Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's OOTD - Vintage Dressy with Anthro's Babergh and a One Hit Wonder

Before I forget I must tell you about a brand of Vintage Dresses my friend Heidi D. stumbled upon.  She was running the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon.  After the run she found a dress shop near the hotel. The dresses run small.  So order 2 sizes up from your normal size.  The fabric has lots of stretch.

Shop Stop Staring Dresses here.   See Stop Staring Blog here.

I haven't seen an OOTD for the Babergh Dress. Am I the first to share my clumsy interpretation of what I should style around this fabulous dress?  I seriously doubt it. I'm actually a little nervous about letting the proverbial cat out of the bag.  I purchased nothing special to go with the dress except the tights that Anthro suggests.

And what could be more special than using my new camera to introduce Outfit #1 with the Babergh Dress.  Although I did have some red eye issues.  Plus, this is one battery eating camera.

This is my Vintage Dressy Outfit.  Most appropriate for Weddings, Church, Garden Parties, or a Special Dinner Date.  I'm working it into my Monday morning staff meeting.  Should fit right in with the oily smell and dusty steel toed boots.

Babergh Dress - by Floreat - Anthro $188 - Sept 2010

Shop this dress here.
See me review this dress here.
See Chrissy of Passion for Fashion wearing this dress here.
See Tien of Adiaphane wearing this dress here.
If you haven't checked the Anthro site lately, the Babergh stock is running low.  No backorder dates are evident. Sizes 2 through 8 are still available.  I am wearing size 4, which fits as if it were custom made for me.

Prima Ballerina Cardigan - by Manoush - Anthro Orig $268, on sale $70 - Nov 2008
A few weeks before I ordered this beautifully soft 100% Merino Wool Sweater by Manoush, I ordered a cheaper version almost just like it.
Attic Eaves Cardi - Anthro orig $118, sale $60 - Nov 2008

The Attic Eaves Cardi was sale priced at $60, while the Prima Ballerina Cardi was sale priced at $160.  So I decided to go with the $60 Cardi.  It was a major disappointment. The wool was stiff, scratchy and had an odd appearance.  Similar to attic insulation.  Tea stained my butt.  The Pink color was hideous.  So I returned the Attic Eaves to Anthro Online.  The same day, the Prima Ballerina Cardi received a 2nd cut to $70.  So I crossed by fingers and hoped I would love this Cardi.  It is absolutely amazing to this day, even after 2 years.

Shop Manoush Sweaters here.

Dotty Cluster Tights - by Eloise - Anthro $16 - Sept 2010
Shop my Lavender tights here. 

The Dotty Cluster Tights are the only other item in this outfit that is new.  I shopped my closet for the Cardi and the Shoes.  Both items are from 2008.

Charlotte - Ivory Combo  - Re-Mix Vintage Footwear $178 -  Nov 2008
Shop my Charlotte's and many other Vintage styles at Re-Mix here.
(you will have to call the store in Hollywood CA to order) 
 The website has an info page with the phone number here.

You can see Anjuli of Goldenmeans wearing her Art Deco's from Re-Mix here.

Re-Mix Vintage Footwear is a brand that is often carried by Anthro.  I have several pairs purchased from Anthro and a few directly from Re-Mix.  Love them all. Very well made and comfortable.

If you order, be sure to remind the store clerk to destroy your credit card information after placing your order.  I only suggest this because shortly after I ordered a pair of shoes from Re-Mix, I had someone attempt to use my credit card info at Macy's online.  Luckily Macy's tagged the attempt and refused the order.


Shinning Eddie Bracelet in Purple - by Tataborello - Anthro orig $218, sale $100 
Italy - Jun 2010
  I love Tataborello jewelry.  I recently learned that the designer is a women who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. If you would like to see her 2010 collection and learn more about her designs, you can visit the website here.  (note: the website does not sell jewelry)

Did you like my styling for the Babergh?  I think of it as my Vintage Dressy Outfit. 

What do you think of the Prima Ballerina Cardi by Manoush? 

