Friday, September 10, 2010

No Anthro Zone Review - The Long Awaited Babergh

If you have ever experienced a pinched nerve, then you can understand my three day absence.  Unfortunately 2 days of ice/heat therapy has not been successful. But it is now traveling which is a good sign. I am learning to left hand mouse.

Babergh Dress - by Floreat - $188 - Anthro Sept 2010
You can order the dress here.
The long awaited dress arrived today.  I have to admit that I was very close to not ordering this one.  But, thanks to AnthroYogi and her excellent personalized review in both size 4 and 6, I was able to make an educated guess at the size. I ordered my normal size for most dresses.

MY REVIEW... of the Babergh in size 4. I am just under 5'6" tall, 34C, 125 lbs, 35-27-36.

THE FIT... is perfect, as is the dress. The constricting band was my biggest concern since I have a 31" ribcage.  I could take a deep breath without any pulling of the high (not Empire) waist band. There is just a slight gap at the neckline, which thankfully was not too low. There is room at the hips to sit comfortably. The arm holes are not too long.  The length is just above the knee.

The online Anthro description proclaims the dress is Cotton and Silk.  The tag on my dress reads differently.  It was hard to decipher what elements of the dress were made from Cotton, Viscose, Nylon and of all things dreadful Polyester. The tag claims the exterior is Cotton and the lining Nylon.

The dress arrived in fairly good condition from packaging.  Some minor creasing as you can see.  The Ivory bodice fabric is beautifully detailed and could pass for Silk. The pintucked, bow topped ruffle is well constructed of un-detailed Ivory fabric.  The bow is dainty and does not draw attention to the chest in a negative way. The contrasting Lavender waist band is of the same detailed fabric and sits lower than Empire. The skirt fabric is heavy Jacquard in Ivory and Lavender, with Gold accent stitching.  The Ivory lining beneath shows through the cut-outs.

Despite negative comments about the shoulder garnish, I like it.  The flowers are sewn flat so they won't interfere with a coat or sweater.

The zipper does stick at the heavy fabric.  There are some loose threads that don't appear shoddy.  The rear hemline has a streamlined kick pleat. The hem underneath is constructed very nicely.  This dress is very well made.

The only negative points are the lack of Silk, the evidence of Polyester (gag), and the high price tag considering the lack of Silk.

I can style this dress to work year round. My closet produced 3 pairs of shoes, 3 sweaters, a coat, and 2 bracelets that could be used in several outfits centered on this dress. I also ordered an Anthro jacket and pair of shoes. I highly recommend the Dotty Cluster Tights in Lavender.

Dotty Cluster Tights - by Eloise - Lavender - $16 - Anthro Sept 2010

You can order the tights here

You can order the Re-Mix Vintage Shoes "Charlotte" here

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


AnthroYogi said...

Stunning! It was made for you! I am in love with the pairing of the tights and shoes too! Sorry I missed the fabric content when I checked it out for you. I didn't see the website listed silk. Wha? Anyway, it is gorgeous! And with those shoes, wow.

Hope you feel better! Sorry about the pinched nerve, sounds incredibly painful.

Jamie said...

I am so sorry to hear about the pinched nerve Laura. I had one somewhere near the elbow one time, and it was just awful. I can absolutely sympathize.

BUT, you look absolutely stunning in the Babergh! I'm so glad that Katie was able to help out with the sizing and that you went ahead and ordered it. As you know, the fit wasn't flawless on me, but it looks like it was custom-made for you. I am so excited to see how you style it!

GeoInCalifornia said...


This is certainly no fault of yours. I was less shocked that the dress had no Silk, and more dismayed to see Polyester. And as you may have guessed, I love the dress regardless. But I will send an email to Anthro suggesting they update the online description.


I was happily overwhelmed by everyone's response with Cardi suggestions. In fact, so many Readers left comments with suggestions, I was not able to check them all.

Plus, I am still appling hot/cold treatment to my shoulder and arm. I am in considerable pain when it travels and pinches in different areas.

I honestly didn't think that my closet would produce a single item I could use to style the Babergh. So you can imagine my surprise when I started trying stuff on with the dress. The only thing I am lacking is a handbag. I do have the Ochre crossbody messenger bag by Orla Kiely that may be workable with the Lad and Lassie Oxfords.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, it's like dress was made for you! It fits you beautifully. And the shoes? LOVE 'em!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I hope you feel better, Laura!

The dress looks gorgeous on you - the fit is spot-on and I think the colors are very complementary. To me, this looks like a "Laura" piece.

God bless you too on this day.

GeoInCalifornia said...


Those shoes are two years old. I was so happy I found something in my closet that went with this dress. Love your adorable Post with the colorful fridges. I say Yellow even though you didn't have that color in the photos.



I too was surprised the dress fit so well. I had visions of all sorts of problems. None materialized.
Now I will have fun making lots of outfits with my "Laura" piece.

Still struggling with the pinched nerve. Not really getting better. Once I started the hot/cold on/off process it got much worse. Mainly because it's traveling now.

My Son's Half Brother's Birthday is today, Sept. 11th, of all things.


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