Friday, September 17, 2010

TGIFO - Another Mix of Then and Now

I am back at work today after a 9-day absence.  But it was no vacation for me.  Thank goodness it's a short day.  My boss is so understanding.  He told me to let him know if I was having any problems.

So here is my Thank Goodness It's Friday Outfit - TGIFO!  Please forgive the grainy iPhone images while I wait for delivery of the new Kodak. I'm still upset over the destruction of my Olympus.  It was a my 10 year gift from my company. I let go before my son had a hold of it. Smashed the lens right into the driveway.  I blame it on the nerve.


Jacquard Sweater Tank - by Charlie and Robin -  Anthro $148, sale $70 -  Nov 2009
 I seem to have a difficult time styling this sweater.  This is the second time I have worn it in almost a year.  The skirt is the biggest issue. The textured knit is too heavy for Summer, but the lack of sleeves doesn't work well in Winter, or a cold office. It styles well with skinny pants, or a pencil skirt. Anything else is laughable, unless you WANT to look like a Fairy Godmother. I just missed my friend Christine wearing the same Sweater yesterday.  I think it would be fun to show up to work as accidental twins.  She does not.
Dragonfly Lace Front Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Nordstrom $228, sale $114 - Aug 2009
I ordered this Leifsdottir skirt for the lace-up front and wide single pleat down the center front.  But so far I keep covering it up. The style is unique, yet very simple. And I wear a lot of Brown, so versatile. The lace-up front can be used to adjust the fit, so I can wear the skirt high waisted or low on the hips.  There are side pockets and a back zip.

Maiden's Braids Cardi - by Moth - Anthro $88, sale $50 - Jun 2009

 I love Pink.  But I'm not a fan of wearing it.  This is the only solid Pink Cardi I own.  And I don't have anything that is truly Pink-Pink.  Except my car, depending on how the sun is reflecting on it.  I did say I love Pink.

Love these Lavender tights.  You will be seeing them again soon with a very special dress.  I bet some of you know what dress I am hinting about. In the mean time I am making them work for me here.

Dotty Cluster Tights - by Eloise - Anthro $16 -  Sept 2010
            Shop these tights from Anthro here.

Anthro has a wildly colorful selection of textured and patterned tights.  I already have a drawer full from previous years. But as my Mother always says "A girl can never have too many tights."  OK, so she was speaking of coats, but I figure why not use this as an excuse to buy everything in abundance.

Shop all Anthro tights here.
Rensselaer T Straps - by Miss Albright - Anthro $148 - Aug 2010
Shop these shoes from Anthro here.

Woohoo!  I love these vintage inspired SHOES.  What more can I say.  Miss Albright does some nice shoes.  And the price is too right to wait out a sale.  Unlike the Lass and Laddie Oxfords by Poetic License, these are still available in every size. I normally wear an 8, so I ordered up one whole size to a 9.  They are a tad loose, but super comfortable. The strap keeps my foot from slipping up and down. 

All Leather Bowling Bag with Hand Cross Stitched Multi colored Wool 
Orla Kiely AW08 Collection - Orig $800, $400 eBay -  April 2009

Just in case you haven't heard the story of my most prized handbag, here it is again. I waited for sale.  There was no way I could swing this bag full price. When the bag finally made it to sale, it was the wrong time for me to buy.  It broke my heart to see it go.  I searched for months. It was nowhere to be found. I decided it wasn't meant to be and stopped looking.  Months later I was on eBay and looking at Orla Kiely, and there it was.  Gently used, but in perfect condition.  The Seller was the original owner. Thank goodness there were no other bids. 

Present Perfect Necklace - by Tataborello Italy - Anthro $138, sale 40 -  Mar 2009
I started buying Tataborello jewelry from Anthro earlier this year.  I didn't discover that I already had a necklace from this Italian designer until recently.  When I checked my records (ha! record) I discovered it was a bargain.  I think I have worn it one other time.  It's a little messy looking.  And it's probably too much even with this outfit.  But it goes, so what the heck.  I thought about giving it away as a free gift on my sale page. Maybe not!

Chiaroscuro Bracelet - Sundance (Labradorite w/ 14K Gold Vermeil Sequins) - $130 - Mar 2009
 Naturally I can't help but love Labradorite.  What Geo wouldn't.  The iridescent blues and greens are stunning.  Sundance is way over priced.  I could have found a similar bracelet on Etsy for much less.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Depending on my nerve (the nerve of some nerves) I just might go to Frazier Park where my friend Heidi D lives.  It's a small mountain community between Bako and LA.  She has an over abundance of wine she is willing to share.  She is really missing Mike, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

I would love to know where all my Readers live. What areas of the US and Canada are you from?

