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No Anthro Zone Review: Down Sized Phlox and Coral Coat - Teachers Raised Me

I originally ordered the coat in size 6.  Anthro reviews suggested sizing up for adequate space to layer heavy sweaters. I was swimming in Phlox and Coral.  See my original review here.
I normally wear a 4 in coats.  5'5.5' tall, 123 lbs, 35-27-36, 34C, 31" ribcage, narrow shoulders, and shorter than average arms.

Sadly, I returned the size 6 coat and waited impatiently for credit.  The size 4 arrived yesterday evening.

Notice I am smiling despite my shoulder pain.  Thankfully I didn't order the size 2. The 4 was an excellent choice. Much thanks to Jamie of Thrifty Threads for her review here.  I am wearing a thin T shirt underneath.  There is more than enough space for a light to medium weight Cardi.  I don't require much more than that to stay warm in Central California. The sleeve length couldn't be more perfect.

I love the Black Ribbed Cotton Backing for the Tapioca Embroidery.  Cotton is the fabric of my life.  Thanks to Tracy Reese for offering a fabulous example of how to design a lovely Cotton coat.  No thanks to lining it in Coral Polyester.  For $288 it's acceptable, but barely.  Price Point: Silk lining would have upped the price tag by $100.

I adore the placement of the well hidden hand warmer pockets, also lined in coordinating dreadful Coral Polyester. Phooey! 

Doesn't this coat look lovely whether worn open or closed.  I am happy with the view from both the front and the side.  Some reviewers found the gathered skirt too Puffy.  The waistline sits low enough that the slight poof is flattering.  A different story if the waistline had been positioned higher.

You may well remember the Skirted Pea Coat by Idra from Anthro's November Catalog 2009.  It was a tragic story of a very cute coat with an Empire Waist.  Not many could wear it, including me.  If you want a fun review read, the Skirted Pea Coat is a blast. See my review here at the bottom of page one.

My advice is stick to your normal size for the Phlox and Coral Coat.  Unless you plan to layer at least 2 sweaters underneath.  In that case go for a wool coat instead of this light weight Cotton Jacket.

Phlox and Coral Coat - by Tracy Reese - Anthro $288 - Sept 2010
You can view and purchase the coat here.

Unlike the first coat, this one was not damp when I opened the packaging.  There were two loose threads I simply tied together.  The coat needs a good pressing. Other than that, I am impatiently waiting out the 90° F temps.

Finally!  I was very pleased with the placement of the embroidery on the first size 6 coat.  There were no large blank spots.  This coat is a different story.  The upper bodice is almost devoid of any recognizable embroidered blooms.  However the blank areas and embroidered areas are at least well balanced.  I would not want one obvious blank area for instance on the right shoulder.  I would rather have the blank areas balanced from side to side. I'm just picky like that. 

As my talented, beautiful, and smartly dressed Mother has always taught me, "A girl can never have too many coats."  For that matter, she can never have too many pairs of shoes either.

My Father's Mother warned him when she first set eyes on my Mother.  Grand mom Vi said, "Watch out for that one.  She loves nice things." My Mother was naturally dressed to the nines as she stepped out of her Yellow 68 Mustang. My Dad later rolled her prized car in the fog. He-he!  He was OK! Then he unbuckled his seat belt and fell on his head. My Father made the Mustang drivable again by laying on the front seat and pushing the roof up with his feet. My Brother and I were forced to ride around the town of Shafter Ca. in that car with the caved in roof.  Ha-ha! Teachers are so smart.  You never want to be raised by two in the same household.

Right Diane! So do you remember that eye sore of a car? 

Please leave a comment.  What is at the top of your Wish List for Fall?  Did you pick up any fabulous sale items today? 

I was forced to let pass the Doubly Adorned Dress, the River Tyne Tee, and the Remaining Lilies Cardi. My CA Auto tags are due. GAG!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


Katie said...

I am laughing at your review of the Skirted Pea Coat. You look so mad in the picture (rightly so, what a disaster)! I am so in love with that coat on you. I think you are right about the skirt, it nips in so nicely at your waist and balances the look. So pretty!

I sat this sale round out and there isn't too much on my wishlist for fall. :( I don't see any sweaters or skirts/dresses that are a "must" for me. However, there are some boots that I am stalking like mad and hope hope hope they stay in stock until I can afford them.

Lori said...

The coat looks so greaton you! Thanks for the very thorough review!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Ack, you've got your Phlox! The 4 definitely fits you 100% better than the larger size did and it is really a gorgeous coat. And even better yet, you're obviously happy with your purchase so smiles definitely make everything look even better!

As for the sale, I actually sat this one out. I think I may just be mildly Anthro'd out from the sales tizzy with the recent FS promo. No FS definitely makes me reconsider my purchases, lets me sleep in on Tuesday and saves my CC some angst. But I still pretty much want every single cropped sweater jacket that Anthro has come out with this fall!

Mia said...

The coat looks gorgeous on you! I'm so glad you got it and that you decided to return it for a different size. It fits great!

I tried to resist the sale this week but I failed. I picked up another Keeping Tabs tee (the one I currently own has a hole in the sleeve!), the Flight of Fancy top and a popback on my wishlist: the Slender Stripes wide leg pants.

Btw, your story was really funny!

GeoInCalifornia said...


If you look at the November 2009 Anthro Catalog, they photographed the model wearing the Skirted Pea Coat with a large handbag from the back. I was mad at the duplicity of it all.

Something Anthro does well.


Reviewing this coat for the second time was my pleasure.


I am mildly Anthro'd out myself. So I did a dangerous thing. I went looking at some of my favorite European Designers and got hooked on a handbag.


Most of the time resistance is futile. But if you are truely in need of something, then it's OK to succumb to temptation. Does not sound like you broke the bank.

LC said...

Loooove this coat. I hope there are still some around in my size when it hits sale. I actually love the skirted peacoat, but that's probably because I scored it for $20. It looks much better without all the tulle!

GeoInCalifornia said...


I couldn't get past the high waist regardless of the Tulle. It's my narrow shoulders, large ribcage and 34C's that work against me. The coat made me appear round. Shift dresses, peasant tops, trapeze tops, full skirts, empire them all but can't wear them.

Would love to see you wear the Skirted Pea Coat someday. Oh and the Marianne Tank too. He-he!

Jamie said...

What a great fit on you, Laura! You were definitely right to follow your instinct on sizing -- the 4 fits you to a tee.

I think I'm sitting this sale out, though I cannot seem to get the Dagmar out of my mind. I stopped by the Princeton Anthro yesterday and they were out of my size. Might try one more store tomorrow, just in case. But I should really say no! Like you, I have a big car expense coming up: New Jersey car insurance! Ick...

BTW, after your comment about your love for booties, I was inspired to pick up another pair: Aldo's Guillereault -- currently $55, and I got 10% off...and then just HAD to order another pair of shoes (Equia Mary Janes -- a size too big, but probably not a problem with the strap) get to the $75 for FS. I can't wait for the arrival. You have inspired me to try more booties with skirts/dresses!

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