Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Day Before Friday OOTD - A Little of Everything I LOVE, Plus A Sale of a Day

Happy, happy Anthro Sale Day.  I wanted a dress from this sale.  I carefully read the reviews and pondered the problems of two sale dresses. The Chromatic Canvas Shirtdress and the Eyeleted Islands Dress.  Which do you think I ordered?

Today's OOTD is a mix of favorites from all over the web. Because as you may know, there is NO ANTHRO and nowhere to shop in Bakersfield CA.  All we have is Oil, Ag, and Good Ole Boys. Not that I'm against any of the three.  They each serve a purpose, and one is my livelihood.

First some Athleta....

Printed Rio Maxi Dress in Jade - Athleta - was $110, sale $70 - Aug 2009
This dress is still available here in both the Jade and Black Print.  But only in XXS. 

This dress wasn't without issues.  First of all, it was too long.  I took up the hem several inches and it's still too long.  The threads catch on my sandal buckles and pull the hem. I like the look of a racerback, but even a VS racerback bra will show with this dress..  The dress has a built in shelf bra.  If your a C cup or larger, you know those things don't work.  I end up looking like a loaf of bread.  So racerback bra and cover-up it is. 

Now some Anthro...

Obscured Oleander Cardi in White - by Sparrow - was $88, sale $50 - Anthro July 2009

I am also wearing the Cardi here.
This is a great little cover-up for the beach, lake, or the park. But don't get it dirty.  Because it's DRY CLEAN of all things. Now I know both cotton and linen can be washed.  I was a sucker for the applique and sweet little keyhole pockets.  It's light weight and breathable.  I figure, Dryel in my household dryer will work just fine.  Unless I drop it in the mud.

Now some Matt Bernson's...

KM Gladiators in Green Patent Leather - Matt Bernson Online - $169 - May 2009
I have a product shot, but prefer these on my feet.  Love the gold stud accents on the footbed. These melt right to your feet.  Comfortable to walk in.  And the footbed is padded.  I bought these to go with my Underwood Shirtdress.  Now sold on the blog.

You can find the KM here in an assortment of colors. 

Next for some Allison Dayton...

Turquoise Rose strung with Sterling Hand Stamped Salt and Pepper Beads  - by Allison Dayton
Athleta $198 March 2009
This large chunk of gorgeous Green Turquoise is worth every dollar I paid.  It was love at first sight the minute I saw the same necklace on Heidi.  It's OK.  We copy each other often.  Anthropologie, Athleta, Orla Kiely.  We both love them to distraction.

You can see more of Allison Dayton's jewelry crafting here.

I am also wearing this gorgeous piece and the next here.

Don't be fooled by the images in the Park at the RiverWalk.  I'm inside the office working in this outfit.

Last is my one and only piece of Chan Luu Jewelry...

Faceted Mixed Turquoise Wrap on Linen - by Chan Luu - A
Athleta $184 March 2009
You can find Wrap Style Bracelets at half the cost of this one on Etsy.
There are many examples of these bracelets here.

This concludes my Day Before Friday OOTD.  A mix of all kinds of things that I love. Including yesterday's Orla Kiely Tote.
Did anyone notice that I spelled Kiely wrong all over my post yesterday? 
You would think if there was one word I could spell correctly, it would be my favorite handbag designers last name.

What did everyone get on sale from Anthro? 
Don't leave me guessing.  Please tell it all in a comment.

Did you take a stab at one of the dresses as my pick?
Because it was a trick question.

I ordered the Many Roads Booties in Brown. 

They have been Wish Listed for an eternity and then some.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura  (


Anonymous said...

Hi laura love the outfit
got today the tiny windows dress in coral 29.95, in a twinking dress 29.95, and the green dress by maeve with the buttons down the front. Good deals to be had!

Katie said...

I really like the dress/cardi combination! The jade is such a great color on you.

Good sale pick! I really like those booties, they appear to be very versatile.

Yikes, confessions . . . I ordered two pairs of jeans. The AG Tomboys (I have another pair I treated myself to last year and I LOVE them, but I am not sure how the wash is on the pair I ordered. Maybe too much whiskering, in which case I will return them!) and the Level 99 Slim Bootcut (so cut JUST right for me and it has taken an enormous amount of self control to wait for a sale on these), two long sleeve layering tops (the Playful Proportions Henley in mauve and the Pure & Good Basic Long Sleeve T in good ol' white because I after I sorted through my fall/winter stuff I was lacking in "basics!") and last, I picked up the Double Vision belt in black. I have had a hard time finding a black belt with gold that isn't dressy, so I am hoping this fits the bill. Well, I spent more than I meant to so my fall boot purchase just got rolled back. Whoops.

Mandy said...

The trick question made me laugh! Can't wait to see you in those Many Roads Booties! I bought waaaay too many dresses ... the end of free shipping plus the massive markdowns made me go a little overboard this sale!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Yeah for $30 Anthro dresses. I chickened out on dresses this time. I end up sending too many back.


I have a few pairs of jeans. All kinda dressy. The last two times I ordered Jeans I had to return them. It was a brand I had never tried before. It's so hard to buy Jeans online.

I never wore boots until last Winter. How do you ever save up for a pair of boots. Wait until they go on sale next Spring? That's too long to wait.

I just got my return notification for the Phlox and Coral Coat. So I can re-order by Saturday. Before shipping ends. And I got another return credit coming at the same time.

Time to order the Babergh Dress. But I still don't know what size to get. Have you tried it on? Should I get a 4 or a 6? 35-27-36, with my big rib cage that I measured at full breath. 31"

I am going to re-read all the reviews tomorrow night. Hopefully something will jump out at me to help make the right sizing choice.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...