It's the only Manoush item in my closet.  When I looked at Manoush on Shop Style I didn't see anything that interested me. I didn't buy this Cardi simply because the sale price was outstanding.  I loved the snap front and the Silk Skirt detailing. However, it's not very versatile.

Do you have a "One Hit Wonder" item in your closet? An item by a brand that you normally would not buy?

Leave a comment. Please tell us your story regarding your "One Hit Wonder" item.

I have a couple more outfits planned that focus on this dress.  One includes the Lass and Laddie Oxfords.  But I will wait a few weeks before showing you my Vintage Metro Outfit.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Chrissy said...

I love how you styled this outfit! This is just the best freakin' dress I've ever bought from Anthro, I think!!!

I love the sweater that you paired with it.

I do have a lot of "one hit wonder" pieces in my closet, probably to many to detail. As much as I love Anthro, I used to really pride myself on selecting unique pieces from different places. Kind of been feeling like I should get back to that lately.

Tien said...

The dress looks wonderful on you! I think Chrissy was the first to have an OOTD with it. I wore mine here. I love how this dress looks wonderful on many ladies and can be worn in so many ways!

Jamie said...

Just beautiful, Laura. I love your vintage styling, and the image of you sitting in this beautiful dress amid dust-covered shoes. Tee hee.

I have a confession -- I just called a store in Ohio to order the Dagmar. The SA was as delighted as I was to find it in my size. I am excited, and am hoping for good pattern placement! I've just about used up the $ I made on Ebay, but I couldn't be happier. I think the Dagmar could benefit from a vintage styling of its own, no?

GeoInCalifornia said...


I love the dress too. but after wearing it today, I realize that I will need to take in each side of the bust at the neckline. It gaps open too much. Should be an easy tacked job with needle and thread. Then it will be perfect.


Love your styling with the Precious Materials Cardi. And the shoes. Perfect! But the Black Caviar Chanel is the icing on the cake. And I agree that you must get the wallet in Beige Clair. What a wonder your Steve is for surprising you that way.


GeoInCalifornia said...


Ha-ha! No dust on my shoes. Ever. What about a Babergh for you. Don't wait too long. This is such a fun dress. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

My friend Christine is lamenting the Dagmar. It is Sold Out in her size online. But now I think she is going for the Chromatic Canvas Dress. So what will Jamie do to bring out the Vintage in the Dagmar? Hope to see your outfit soon.

Chrissy said...

I have the EXACT same problem with my Babergh, as well. I am planning to bring it to my tailor this week, as it really gaps at the bust. I really can't wear it without a sweater until I correct this issue.

Jodi said...

cute stuff on here.. I will be borrowing lots of ideas thats for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

love the dress with the cardigan.

Cinderita said...

Your shoes are the CUTEST!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Borrow! Copy! As often as you like. That's what I'm here for. Just be aware I will be doing the same.


Cute Anthro Trench in your Post.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Lori said...

Very lovely styling Laura! and omg, that's crazy about the credit card theft. I'm amazed that Macy's caught it (rather than the credit card company)!

goldenmeans said...

Your new camera is great, I'm loving the pictures Laura! The Babergh is great on you, and I adore the Prima Ballerina cardigan :) Shocking to hear the lax CC security at Remix -- I will definitely make a note when I place my next order.

GeoInCalifornia said...


And Macy's even sent me a letter. The person tried to use a different Shipping Address than the address on file with the card. Plus I didn't have an account with Macy's so they set one up and the name wasn't quit right. I filed a Police report, but nothing evber came of that. Also, I am not blaming Re-Mix or their employees, but it looked like it possibley came from that vacinity. I think the info was thrown in the trash.


Welcome back. As I told Lori, I thought it could be Re-Mix by process of elimination. I think an employee put my info in the trash, where it was later found by an unscupulous individual. You should always be careful with your CC info at all times. Make sure you request that the paper is destroyed. And simply scribbling or shredding doesn't work now a days.


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