Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Creative Mid Week Restyle - Wednesday's OOTD and Statement Overload

A male co-worker remarked that my clothing today was very creative.  He then said he meant it as a good thing.  So I inserted the Word "Creative" in my Post Title.  You be the judge on my creativity.  Tell me Pass or Fail in a comment at the end. 

Unscripted Scoopneck - by C. Keer - Anthro orig $58, sale $30 - June 2010
Let's get rolling with this top from Anthro.  I love the blue-green color.  I wasn't sure I would like the fabric tendrils after reading negative reviews about seaweed.  I ironed out some of the twists and even trimmed a few off.  Then I was happy.  Especially with the thick stretchy band that keeps the neckline from sagging.

Salka Jacket - by Double Stitch - Anthro orig $118, sale $59 - Mar 2009
I originally ordered this vintage style wool jacket from online.  It was way too big.  So I took it with me to the Fresno CA Anthro (2 hours away) and returned it there.  Since it was now on sale, I received a full refund, and purchased a replacement at the sale price, without having to pay shipping or return. Yeah!

Dark Denim Ruched Panel Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Gilt Fuse orig $150, sale $64 - Oct 2009

This cute little Liefsdottir Skirt is one of my favorites.  And the only clothing item I have ordered from Gilt Fuse. 

Mullion Tights Grey - by Eloise - Anthro $18 -  Sept 2009
This is what I am worried about.  I love tights.  I have a drawer full.  It feels like I don't get to wear them often.  Especially the textured tights like these.  They seemed to look great held up to the Unscripted Scoopneck last night.  But when I put them on this morning I wasn't so sure.  Does this happen to you?
I know nothing about putting outfits together.  I just use my common sense and go with my heart. 

Shop similar plaid tights from Anthro here.

My Mother once called this expression Laura's "Mona Lisa" Smile. Except there is no smile. We were doing a Family portrait.  I was in grade school.  Everyone was smiling but me.  Even the dog. Maybe that's why models don't smile that much.  They get tired of using up their lifetime allotment smiling at a camera.  He-he!

Dreaming in Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro orig $188, sale $90 -  Mar 2010
Shop the Metro Booties on sale here.

See me wearing the Leifsdottir Skirt and the Everybody Booties together again here.

I have never been one to wear boots let alone booties.  It was this particular pair that roped me in.  I think it was the color that first grabbed my attention. It happens to be one of three of my favorite colors.  I have worn them many times, and never grow tired of the rich splash of Orange adorning my feet.
Orla Kiely Leaf Tote Mainline AW09 - Garnet Hill orig $300, sale $150 -  Nov 2009
Shop Orla Kiely's AW10 Collection at her US site here.   UK site here.

This handbag is sitting on the side lines in my office. I truly try to hold out for Orla Kiely on sale. I am totally in awe of her bags. I love how most of the collection is set up exactly the same inside.  So it's easy to transfer from one bag to the next.  Her designs are unique, and feminine.  Her bags are classic and the construction is meant to last a lifetime. If you want to find her items on sale, from past season collections, you can visit some of the websites I have listed on my Side Bar. eBay is also a great way to find fabulous deals on Orla Kiely.

Ribbon Rays Necklace - by Tataborello Italy -  Anthro orig $258, sale $129 -  Mar 2010
Tataborello Jewelry from Italy is gorgeous. Each is slightly different from the next. When I first ordered the necklace I didn't bat an eye at the cost full price.  When it arrived with a broken bead it went right back to Anthro.  For that much it had better be perfect.  Luckily it went on sale as it was headed back.  I quickly bought another and got a Full Refund for the return. 

Thank you Anthro.  You are just cool that way.  Please don't ever change.

Sea Ribbons Bracelet - by Tataborello Italy - Anthro $218 - Feb 2010

View the 2010 Collection of Tataborello Jewellery here.

I haven't found any of the really nice pieces anywhere but Anthro. There are a few rings and earrings scattered about the Internet.  It's true I didn't like some of the collection that Anthro had.  Like the huge earrings.  But Anthro is the place to go for statement earrings.  I'm a little afraid of statement earrings, but not Orange Boots and Plaid Tights.

Did I Pass or Fail with the tights?

Do I have too many statements going on with this outfit?

How many statements am I making here?

I count FOUR possible statements.  Would that be two too many?  I think two is probably enough. At the max three. 

1. Orange Boots
2. Plaid Tights
3. Necklace (maybe it's not big but it is very Orange and sparkling.
4. Bracelet (both big, Orange and sparkling)

And was my work friend being nice when he quickly added his intentions were good?

