Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Pigment and Canvas Stars in a Flora and Fauna OOTD

I had a long, restful, and uneventful weekend.  There was a swarm of bees over the house yesterday morning.  Later, when I took my Kitties out for an afternoon amble in the backyard, I spied 2 bird size Monarch's fluttering about. It was an inspiring sight to behold.

Today's back to work Tuesday OOTD is a second styling for this dress.
Pigment and Canvas Dress - by Nathalie Lete
 Anthro orig $248, sale $60 - Aug 2010

I am also wearing this dress here.

Love, love, love this Nathalie Lete creation, complete with ample specimens of both flora and fauna. Easy to care for Machine Wash/Tumble Dry.  Some touch-up ironing.  And it's so versatile. Any solid color Cardi will work. The background color is grey.  So I can continue to wear this past Labor Day. And I don't have to wear any support underneath.  Did I mention the fabulous Anthro sale price?

Abuzz Cardi in Turquoise - by Moth - Anthro $88 - July 2010

I am also wearing this Cardi here.

Moth's Turquoise Cardi with crochet birds about the neckline and nape is right in keeping with the fauna inspired portion of this OOTD. Now for a step down.

Marzipan Flats - by Miss Albright
 Anthro orig $118 (I couldn't hold out for the $60 sale price) Jan 2010

These ankle strapped Mary Janes are perfectly covered with aged and crackled vintage flora.  While wearing these last Spring, I was caught in a downpour returning to the office from a Safety Meeting one block away.  I was completely drenched right down to my shoes. I thought they might fall apart after that.  But thankfully, they show no signs of ever having been wet. 

I do believe I have used all but two Orla Kiely handbags in my OOTD's. So here is the second to the last handbag.

Garden Tortoise Big Tote in Blueberry/Banana - by Orla Kiely mainline SS09
from US online site $460 - Jan 2009

I fell in love with this bag the minute it hit the Orla Kiely US site.  Yes it's huge and somewhat heavy. And right in keeping with the Fauna portion of today's OOTD.  Can you see the tortoises in the Laminated Cotton Print?  The off white is a gorgeous textured Leather. This bag has all the normal Orla features inside.  Plus one center zip section.  And two additional sections on each side with magnetic closures. This is my Brief Case Bag.

 Lady Beetle Necklace - Designer Unspecified - Anthro orig $118, sale $50, June 2008

This is one cute as a bug necklace. But what a pain to wear with a long chain.  So I de-constructed the chain.  Also moved the green crystals and bird charm down towards the main pendant.  Now it's wearable without twisting, turning and knocking onto furniture.

You can see the Jessica Kagan Cushman Butterfly Cuff in Yesterday's Post here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend.

But before I sign out, I must thank Katie (AnthroYogi) one more time.  She went to Anthro and tried on both the size 4 and 6 Babergh Dress for me.  She took ample pictures that really showed me how the dress fit her. We are similar in size through the difficult areas.  The ribcage. The dress looked beautiful on her. I crossed my fingers and toes and ordered the 4.

Thank you Katie.

 I might just have a Babergh OOTD for next week. 

I am stumped for a Cardigan. Any suggestions what I can wear with the Babergh? 
Either something you know I have, or anything current on the Anthro website?

This is what I ordered so far...
See the Babergh Dress here.
the Dotty cluster tights here.
the Lass and Laddie Oxfords here.

What do you think of the Yellow Oxfords? The only reviewer said they are not Mustard Yellow as they appear in the Product images.  More Goldenrod.

Now I must get to work!
Anthro Sister Love, Laura   (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)


Rachel said...

Ok here are my top choices for the Babergh Dress:

-Fallen Foliage cardigan
-Bluberry Tuft cardigan (online the colors seem perfect!)
-Hues Ascending cardigan
-Lady's Choice cardigan (golden color may work with the shoes!)
-Curlytop cardigan

Sale options:
-Jet Stream Cardi
-Split Decision cardi

I went ahead and bought the Best of the Bunch cardi yesterday so I could get free shipping. I ordered a medium and hope it works, the reviews say it runs really small but it just seemed too odd to order a large!

