Sunday, September 19, 2010

No Anthro Zone Review - Starring the Oxer Coat

I couldn't wait to receive this Jacket. The reviews are impressive. Almost perfect 5 stars. The coat had to be excellent. It certainly is cute in the Product Shots...

Oxer Coat in Brown - by Tabitha - Anthro $158 - Sept 2010

Truth! I DO NOT need another coat. I was attracted to the stylish European design and the Pink-ish Brown color. I was positive I would love it as much as the next reviewer. Most of you are well aware of my favorite quote by my Mother, " A girl can't have too many coats."

SIZE: Most reviewers suggested TTS. So I ordered my normal size 4. I am just under 5'6" tall, 122 lbs, 35-27-36, 34C, narrow shoulders, slightly shorter than average arm length.

FIT: First strike: In both photos above, the sleeves almost cover my hands. They are much too long and are designed loose around the wrists. So they hang down even though there is a cuff with buttons. So there is no way to keep the sleeve up unless I rolled them so the polyester (icky) lining showed.

Second Strike: The hemline stops right at the widest part of my hips. And I don't have wide hips, nor am I heavy set. But this jacket made me appear frumpy.

Big Plus: The ruffle detailing and enamel buttons are perfect. The waistband falls at a flattering level. I loved the coat from the back.

This coat is flattering all buttoned up as we have seen above. But not so open.

I am not pleased with the appearance of the unbuttoned coat from either front or side view.  The effect gives the appearance of the coat being 2 sizes too large for me.  In CA it's not uncommon to wear coats open.  It's more trouble than it's worth to spend a few minutes buttoning up, when I am going to walk 6 feet to get into my car.  At which point I would then unbutton a coat so I can drive comfortably and unrestricted a few miles directly into my garage. 

Oxer Coat in Green - Sept 2010 Catalog

Shop the Oxer Coat at Anthro here.

The Anthro model is sitting with the coat open. (Note: I'm not really trying to make any point here) Really, my hair doesn't look any worse than hers today.  But make-up forgot to visit me again.

FABRIC: Third strike: The instant I tried this on I felt the itchy wool. The collar is unlined on the inside. And I don't often wear collared shirts that I could fold over to prevent my neck from itching. The wool itself seemed soft to look at, but when I rubbed it with my hands was scratchy. However, I truly was in love with the attractive Pink-ish Brown color and the European Attitude in the design.

DELIVERY CONDITION:  The coat is fairly wrinkled from packaging.  Needs a good pressing or steaming. The enamel buttons are carefully wrapped in tissue paper to prevent scratching.  I carefully pulled them off for photographing, and then put them back on.

In the end, negatives out weighed the positives. I have to love a coat to pay this much. I am sadly returning this Tabitha Jacket to continue my quest for a Brown Tweed Jacket to go with my Lass and Laddie Oxfords.

I am wearing the Lass and Laddie Oxfords here.

Anyone have suggestions?  I would probably be happier if the Oxer Coat were Brown Cotton.  I do love the simple ruffles and European Styling.

Wish me luck!  Even if that's the only comment you leave.

Would love to hear from Readers that have never commented. 

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Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


Lori said...

what an awesome detailed review! I appreciate that you talk about lining etc too!

I think the jacket def looks too big around your torso (both open and closed). Also, I'd be sad without pockets that I could stuff my hands into. Looks like the ones on that jacket are only 'usable' if you unbutton them, and that prolly would never happen for hand stuffing....

AnthroYogi said...

Ah! I just tried this coat Thursday night and felt the SAME way! I just loved it on the hanger and was shocked at how it actually looked on me. I think in my case it was because of the dreaded ribs. The band hit right on them, making me look wide. Also, my shop only had a 2 (not my usual 4). The 2 actually fit everywhere else, sleeves included. Truthfully, I was happy to not have to add something to my wishlist! Good luck on your hunt. And like Lori said, I like pockets!

AnthroYogi said...

By the way, my google account switches back and forth between my "Katie" account and the "AnthroYogi" one. Sorry if that is confusing!

GeoInCalifornia said...


The Oxer is so cute. Maybe if I had ordered a 2 I would have been happier with the fit. Regardless, I still would have been bothered around the neck by the itchy wool. And you are right on about the pockets. No place to stuff my cold hands.


Don't worry! I know you are AnthroYogi. My Account switched from GeoInCalifornia to Laura a few times.

I wouldn't even buy the Oxer on sale. The wool and the frump factor. If you see something you think I might like, let me know.

I'll be wearing the Babergh tomorrow. So will post my first styling for the dress.

Collette Osuna said...

OMG...what a super cute coat!! It looks great on you:)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your super sweet comment:)

Have a fashionable day!
Statements in Fashion

Jamie said...

Hi Laura! I tried the Oxer coat and I have to agree -- not my favorite. And the 6 was actually TERRIBLY snug on me, which was a little surprising. Cream Confection pictures will be coming your way on my lunch break : ). Happy Monday!

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