Anthro Sister Statement Love, Laura


Abby said...

I think it looks great - I wouldn't change a thing! I've always felt that as long as you wear the clothes and don't let them wear you - and you have confidence, you can pull anything off!

Lady Cardigan said...

Pass! To me it all works together. I think the outfit makes you look like a creative person. Maybe that's what he meant.

Jamie said...

Tights pass -- you totally make them work, lady! And those Everybody shoes are fabulous! I love all your statements, and even the non-statement jacket is just so, so pretty. Beautiful outfit.

I had a coworker tell me "those are SOME boots." She didn't supplement it with a more positive comment, so I'm left wondering... : )

Saskia said...

Great! I have those tights and get compliments from strangers (in the gray and the brown). I'm always looking for new ways to wear them so appreciate the inspiration.

Saskia said...

Btw I don't think you have too much going on and you have a gift for putting things together! The necklace ties the shoes in. And the blue/gray color palette ties in with the tights. And the jacket matches everything. I'm bowled over! The brown orange is the perfect compliment to the blues.

l said...

I definitely think the necklace works best with the boots b/c I wouldn't understand the orange. Love it! :) It's an awesome way to transition into the fall/winter - with blues/yellows instead of just colors like leaves. And how could you go bad with an almost all-Anthro combo? Jealous! :)

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Abby,

Thank you! I think the only way cloths can take over you is if your outfit was either a canned outfit or someone picked it out for you. I do occasionally go with one of Anthro's canned outfits. But I have never purchased an entire outfit. Just bits and pieces. Who could afford a whole Anthro outfit anyway?

Lady Cardigan,

Thank you! I think he said that I always get creative with my outfits. And I said "can I take that as a compliment?" He said yes. And he knows I shop Anthro. He fell in love with my Sea Parrot Kaliedoscope from Anthro and ordered one from Sea Parrot for his Mom.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...


I do worry what people think. Sometimes too much. Plus, I'm not as young as most people think I am. But I love to dress this way because it makes me feel good. I love my Salka Jacket. Even though it's not my usual more fitted Jacket. It's also a one-hit-wonder. I have nothing else by Double Stitch.

If someone commented about your boots, they liked them. They were probably wishing they had the guts to wear them. Now I'm curious which pair of boots got the compliment?

Do tell?


Hehe! I also have the Brown Mullion Tights with the Burgundy stripes. I'm sure I will be wearing them. I love Autumn and Winter, just for the sake of Legwear. And thank you for the compliment.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi l,

I am bowled over by all the outfit love I am getting. How awesome that you like my slightly twisted style. It's a fun outfit, that got a few eyebrow lifts today.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Jess said...

Hi Laura,

I think it looks great together. I understand what you are saying, but they all work together, almost monochromatic but not :)

The orange booties are like the little pop of colour in your outfit, works great!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
I love the outfit and think it coordinates beautifully. I think the tights add a little bit of panache as well. The colors are great and very flattering. I love your necklace, what a gorgeous piece.
p.s. to me you remind me of an art teacher i had in college, and that is a compliment

GeoInCalifornia said...


The orange botties are a take of the orange jewelry.

Ali, That's so funny because I am so far from an art teacher. I'm a Geologist.

Love, Laura

Lori said...

I say it works! I really like those tights! I'd go with the fact that your coworker was giving you a compliment. But I also just figure that you can't please everyone's tastes - that's why there's so many different styles out there. As long as you love it and own it, you're going to look beautiful!

MsGiggleswurth said...

total pass, i'm not sure if i could ever pull of the textured tights and booties, but they look great on you and these pics are make me want to try it!

Lauren S. said...

It's definitely a pass. But I would say that if you feel self-conscious in it, then it's a fail. That's what tends to happen to me with the printed tights. I love them on the site, love them when I unroll them, and then second guess them when they're actually on my legs. And even if the ensuing outfit technically works, I'm so uncomfortable it's ultimately a fail.

I do love what you've done here. Honestly, the only questionable thing for me wasn't the tights, but the booties. To tone things down a bit, it might be nice to pair this outfit with some tall brown boots.

Have a great day, Laura!

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lori, I love it. But then I am a little strange at times. Especially with my colorful footwear.


I say go for it. You did Pink Lemonade perfectly.


I don't have have any tall boots. But at least one pair is in the works this Winter. I have never owned a pair. Only mid-calf boots.


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