Saturday, September 11, 2010

Save Money - Buy More Anthro

The less I spend on other things, the more money I have for Anthro.

Tip#1 - Get more from your Mascara.

One tube of my favorite Mascara costs a whopping $19. This is what I do to make that tube work to the very last drop. About 5 months.

Before applying make-up...

Purchase my Favorite Mascara from Sephora here.
drop the tube in a glass of very hot tap water. Making sure the tube is tightly closed.

1. Then apply some make-up...

2. Then dump the water and put fresh hot tap water in...

Repeat steps 1 and 2,  3 or 4 times before applying Mascara.

Carefully open the tube. The Mascara will be much more liquefied than you have ever seen it.

It will go on evenly in one coat.

Warning:  Although I have never experienced a problem, it's been pointed out that heating may increase bacteria.

This is a little secret the cosmetic industry would rather you didn't know.
After all, they want you to buy many tubes of expensive Mascara and waste as much as possible.
I started using this method years ago and have used many different brands. Waterproof or not.

This is my tip. I have never seen this suggestion anywhere else. I want to share it with you so you can save money and buy more Anthro. Which happens to be my number one goal in life. Tee-hee!

Works like a charm.

Anyone have any Money Saving tips to share. Please leave a comment.

Anthro Sister Love and Money Saving Tip, Laura (


Mandy said...

Great trick, Laura! I'll definitely be trying this one. I'm all about saving on makeup and splurging on the clothes and shoes!

You look Ah-MAZING in the Babergh, by the way! I'm tempted to try it now thanks to your gorgeousness (and those shoes and tights you paired with it are PERFECT)!! I wishlisted it today in a size 4 based on your very thorough review, and I'm going to watch it closely in case the size gets low on the website.

And thank you for pointing out that the Ruffled Cincher was marked down! I'm so so glad that you got it on sale (I didn't even notice it had been marked down until you pointed it out!!). I hope you are enjoying it! I'm definitely going to consider ordering the brown. Love that belt!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday night! :)

~ Mandy

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Meg said...

I'll have to try this! Benefit Bad Gal is my favorite mascara too and it'd be awesome to get as much use out of that little $19 tube as I can!

hs said...

Laura, I love your headline of, the less I spend on other things, the more money I have to spend on Anthro! Great Philosophy!

The only concern I see with the mascara issue is that repeatedly heating the mascara increases the bacteria (they love that warm environment) in the tube, and mascara is one beauty product that usually has more bacteria than other beauty products - one reason it has a shorter shelf life than almost any other beauty product. Just thought I would mention so you were aware.

I hope you are having a great weekend and that Bakersfield temps are getting cooler. Hubby says we can't visit there now if it is not hot enough ( really kidding this time).


GeoInCalifornia said...


Thank you for pointing this out. Although I have never had an issue with heating. My Mascara has a 6 month expiration date. I realize heating may reduce that time.

Yeah! It's so much cooler here. I can live with 90 degree temps.

I added a warning to the Post.


Anonymous said...

I showed your tip to my girl friend. She always complains about having to less money to spend on clothes. Thanks.

Bezahlte Umfragen

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