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Guest Review for ACC - by Rachel - Anthro's Best of the Bunch Cardi

Hi there, I'm Rachel! Laura has been kind enough to extend an invitation to me to review the "Best of the Bunch Cardigan."

The Best of the Bunch Cardi - by Gro Abrahmsson - $228 - Sept 2010

A little about me: I am 5' 2" (and 3/4" if you want to be super precise ;) ), 36 C bust
I usually wear a Small or Medium in most Anthro shirts and sweaters
I have a fairly hourglass figure and would consider myself "curvy."

I should say right up front that this review is a bit biased because I LOVE the sweaters put out every year by Casch Copenhagen (now Gro Abrahmsson). Every winter for the past several years I end up waiting on pins and needles hoping they will release a new design at Anthro! 

Carbonella Sweatercoat - by Casch Copenhagen

So far, I have the Carbonella Sweatercoat, the Funnelneck (also known as the Visiting Professor Cardigan) in grey, and a white and gray cardigan whose name escapes me at this moment.

Funnelneck Cardi - by Casch Copenhagen
Each has worn extremely well, especially the Funnelneck Cardigan since it has seen the most wear. I love that the boiled wool is thin enough to be comfortable indoors but also warm enough to wear on brisk fall/winter days. I live in San Jose, Ca so I tend to wear them in the fall/ winter here and year round when I go to San Francisco.

Unknown Anthro Name - by Casch Copenhagen

The Best of the Bunch Cardigan did not disappoint straight out of the box. The color is gorgeous and pretty true to the online image.

I waited for awhile to see if it would show up in one of my local stores because I could not decide on which size to order, the medium or large, since the reviews led me to believe that sizing up was in order. I stuck with the safe bet-Medium. It fits snugly and looks similar to the model shot online.

 I was curious about how the large would fit and recently found it in store and tried it to see if there was much difference. The large seemed very similar in length but was roomier in the bust and shoulders. I am a solid 36 C so if you are larger in the bust area I say go with a Large or XL. If you are an XL to begin with you may be sized out but hopefully I am wrong.

The quality of this cardigan's boiled wool seemed on par with the others that I own. Substantial to be worn as an outer layer but thin enough to wear all day. The buttons are a bit daunting at first glance but easy once you realize there really is no wrong way to do it-just have fun playing around!! If you find one way you love and don't want to mess with it anymore, just take it off over your head and call it a day. These are just a few of the ways I came up with but I'm sure there are many more.

Overall, for me it was worth paying the full price. I wanted to be able to wear it in the fall instead of waiting until it went on sale mid-winter and I also couldn't stand the idea that my size would sell out before sale time. If you are a Casch/Gro devotee I say go for it!

Rachels outfit:
Best of the Bunch Cardi, Anthro 2010
Short sleeved version of Wind Rippled Tee, Anthro Summer 2010
Gap jeans, Spring 2010
Cydwoq "bonnet" shoes

Shop the Best of the Bunch Cardi from Anthro here.

If you are interested in learning more about the designer read here.

Rachel,  Thank you for this excellent review!  Laura

Hi Readers,

I love this Cardi on Rachel!  And you would never know she has a baby boy under two.  She looks fantastic.  She did a great job of thoroughly reviewing the Best of the Bunch Cardi. I really love how she styled it with the cropped destroyed jeans.

Please feel free to ask her questions and leave comments regarding her review.

Since I am limited to reviewing what I purchase, do you guys like the idea of seeing guest reviews on ACC? If you would like to see more, perhaps we can convince Rachel to guest review again in the future.

If you would like to submit your own review on ACC, just email the text and images and I will post them for you.  Don't worry about perfection.  Enjoy and have fun with it.

Make sure you use the subscribe button below the comment box, if you want all follow-up and answers to go to your email.  Or just check back if you like.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Rachel said...

So I showed this post to my husband and he said "so you have ALL of those sweaters?!" Hee Hee :)

So what was in your anthro box today?

GeoInCalifornia said...

Uh-oh! I will put something on and my BF will say "when did you get that" I will say something like "oh about a year ago" He will say "I don't remember ever seeing it" I will say "well I've worn it with you before. And so the conversation goes.

When I order shoes he says "do you really need another pair of shoes. Where will you put them"

I got the Oxer Coat. But considering the 5 star reviews, I'm not impressed. Sleeves way too long. But I did manage to get a Ruffled Cincher Belt accidentally on sale, before Anthro removed the sale price.

Maybe I will send back the Oxer and get the Cream Confection Coat. But I want the Camel color, and it's not online yet.

Katie said...

Swoon! I tried this sweater (the same day I tried the Babergh dress) and fell in love. Well, not love, it is a crush. No way can I work that into my budget but I just had to see it on. Maybe I can drop a hint to the husband for Christmas (and by then it will be completely sold out)!

Rachel you look fabulous in it! I love it with the denim. Thank you for reviewing it and mentioning how well the other Casch Copenhagen (now Gro Abrahmsson) items have held up. They are always are such stunners and really seem worth the price.

Laura, the Cream Confection Coat is adorable. I have tried it on a few times now and just love it. Hope the pinched nerve hasn't come back!

Katie (anthroyogi)

hs said...

Laura - read over on EA, but a reader there reported that Anthro is removing the camel/ neutral color Cream confection jacket entirely and won't be replacing it! Aargh, they seem to do this more frequently lately with items.

Loraine said...

Rachel, thank you for reviewing the Cardi. It looks just wonderful on you! Which Gap jeans are you wearing? So cute!

GeoInCalifornia said...


You could ask for the Cream Confection Coat and the Best of the Bunch Cardi for Christmas.

Hello Heidi,

Grrrrrr! I saw the Cream Confection Coat on Lori of Lorispeak in the Camel color. But that's OK, because I also need the Cream color. I will have to find another Camel coat. I also need a Brown Coat.


Rachel said...

So sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you Loraine about the jeans-my father is visiting so getting a moment to myself has been challenging! The jeans are Gap 1969 Easy Straight Destructed Dark Spring 2010. I got them on super sale a few months ago. If you can find them I highly recommend them, super comfy with a buckle in the back on the waist to cinch them in if necessary.

Katie-I hope you get it, it really is a great sweater! The price IS steep and I rarely pay full price for anthro items but it is just UNDERSTOOD in my house that I will get the Casch offering each winter :)

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