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No Anthro Zone Reviews - Lass and Laddie Oxfords plus Many Roads Booties on Sale

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Ladies.  These Oxfords are selling out and will never see the Anthro sale section.

I must mention that my pinched nerve disappeared last night.  This has happened before, only to return the next day to haunt me.  So far so good.  I return to work tomorrow. Please forgive the grainy iPhone images as I await the arrival of my new Kodak from eBay.

Anthro's Lass and Laddie Oxfords...
When I placed my order, all sizes were available, and there was only one review that did not address sizing.
Lass and Laddie Oxfords - by Poetic License - Anthro $98 - Sept 2010
 Shop these shoes from Anthro here.

Keep reading to find out where to shop these shoes for the same price, with free shipping, in all sizes...

As of yesterday, 3 sizes are sold out and do not show backorder dates.  There are now 16 perfect 5 star reviews. If you want them, it's best to order them now.  You really can't beat the price.

I plan to wear these shoes in one of a series of Babergh Dress outfits.  That's my story, and I am sticking to it.  They are perfect with the styling I have planned.

See me wearing and reviewing the Babergh Dress here. 

Shop the Babergh Dress here. 

Brown Cotton Tweed rests on Modern Yellow Leather
Wide Deep Brown Satin Ribbon Lace-Ups
Butter Soft Leather
Wearable 3.5" Leather Wrapped Heel
Leather insteps are blazing Teal and Gold over a soft padded foot bed
Synthetic sole is brilliant Purple with Teal lettering
True To Size or slightly big

SIZE - Unfortunately I ordered one 1/2 size up from my normal US 8. I received UK 39.5. I was playing dress up in my Mother's shoes.

Please remember two things that will SAVE YOU MONEY when re-ordering anything from Anthro in a different size.
1. Call CS and ask that a Courtesy Return Label be emailed to you.  This waves the standard 5.99 for return fees.
2.  Mention that this is a re-order and request to have shipping waved.

FIT - You can clearly see the 1/2 inch gap at the back of the heel.  Despite the large shoe, I was able to determine that I would not topple in the 3.5 inch heels. But my heel was slipping up and down, and my foot sliding all around. I immediately re-ordered my normal US 8. Luckily I ordered these while FS was in effect. I am an average B width, only slightly wider across the front of the foot. I have no doubt my foot will be comfortable in the re-ordered size. I also found plenty of wiggle room in the toe box. The arch support is moderate and the shoe is highly flexible for comfort when walking.

A fabulously detailed Vintage shoe by Poetic License that does not disappoint. No need to worry if Anthro is out of your size.

 Zappos has all sizes for $97.75 in both Yellow and Black here.

Shop more Poetic License styles here.

Anthro's Many Roads Booties/Sandal... 

Many Roads Booties - by Zita Maria (Italian) - Anthro $198, sale $100 - Sept 2010

 You can still buy them in limited sizes in glorious Purple here.

Yes! I chickened out on the Purple. I went with the brown for versatility. Neither the color, not the shoe disappoints.

As cute as the model shot is, I'm smart enough to know that the Anthro paired dress would not work for me.

Rich dark brown leather with whip stitched edge (Purple if you are brave)
Wearable 3" stacked leather heel
Flexible padded foot bed
Whole sizes only
Order 1 whole size up (for example: if normally a US 8, order UK 39)
Back zipper that works freely

SIZE:  I wear size US 8. My foot is a regular width although slightly wider than most across the front. I ordered UK 39's.

 FIT:  Perfect!. These are exceptionally comfortable. The textured leather is soft brown. I didn't find the darker leather straps cheap looking as some reviewers online suggested. In fact, the straps are nicely finished, flexible and soft. You don't even need to use the buckles. There is a back zip.  The entire shoe is clean and free of defects.  Very well made.  There are no rough or jagged edges anywhere on my pair.

The heel height is very wearable in size 39.  Absolutely no pinching or rubbing on foot or toes. And they are cute on. The foot bed is soft and padded, and the front of the sandal is flexible for walking.

I treated my new booties to a coat of Mink Oil which turned them slightly darker for about 24 hours.

Be daring and order the Purple, because the Brown are gone. If I were younger, I would.