I have noticed on Adoring Anthropologie, that you have also been buying Cardi's and tops. Some cute ones that look great on you. I also noticed you are from Texas where they grow gals tall. He-he!

I used to go to Houston several times a months for work. Loves shopping at the Galleria.

I think you are even taller than my friend Heidi who has a difficult time finding Anthro Dresses and pants that are long enough.

Yeah again for Anthro Dresses on sale. I really did want both the Chromatic and the Eyeleted.

I am excited about the Many Roads Booties. I'm a shoe freak for sure. Now I will sit back and wait for a week for them to arrive by SNAIL MAIL UPS.

Love to you, Laura

Katie said...

I am heading to Anthro on Saturday; I don't know if you are wanting to order before then but I can snap some pictures and see how it fits. I adore the dresses. I usually don't try them on anymore because I fall in love with them and then have no reason to buy so many of them. I permit myself one or two a season if something jumps out at me. The life of a stay-at-home-mom. Sigh. That's why I picked up the denim this sale round! I am looking forward to getting some skirts for this winter, though. And if the perfect sweater dress comes along, it is mine!

Oh the boots. I have learned through trial and error I am way better off buying one pair of shoes I love at the start of the season rather than several pairs discounted here and there throughout the season. I LOVE shoes but I do better with just a few pairs in rotation at a time or I get overwhelmed.

Let me know about the Babergh Dress!

Anonymous said...

Jan with the free shipping i would estimate you are a 4 in the babergh dress I say that only as i am a half size bigger than you
Thanks !

GeoInCalifornia said...


I sent you an email.


Thank you for the sizing tip.


Jamie said...

I love your Many Roads Booties, Laura. I can't wait to see them in an OOTD.

As for me, I got the Scribbled Bouquet Cardi (wishlisted...and I found the last on in NJ in my size...phew!) as well as the In a Twinkling Dress. I actually think this dress is more suited to fall, with the gold-flecked polkas and the cream (rather than white) base. AND it was $29.95....the price of a pair of Anthro shorts that I returned because they had been sitting in my closet for 8 months. The dress is a much better use of $30.

When I was in the store, I hunted for a 4 in the Babergh to see if I could try it on again and get some measurements/find out when it stopped zipping. I'm a 29.5 in the ribcage, but I can't remember whether the 4 was too snug before or after the ribcage. But I definitely had more than enough room in the hips in the 6, and you're quite a bit smaller than me there, so I'm sure the 6 would be baggy on you. I'm sorry I can't be of more help!

Kay said...

Laura, your outfit is PERFECTION. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress. It's so flattering. I am still dedating whether or not I can pull off a maxi dress.

You already read what I got from the sale on Anthro Flux, but I also was able to nab a Two-Wheeler Shirtdress today! I'm such a bad girl! Guess I'll be eating beans for a while and working extra hours...

hs said...

Laura, your outfit looks beautiful. Very well put together OOTD.

And, a question please. How do you find the Dryel to work with dry clean clothing? I don't go to dry cleaners at all because of the chemical issues (actually had an oncologist in my family tell us all to stay away from dry cleaning chemicals!) The dry clean clothing I currently do have is primarily jackets that I keep in clean, good condition - but it would be nice to have an alternative. Would love to know your thoughts!

Have a great Labor Day weekend,

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi other Heidi,

Dryel is handy and cheaper than the Dry Cleaners. It comes with dry cleaning solution for stains and blotters you can put behind the stain to soak it up. Then toss it all in the zipper bag with the wet cloth and throw it in the dryer. Up to Four articles per cloth. It gives them a steam bath. I never leave anything in for the full time. And don't mix heavy and light items in the bag. Heavy fabrics will pill light knits. Also don't mix light colored fabrics with darker that might bleed.

Works for all fabrics. I have used it to steam my couch covers and pillows too.

I am very careful to remove stains before they set. I carry a Tide Stain stick in my handbag.

Most sweaters and cotton items can be spritzed with a light water/fab softener mix and tossed in the dryer on low for a few minutes to freshen and remove wrinkles. I also through my Jeans in and spritz after wearing all day. It brings them back into shape. Use high heat and longer time for Jeans. I don't really use the Dryel that much.

I also have an Evercare fuzz and pill remover that I regularly use on my sweaters and coats. It's time consuming, but keeps them looking like new. Makes an annoying buzz that scares my kitties. I try to keep up on defuzzing them once or twice a month while watching TV.

Any machine washable clothing goes into a large washer bag (Tide makes different sizes) that protects the clothing. I wear most of my machine wash clothing 4 to 6 times before I wash it. Reduces fading and wear. I realize this won't work for everyone. But I think we waste a lot of water, energy, and pollute the environment by needlessly washing clothing too much. I do wash my towels and sheets once a week. I'm not into stinky!

One of these days I will create a Tips Tab on the blog. Hope it helps.

Did you get the info on Closet Organizing I emailed to you?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

hs said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much for your detailed information about using Dryel, I really appreciate it. Also, about the spritzing and information to avoid pilling, that is helpful.

Since moving to the south, I feel as if I can wear very few clothing items in the summer months without having them ruined because of the heat and humidity. I have two blazers that got nasty and sweaty, and have them sitting in the corner because I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. Traditional drycleaning is not an option, so I'm also looking into "natural" cleaners and seeing whether or not they really use a natural process.

I didn't receive the closet organizing info, but would love to have it. Can you resend?

Thanks Laura!


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