Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leifsdottir's Harlequin Buzzed the Town - Saturday's OOTD

My 22 year old son and I went  buzzing about Bakersfield (also known as Bakers Patch and Bako, and Bake Town) today.  The town Patriarch was Colonel Baker. It just so happens, Mr. Baker lived in a field.  Hence Bakersfield.  To the North is Coalinga. It was a railroad stop known as Coaling Stop A.  Hehe!

I am the ruling Queen Bee. There is no King. Then there is my one boy bee that works for me to live in this little hive. He goes by Camden. Which means "from the winding valley."  Well, we do live in the Great Central Valley of CA.

How about an OOTD now?

Precious Stones Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro orig $258, sale $130 - Feb 2010

Shop this Dress on eBay in Size 4 here.
and in Size 10 here.
I didn't pay much attention to this Dress.  The reviews were all over the board.  It's a tunic.  The original price was a bit much for a Cotton/Linen Blend. That's Leifsdottir for you.  When it hit sale I went for it. It's packed with details.

Front slash pockets.  Gold birdcage buttons, each with a softly jingling bead inside. Full white cotton liner with yellow lace edging.  Cut-out tie back for adjustable fit across the shoulders.  It's all there in Black and White Harlequin Print.  And machine wash, tumble dry.  I dry inside out so the buttons don't get damaged.

Racine Tank - by Zoey - Anthro orig. $38, sale $20 - Aug 2008

Layered underneath is this little mustard yellow tank and...

Button Trio Leggings - by 39 Sixtyone -  Anthro orig $54, sale $10 - Jun 2009

Shop similar Ribbed Leggings here.
these Black, ribbed, cuffed and buttoned leggings. They were on sale at the end of the winter for 85% off.

Trojan Sandal in Black Matt Bernson 176 May 2009

Shop MB's Trojan in Luggage here.
I love Matt Bernson's flat sandals.  This is just one of 4 pairs of MB's. The gold studs around the toe and heel are eye catching.

Great and Small Coin Purse - Anthro orig $28, sale $19 - Feb 2010
Remember these cute coin purses.  They are much larger than you would expect.  I fit my magnetic sunglasses, lip gloss, and iPhone in one of these. I really need a larger bag. So I dropped this little bee jeweled bag into something much bigger...

All Leather Messenger/Satchel - Orla Kiely Greenline Collection SS09, orig $598, sale $398 - Sept 2009
When you throw this bag away, it's completely bio-degradable. So Orla tagged it as her Greenline Collection. Now why would anyone throw this away? 

And the finishing touches...

Flight of the Bees - Citrine and Sterling $44 - Etsy Shop Eye Candy Creations - June 2009

Bejeweled Bee Ring - by Kenneth Lane - Anthro orig $105, sale $70 - July 2009

Shop the Bee Ring here.

Heishe!  Stay away from that Bee! 

And that's my OOTD for buzzing about town.  Hope you enjoyed a little Bakersfield history. 
Tell me about your favorite Leifsdottir. 

I love Leifsdottir coats.  My favorite is my very first one.

Any Orla Kiely? 

How about your favorite Anthropologie Dress?  Tell me about it.

What is your favorite recent new item from anywhere?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Chrissy said...

Laura, I just love that coin purse and the Floe and Current Leifsdottir Coat in blue! I could KICK myself for passing up that beauty!

Chrissy said...

How did the Tracy Reese coat in the 4 work for you, by the way?

GeoInCalifornia said...


Haha! You're good. You remember the name of the coat. I was too lazy to look it up. I got it on sale too.

The Phlox and Coral is perfect.
Here is my review.

Lori said...

Love the back and the print on the leifsdottir tunic! And that blue leifsdottir coat is TDF. can't wait to see you use it in an ootd sometime I only own one leifsdottir piece-the both worlds jumper. It's fun but I still haven't figured out the best way to wear it

Dea said...

Laura, your outfit looks great and I love that darling ring!! Hope you're having a great weekend.

Jess said...

Hi Laura, looking great as always! I love the yellow peeking out the back. Hmm I do not own any leifsdottir yet, but looking at their website, the rosewood skirt has really caught my eye, sold out in my size though :(

My favourite dress from athropologie though is the Golden Light dress, followed by Compeer.

GeoInCalifornia said...


I would think some cute strappy sandals in gold or silver would go great with the jumper.


I looked up the Golden Light Dress. Gorgeous, gold, strapless and tiered. Can't wait to see you Post an outfit for it.

Would love to see the Compeer Dress on you too. I figure you must be saving the Compeer for a special occasion since you got it weeks ago.

I love the Rosewood skirt. Great sale price for a Leather Leifsdottir. Couldn't find it at any of the Major Dept Stores.

But darn if I didn't find a Leifsdottir Vintage Dots skirt in Blue in my size at Neimans for $70 and free ship. So I just now bought it. I had really wanted the Yellow version that Anthro had. But the light Blue is prettier and cheaper than the current Anthro Navy version.


I wish Anthro would carry more Kenneth Lane jewelry. And more rings like my Bee ring. I had a lovely 3 day weekend. Thanks for asking.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Jamie said...

That Leifsdottir coat is just to-die-for gorgeous. I can see that color being so stunning on you. And another bee outfit -- I love it!!! The coin purse is too cute. I would be afraid to use it -- I am very hard on my handbags and their contents. Chalk it up to always being late and needing to find something (car keys, cell phone, etc). very quickly.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. It is always a treat to see a comment from my favorite Geo. And I do hope the Sashas work out for you -- I could actually see them styled with this outfit!

Favorite Anthro dress? Oh man, I love them ALL!

vintageglammz said...

Hello Laura
Thanks for adding me, i've just added you as well.
i'm terrified of bees, but that bee purse is so adorable!
I don't think i could tell you my fave Anthro dress - i love em all! If i had to say, it;'ll prob be the drifting by dress...although i have 2 new dresses coming my way (im from Sydney), so who knows!
I really like leifsdottir stuff too. You look fab by the way!

goldenmeans said...

I love this dress and sometimes regret not getting it (even though the cut would probably be disastrous on me) for it's gorgeous gold cage buttons. Oh my, I find them so beautiful! Anyhow, I love the yellow and black and bee theme you have going on here, so cute :)

GeoInCalifornia said...


I could definatly use the Sasha's to take the Precious Stones Dress from casual weekend to a more style worthy outfit.

You need Orla Kiely handbags to keep yourself more organized. Every bag has an elastic pull with a key chain ring. Just grab the bright colored elastic and pull to retrieve those pesky lost keys.

I want this Orla Bag

GeoInCalifornia said...


I love the Drifting By Dress. But, I'm too busty and need definition at the waist with ruffles. But such a gorgeous dress.

And I feel sorry for myself, because there isn't an Anthro within 2 hours drive. When You don't have an Anthro in your entire country.

I am not a fan of Bees IRL. But cute little bees on everything else is so fun.

Click the link to see a second Bee Themed outfit.

Leifsdottir Roses and Bees OOTD

GeoInCalifornia said...


I love your creativity and your fearless experiments with style. You appear to do everything with grace and ease. Without the first two elements, any fashionable woman would look just like everyone else.

In large, the reason why I asked for your help with styling the Leifsdottir skirt. Which arrives in the mail next Monday Oct 4th.

It may all fall flat if the skirt is too big. I normally wear a 4 and had to order a 6. I may have to break out the sewing machine. But let's hope not.



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