Shop a similar Zita Maria here.

See Fall styles and learn more about Zita Maria here.

Say high to my beautiful and fabulous MewTwo.  Does her Pokemon name date her?  She is just over 10 years old, and very well mannered.  Although watch out if she throws a Micheal Jackson Thriller look on you. Most days she camps out under the bed and snores loudly.  Her favorite foods to play with are green grapes and green olives.  She loves to lick the vinegar off the olives.

Stay tuned to Anthro Closet Chaos for a Special Guest Review by Rachel. 
Rachel will be reviewing Anthro's Best of the Bunch Cardi.
Best of the Bunch Cardi - by Gro Abrahmsson - Anthro $228 Sept 2010
I was unsuccessful finding reviews for either pair of shoes.  Do you know a Blogger who has reviewed either the Lass and Laddie or the Many Roads? 

Were you already planning to purchase either pair of shoes? Are you now going to purchase either pair after reading the reviews? 

What can I do that would make my reviews better? 
Are they too long?  Too short?  Just right?
Do I need more images? 
Do you want to see OOTD's of these shoes in the future?
Would you want more online links to shop the shoes?

Since I don't have a store within a 2 hour drive, would you like to guest review on ACC?

Send your guest review with images to (

To comment on the above post, or to answer my follow-up questions, or to just say hi how are you, please leave a comment.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Lori said...

Omg Laura! Those first shoes are fantastic! I love everything about them! Thanks for posting shoe reviews! I almost never think to look at shoes on the website.

Kay said...

MewTwo!!??! I love it! :)

Nothing else to add except I love the oxfords!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Those shoes are gorgeous - and that honey yellow seems like the IT color for fall!

I've never purchases Poetic License shoes before so I appreciate the review about their sizing, etc. I think Endless also carries those shoes, but not in the yellow. I think they're selling out quickly everywhere!

Icha said...

Hi Laura,

I just want to ask abt your Lass and Laddie Oxford Poetic License. You said that you reordered it to 8 (from UK 39.5 to UK 39). How does the fit feel now?

The reason is that I just bought a UK 39 from the UK Irregular Choice online shop. I have a pair of Poetic License (Rainbow Love) in 7.5 because #8 was out (from Modcloth). It's peep toe style, 3" height and it fits me well after slight stretching (thank God it's real leather). But I thought for the Oxford style (real name: Backlash), #8 or UK 39 would suit me better because it's closed toe and rather high heel.

If UK 39 is too big for me, I can always use the gel pad to make it fit. I suspect we have similar foot size, I'm between 7.5 and 8 as well.

thanks a heap for the advice!

Laura said...

The Poetic License Backlash (Anthro's Lass and Laddie Oxfords) fit great in UK39. My foot is narrow except for the front. These are medium width and work well for me. They don't slip when I walk. Most of the time I wear a US 8, rarely a 7.5, sometimes an 8.5. I agree that a closed toe is usually more comfortable if a 1/2 size larger. I also like to wear tights in the Winter, making a 1/2 up a better fit. Sounds like your sizing choice is a good one. Hope they work well for you.

I love the shoes and thought they would be versatile, but I have worn them only a few times.

Happy Holidays!

Icha said...

Thanks a lot Laura. But the most vexing thing happened to me yesterday: Irregular Choice informed me that size 39 was actually out of stock! They did not update the online stock properly! They have sent me a refund, but I've emailed back asking if size 38 is still available. Since it's real leather, I might be able to stretch the right foot half a size, cos my left foot is really size 7.5.

I should have gotten it when it was available in Anthro, but I was saving up for the more practical Hallowed Hall Oxford (All Black), which is truly comfortable.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the advice and happy holiday too!

Icha said...

Hi Laura, me again.

Just want to let you and your faithful readers know that I've located a great indie boutique in UK that still stocks a lot of Poetic Licence Backlash yellow (Lass and Laddie Oxford). It's called Bunty & Co, and the owner (Nicola) is very friendly and helpful. She measured the exact insole length of size UK 6 (EU 39) for me. It was 9.75", my size, so I bought it just now. Shipping to Australia is just GBP 14, very reasonable.

Here's the link for anyone who's interested:


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