Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Unfavorable Closet Space Wasters in a Favorable OOTD

WooHoo!  I hit Post number 50 today in just two months of blogging.  I am stoked!

I was out on the RiverWalk at 6 AM.  It was gorgeous and cool. But, the Heat Wave continues.

I re-styled today's OOTD last night.  The dress I might have worn once.  I don't like the cut, but the print is lovely. Although the fabric is rayon.  $118 seems a bit much for what it is. The sale price even seems a lot, considering I'm just not that into it.

Peppercorn Dress - by Maeve - Anthro orig $118, sale $60 - July 2009
So what do you do with a dress that you don't like that much?  Cover it up with a long bright Cardi that you don't like much either. 

Wallah!  What do you get?  Two unfavorable closet space wasters in a very favorable OOTD.  Both were on my "to sell" list. Since, removed from the list. Another great example of how to shop your closet. 

Above and Beyond Cardi  - by Tabitha - Anthro orig $128, sale $70 - July 2009

The Park Employees must have thought me a strange one for standing with my head almost in the Arbor.  I just kept smiling as they slowly drove past. 

Camden Wedge in Black - by Jambu - Zappos orig $123, sale $98 - May 2010

Shop the Camden Wedge at Zappos in Black or Red Patent Leather, or
Bronze Metallic Leather here.

The Camden Wedge has gone up in price since I purchased my pair on sale in May.  I just mentioned my son Camden the other day, didn't I?  Just checking to see if everyone is awake.  And no I didn't buy the shoes for the name.

Jambu's, formerly known as J-41's, are Jeep created, and trail rated.  I feel confident I won't slip, tip, trip, flip or turn an ankle.

Did you know?  If you are a Zappos VIP customer, and your shoe order does not fit, Zappos will ship(overnight) an additional pair of the same shoes in another size. You will not be charged for shipping or the additional shoes. In fact, they will do this as many times as it takes to get the same pair of shoes to you in the correct size. Just make sure you return the original pair ASAP.  Free returns too. 

Sepia Crocus Bag - Dark Stem Shiny Laminate Tote - by Orla Kiely - Anthro $178 - June 2008
 My very first and very favorite Orla Kiely bag from Anthro. Still loving it after 2.5 years.

Let's not forget about the jewelry. 

Orange Agate and Purpurite with Copper Chain - Etsy Shop fleurfatale $38 - June 2009
See me wear this necklace in a another OOTD here. 
Shop fleurfatale on Etsy here.

Natural stone is my favored choice when it comes to jewelry.  Etsy has an unlimited supply of lovely shops to browse for the perfect piece.  
iPhone Home Button Earrings - PowerBook Medic $14.95  - Jan 2010

Shop my iPhone Earrings, Tie Tacks, Cuff Links and more here.
A work friend sent an image of these in an email.  All it said was "guess what these are?"  I had no clue, but I pretended like I knew.  I said "Wow, where can I get them?"  My iPhone was sitting on the desk right under my nose, and I couldn't ID these Home Button Earrings.  Both Heidi D. and I purchased them immediately.  They are a conversation piece to say the least
 Shell Spiral Ring - Aprosio and Co. Italy - Anthro orig $178 sale $80 - July 2009

Shop more Aprosio Jewelry from Anthro here, and here.

OK!  The ring is interesting.  But I wouldn't purchase this at full price.  Did you get a load of the price of the clip on Earrings that match in the link above?  Is Anthro nuts?  But then, all jewelry from Italy will be overpriced. France too.

I was ready for an Anthro sale this morning.  I haven't purchased anything from the last two sales.  So I was a bit miffed to learn last night that there would be no new mark downs.  One good reason to pay attention to Kim at Anthroholic and Roxy at EA. Also where you can check out the Anthropologie Collective Blog Awards info and vote for your favorite blogs.
What do you think of my 2 unfavorable items as a now favorable re-style?
Any thoughts on how I could put these items to better use?
Should I have just stuck with selling them as planned?
My sticking point last night was with the shoes.  I had several pairs that I could have gone with. 
Did I do OK with the Jambu Wedges?

Hope everyone is indoors and out of the Southern CA heat today. As for everyone else, how is your weather?

I am waiting patiently for your comments.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)


Mandy said...

Awesome use of the space wasters - I hope today's use has rekindled some love for them! I especially am jealous of the Peppercorn Dress; it looks perfect on you! And that cardi ... I love it too (of course, I love a fun cardi like that!). I think you did an excellent job of using them and should totally keep them and use them again - they both really look great on you! And the wedges were a great addition to the outfit! A+!!

MsGiggleswurth said...

i agree~ keep! i think the dress is adorable.

greatbleuheron said...

I love Jambu! Those shoes look great on you. I don't have that pair, but I have two others, and they're great for feeling like a girl without being too girl-y. Plus, Jambus are comfortable and, as you said, you don't have to worry about falling over in them.

BTW, this is my first time commenting here, but I am always eager to read your posts. Your personality and unusual point of view come through so clearly. It's a pleasure to see what you're wearing and to read your thoughts about each item.


GeoInCalifornia said...


Well, you notice I didn't give you the pleasure of seeing me in the dress without the Cardi for a good reason. It has an elastic waist that even a belt can't cure. I'm too large chested. But the Cardi reigns the the dress in and still allows the cute print to peek out. So I was pleasantly surprised how cute it was.

Anthro listed the Cardi as PINK. I'm wishy washy on the color. I think it's more Orange.

Hi MsG, I added this outfit to my shutterfly account. That means I plan to wear it again.

Dear Beth,

I am so happy that you decided to comment. It's always a pleasure to hear omments from a long time reader. Not that I have been blogging for very long. Thank you for the positive feedback. It's comments like your's that keep me blogging.

I have 3 pairs of J-41's and this one pair under the name Jambu. These ran a little big and a bit wide. But are super comfy. Although, egads, one of the shoes has an annoying squeak of all things.

Please keep reading and commenting!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Lori said...

ooh ooh! Don't get rid of them! These look so GREAT together! Way to go in figuring out how to make them work. And The t-strap wedges are HOT with this outfit!

Whoa. How do you become a Zappos vip customer?

Jamie said...

What a great use for two "space wasters", as you so cleverly called them! I think the Jambus look great, especially on a day as hot as those that CA has been getting recently. And that ring is just stunning.

I had a few things on an Ebay "to sell" list, but I ended up keeping them. So glad I did, because I have worn both of them in OOTDs that I rather like.

Hope it cools down soon!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

love that orla kiely bag!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Here is the link to the VIP Zappos Sign-up Page.

VIP Sign-up Page

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Jamie,

Kim from Anthroholic calls this Shopping from your own closet.


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