said...

Love love love your outfit today (I'm especially fond of your Stunt Double Booties! I missed out on those, and I kick myself to this day for it!). I always look forward to seeing your unique jewelry too ... that necklace is so stunning!

P.S. Hope you got my reply on the Ruffled Cincher belt! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi i love your outfit! It is a great look! also thanks for the link to the etsy shop your friend has. I see about 10 items i would love to have;) Her prices are so reasonable also for the beautiful craftmanship. I have no idea why anthro doesnt carry orla kiely. they did have a dress of hers last winter i think..

GeoInCalifornia said...

Tien, Thank you for the kind words. We are Fellow Lovers of all Cardigans. I remember your post about some people calling Cardi's a fashion mistake. Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...

Meg, I have seen the Cardi on eBay in Gray, but it's not the same. So many women are afraid of Chartreuse. My friend Christine calls it Lime Green. Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...

Slastena, So happy you love my TOUGH GIRL OUTFIT. TeeHee! I love my tough Pikolinos. Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...

Loraine, Between 2 Orla Keily addicts, it was bound to happen. I bought the Patent Leather in Brown with Blue Stitching from AW0 from Garnet Hill. I use it during the Fall Winter. I was happy when I switched back to my Orange Spring Summer Orla Wallet. The BF is a great photographer and he knows his Anthro. Not many men would sit and look at your Anthro Wish List with you. Laura. PS I have Jewelry issues. I love it too much.

goldenmeans said...

The Falling Ribbons Cardi and the Jaqueline Dress are such a delightful combination! And the sweater would go equally well with the dress in navy (if you know, you are crazy as me and buy things that you love in all available colors ;)). I sometimes still regret not getting the Jacqueline dress. It was lovely but too short on me.

GeoInCalifornia said...

I apologize to all. My only means of communication is my wretchedly slow 3G iPhone. The 4G keeps getting passed over for more Anthro.

Mandy, I Wish Listed the Ruffled Cincher Belt after reading your additional info from your BF. I am hoping for sale tomorrow. You win with 3 loves for the outfit

GeoInCalifornia said...

Yeah! I am home on my Laptop.


Anjali, The Jacqueline Dress is almost too short for me. And I am not tall. Just under 5'6". I remember the length was the biggest complaint with reviewers. I too have gotten caught up ordering multiple colors of the same item because I liked it so much.


You are very welcome for the link to Etsy shop WahtVeritas. My friend Heidi and I have ordered ready made and custom orders from the Shop owner, Saraporn, many times. She is a wonderful person to work with, and also well trusted.



Jamie said...

That necklace most definitely deserves the "most beautiful necklace in the world" appellation. It is so beautiful, and I will be sure to check out the link to the Etsy shop. I really loved Anthro's Lanai Welcome necklace, but it is no longer available. But perhaps I like the Stone Garden necklace just as much.

Those Pikolinos heels are so, so cute!

And I love window shopping for Orla Kiely items. A few years ago, I saw a handbag at Anthro with the large stem print on an ivory background. At the time, I was instantly drawn to it, but hesitated to buy due to the price. I was still in school so disposible income was hard to come by. At the time, I hadn't realized what a hot commodity that particular print would become!

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