Friday, September 3, 2010

One Coat - No Dress - and a TGIFO!

I re-ordered my Phlox and Coral Coat in size FOUR. Hopefully I won't have to return this one. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I received notification for my return credit yesterday.  What with Fall Fashions, constant weekly sales, and free shipping I was expecting at least 12 to 14 days for a turn around.

Sadly, it sounds like the Babergh won't be the dress for me. The 4 will be too small in the bust.  The 6 will be ridiculously huge through the hips.  I am not the only one to suffer from this disappointment. But, I will hold out for AnthroYogi's (Katie) sizing advise. 

Here is today's "Thank Goodness It's Friday" outfit. TGIFO!

The dress is an oldie but goody I have worn only a few times...

Overcast Dress - by Maeve - orig $128, sale $60 - Anthro May 2009

Do you see the resemblance to a trench coat?  The front unbuttons with security snaps part way down, has a side zip, with 2 front pockets. The fabric is stretch cotton, machine wash, in bright raspberry.

It's the back of the dress that I want you to see...

It's designed with cape flaps, much like a classic trench coat. Thank goodness for wide belt loops, because the belt and my ribcage are in a shoving match over space. Also just a tad short!

This is a regular dress.  Anthro also had petite sizes.  So I don't get the short length, or the high waist and belt positioning.

I can't believe Anthro still HAS NOT sent this fabulous little Cardi on it's way to the Sale Section.  But then, it is suitable as a year round cotton Cardi.  As you can see, I got tired of cheering this one to sale. 

Blushing Bouquet Cardi - by Sparrow - $88 - Anthro July 2010
You can buy it here.
Note: Cotton is the fabric of my life.  I personally detest most wool.  But then I do live in California where wool isn't necessary, even for skiing.

I love Chie Mihara!  So when I discovered that she was part of a consortium of European Shoe Designers, naturally I wanted a pair from each of them. 

Check out the European Consortium here.

My first pick was Coclico.  And when Anthro put these on sale, I jumped for them.  The reviews were full 5 star. The footbed is Berkie like soft suede.  Very comfortable. But Chie still wins hands down for me.  Maybe because I know everything about her and how she makes her marvelous shoes. 

Underlined Heels - by Coclico - orig $368, sale $220 - Anthro Apr 2010

Niche has one pair left in the Blue Hairstreak here
And wow would they have been awesome with my Cardi.

Now for the handbag...

Orla Kiely All Leather Handbag in Ink - orig $620, sale $400 - PerriBerri Mar 2009
Need I say more?

Now for a some Etsy.  Might be a little Matchy Match.

The Derby Bracelet - $43 - Etsy Shop Mud and Mint (now closed) June 2009
Horse Jasper, vintage Lucite Rose, Rock Quartz - on Oxidized Silver with Freshwater Pearl charm

I keep checking back, but this owner seems to be out of commission.  Closed for over a  year now.

Magic Carousel Necklace - Etsy Shop Japonicas - $28 - May 2009
You can see other similar at Japonicas here.

Japonicas, in a very small way, is a copy cat of a US Jewelry Co dejarnette. The jewelry is incredibly imaginative, and the pricing is fair.  Unlike anything from France and Italy.

In case you don't remember or have never heard about the Ephemera Necklace (by dejarnette) from Anthropologie, I will leave you now with a picture of this fabulous opalescent glass wonder...
Ephemera Necklace - by dejarnette of New Orleans - $128 - Anthro Mar 2009

You can buy the necklace here.
Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.  I will see you next Tuesday!
Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Katie said...

I love how prompt Anthropologie is with returns/credit. Kudos to them!

That dress is so cute! I didn't do a lot of shopping in 2009 after my little boy was born, it is crazy to see how many things I missed out on. Especially because now I seem to know Anthropologie's entire inventory and can name the clothes as I wander through the store!

I cannot believe the blushing bouquet cardi hasn't made it to the sale rack. I think it is going for a record on longest hold-out!

I'm all set for my trip to Anthropologie tomorrow, crossing fingers that the Babergh works!

Mia said...

Great outfit, Laura! That dress is super cute on you!

I'm trying to get more cotton sweaters because they're so much easier to care for but living in SF, I always need to have my wool sweaters too.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love that dress on you - and the back detail is TDF!

Anthro's shipping and returns has been impressive lately. Often my orders get shipped on the same day and I usually get my stuff in 2-3 business days! I dig it - too bad FS is going away.

Jamie said...

I love your OOTD. The red and blue look so punchy togther. And your Orla Kiely bag is simply stunning in the bright blue color. Is it patent?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Babergh in a 4 will work for you -- perhaps Katie will have good news : ). And can't wait to see the Phlox and Coral! So glad the returns were processed and you were able to order it while free shipping was still in effect.

goldenmeans said...

I can't believe the Blushing Bouquet isn't on sale yet either! Very crazy. But I'm glad you got it anyway because the colors go so well with this dress and they make a lovely outfit :)

I remember the Ephemera necklace from the catalog at this time last year! It looked so pretty. Is it by dejarnette? I remember they used to make a glass bubble I used to dream over several years ago...

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Katie,

I will be waiting to hear from you. If the dress fits over your ribcage then I think I will go for it.

I have time once a week to check out all the new Anthro releases online. That's not enough for me. I really only know the names of my Wish Listed items.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Mia,

I love the dress too. But the fit has never been just right on me.

I love my washable cotton sweaters. But I do have a few boiled wool ones. Love my Purple Gumshoe Sweater Coat and the Wayward Cardi. If I could afford Merino wool I would have more like the Prima Ballerina Cardi from 2008. Wool just isn't necessary in Bakersfield CA.


I really am going to miss free shipping since I'm in a No Anthro Zone. I wonder if the $7 Flat Rate is going to kick in as rumoured. I am hoping!


This Orla is a favorite. Although it's a bit smaller than others. I like plenty of space. The Blue is not Patent, but the Stem design in Red stitching is.

As I recall, I have always received free shipping on a re-order of the same item. But I forgot to request a complimentary return label for the size 6 coat I sent back.

I am preparing for a disappointment on the Babergh Dress. I may have to place a consolation order to feel better. I'm thinking either the Best Of The Bunch Cardi, or the Summer's Reminder Cardi in Green. Love them both. If I get the second I can order a red skirt to go with it.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...

Dear Anjagi,

You are correct! I can't believe you knew the name of The US jewelry Co that made the Ephemera Necklace. It's dejarnette. They used stretch cord and made wheels of 3 bubbles of different sizes and then strung the wheels on more cording.

The necklace was featured about 2 years ago in the Wonder Catalog.

It's an odd piece of jewelry. I don't like it as much as I though I would. It's difficult to use in an outfit.

And guess what. You can buy the same necklace from dejarnette for $124.

I add the link to the Post.


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