Tell me a little about yourself.  What do you do for a living?  Are you a stay at home Mom?  Do you have a career outside the home?  We are all fashion crazy, yet totally different from each other.  Anthro, Athleta, Orla Kiely, Leifsdottir, shoes, jewelry, and lots of cloths are part of the reason we come together, and the reason we are broke half the time. All that plus the fact that we love sharing what we find and talking about it. He-he!  At least I do.

Up and coming ACC Posts:

Rachel will be guest reviewing the Best of the Bunch Cardi from Anthro.

I am expecting delivery tonight of an Anthro Jacket.  I hope it stands up to it's current high ratings.  So look for that review this weekend as well.

Please comment!  Or I start to feel lonely!  Give me encouragement and I will answer.

Love you guys, Laura (


Lori said...

Hi Laura! I think you styled the sweater shirt perfectly. It looks like it is seriously meant to have those ruffles peaking out from under an outerlayer. And the lighter color of the cardi offers a nice contrast with the sweater underneath so that the ruffles are really highlighted.

since I'm a grad student (up in Seattle), my plans for the weekend are to work :(

Blondmoma said...

Hi! First time commenting but I come to your blog all the time. We have very similar taste in jewelry! I love Tataborello designs. I have several and the one you show above. I was able to snag this one on Ebay for 20, and my other 3 on third cuts at Anthro! So unique. You also have Nakamol which I to adore. Again, must buy on sale! I enjoy reading your blogs- keep it up!

GeoInCalifornia said...


I seriously thank you for the compliment.


I love handcrafted Italian Jewelry. But, geez is it expensive. But, when you take into consideration the quality of the materials (ie. swarovski, silk), the detailed designs, and the fact that each item is handmade so therefore unique, it's just as worthy of attention as gold, silver and diamonds.

I ordered the Ribbon Rays Necklace 1/2 off, the Shining Eddie Bracelet in Purple 1/2 off, and the Sea Ribbons Bracelet in Orange/Green 1/2 off from online.

So you must have purchased all of yours from a Store if you got 2nd and 3rd cuts. I'm jealous. I didn't get to pick mine out either. That would have been marvelous since each one is different.

As for Nakamol. I truely love natural stone jewelry. I have 3 pieces. I now have copies made from an Etsy Shop(WahtVeritas) for much less.


Jamie said...

Another beautiful outfit, Laura. I agree with Lori that the pink cardigan works perfectly against the sweater. I'm not sure whether you have any neutral colored corduroy jackets, but I could see a cropped cord jacket working nicely with the sweater too. Are you a corduroy kind of girl? I have a few items -- mostly pants. Perhaps the Southward Stop will be a good way for me to expand my corduroy collection.

Ohhh, the Rensselaer T-straps. Gorgeous! I am hoping for a sale, but I highly doubt it (frown face). Majorly jealous of your shoe collection, lady!

Weekend plans -- errands! Got to replace all that food that spoiled due to the fridge incident. And pick up my a huge load of dry cleaning -- what a chore and an annoying expense.

In terms of my professional life, I work as assistant to the sr. VP at a non-profit. He directs the finance and administrative operations, so I have become quite the number cruncher. I am a book-lover by training, but when my boss discovered I (sort of) have a knack for numbers, he allowed me to be involved in budgeting and strategic planning. I might need to return to school for an MBA or MPA. But tuition bills would seriously inhibit my Anthro spending!

As you know, I live in NJ. BTW, I know it is terrible to be in a No Anthro Zone, so if you would ever like me to do Anthro guest reviews, I would be happy to. The thing about North Jersey is that it is Anthro OVERLOAD zone, if there is such a thing. I have *three* Anthros within a 20 mile radius, and another Anthro in Princeton, where I work (about 35 miles from home). And this is not counting the NYC Anthros, which are also in a 20 mile radius, but require a train trip. So, if you ever want me to review a specific item, just say the word. Unfortunately, my nearby Anthros don't carry shoes, so reviewing them would be a little more difficult (this is likely very good for my wallet, given my inability to resist shoes). Given all the Anthros nearby, it is a struggle not to buy more!

Jamie said...

Whoa -- that comment was long! Didn't realize I was so wordy until it was published. My apologies!

GeoInCalifornia said...


I love long comments. Yours have substance.

I love corduroy! I have 2 cropped corduroy jackets. One tan, one green. Problem is, I don't know where they are. Probably in one of many bags of cloths in the garage.

I would be in trouble if I had so many Anthros so close. I visit a store once a year right after I get my yearly bonus. I've been to Las Vegas NV, Fresno CA, and Montgerey CA stores. This March it will be the 2-story Santa Monica Store. But I have to take my Wish List with me. I suffer from some sort of disorder that impedes me from shopping in an Anthro. I can't seem to find anything. The stores always seem disorganized. Why aren't pants all in one place, sweaters in another, like online. It's crazy and confusing. And I am absolutely not joking.


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