Can't wait to see the dress/shoes/sweater on you!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Whoa! You did a lot of work for me. Thanks! I am weighing all your options. I also have a few that will work already. The Two Paths Trench in Beige with it's layered skirt is perfect for a coat. Then I stumbled on the Alice in Autumn in Grey online. I am leaning towards something in the Grey of the Shoes. Then I got to thinking that my Purple Gumshoe Sweater Coat looks so much like the Alice it might work. Just don't know how well the deep purple color will look.

We shall see.

I am so happy you went for it on the Best of Bunch Cardi. Did you find out if it's your favorite designer? Sorry I have forgotten the name. I have the Cardi in my Wish List. You must let me know how the sizing works out for you. Too bad you don't have a Blog to review it.

Hey! Idea! Would you like to review it here?


Mandy said...


So glad you kept the Pigment and Canvas Dress - it looks so fantastic on you! And the Beetle necklace with it? Picture-perfect!! Love it! You must have quite a talent for deconstructing jewelry. I'd love to see you review the Babergh too!

Have a good night!
~ Mandy :)

GeoInCalifornia said...


Thank you! I just pray I can zip the Babergh up.

Lauren S. said...

A few quick comments:

Love how you put everything together. That necklace is adorable!

Also, I'm wearing the Babergh this weekend and am pairing it with the J. Crew wool ruffle cardi in dusty orchard. The grayish purple shade is perfect with it.

Finally, I got the Lass and Laddie oxfords today, and I'm really impressed with them. The yellow is softer and more neutral than it appears on-line and the tweed and brown ribbon stands out more. I do love them, but the heel is a bit higher than I would like so I may return them.

Have a great night!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lauren S,

Do you have a more accurate name for the J Crew Wool Ruffle Cardi in Dusty Orchard. I searched J. Crew for 1/2 an hour and can't find it.

Also, did you plan to wear the Lass and Laddie Oxfords with the Babergh? That was my plan. How do they look together?

Thanks for the Cardi suggestion. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I can find the J Crew Cardi.


Rachel said...

That sounds like a great idea Laura, I would be happy to review the Best of the Bunch Cardi for your blog!

Forgot to mention in my previous post that the Orla bag is soooo great! :)

Lauren S. said...

Laura, I think the sweater is sold out :( It definitely had a generic name, although it may have been "cotton ruffle" or something. (I bought it at the store, not on-line, so I'm hazy about the exact name). I'm sorry!

I didn't like how the Lass and Laddies looked with the Babergh, personally. I bought them to go with the Fennel Flower skirt and I loved them together. With the Babergh, I like a more neutral tone--I wear the Bandolino nude patent Adivas or these lilac Nine West pumps I got on etsy.


Jamie said...

Hi Laura! I'm so behind in blog commenting that it's atrocious! I can't wait to see your Babergh dress -- I am sure it will fit perfectly and look stunning!

In terms of styling, I scoped out Modcloth and Ruche to see if they might have any cardigan options.

If you want to try a little contrast, perhaps Modcloth's Pearly in the Morning Cardigan? The light blue is just gorgeous.

Ruche's Butter Daisy Cropped Cardigan looks like a "Laura" piece to me, though I am unsure whether the proportions would work with the Babergh. It's hard to tell online. But it might work nicely, especially if you opt to wear the Lass & Laddies.

If you want to go with the cream/neutral, perhaps:
Modcloth's Crafting All Day
Modcloth's Performance Poetry (if it comes back in stock)
Modcloth's What's the Pointelle
Ruche's Pearly Gates
Ruche's Peek-a-Bow Lacey

I've never ordered from either Modcloth or Ruche, so unfortunately I'm unsure of fit or quality. But hopefully this will provide some inspiration!

Jamie said...

Oh, and I just thought to check Ann Taylor LOFT. I see they have a Ruffle Front cardigan (54.90 and add'l 40% off) in Light Smokey Rose that sounds very similar to the J. Crew sweater that Lauren S mentioned. It is sold out online, but according to the website, there are several size Smalls in various California stores. I'm not sure whether ATL ships from their stores or not...

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