Monday, November 1, 2010

Anthro and Athleta - The Focus of My Camera!

For the last time, we are jumping back in time to two weeks ago. 

I adore Anthropologie!  I love Athleta!  Why not bring them together.  The former defines me as a woman, while the latter allows me girly comfort. This outfit is no exception.  It brings me down to Earth with so many feminine details. 

See how I mix Anthropologie and Athleta here, here, and here.

Cumulonimbus Tee - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $68 - June 2010
 The focus is this heavily detailed girly Tee. Not without it's problems.

First of all, Anthro Tee's run very large.  I normally wear a Small or Medium in most T Shirts. However, in Anthro T Shirts I wear an XSMALL.  I truly feel for you tiny ladies.

Secondly, I am lucky that I can sew and make simple alterations. Because most of Anthro's T Shirts are too low cut.  For example, I had to take a one inch tuck on each side of the neckline of this T Shirt. I know, a lot of work for a full priced T Shirt. But worth the extra effort for me.

Sherpa Skirt in Olive - Athleta Orig $80 - Nov 2009
 Athleta's Sherpa skirt is a Winter wonder. The fabric is wicking, soft, warm and has been offered in a rainbow of colors over the years. Nicely detailed zippered pockets located front and back.  This particular color of Olive, sometimes looks Brown.  If I lived in a Winter State, this skirt would be a must have in every color.

I still can't believe I took this myself with only a 4" tripod.  Let's be clear about the fact that my photographer is my X-Hubby. And he was no where near the Killer Kern River Bottom this day. I don't want you guys to think I am using a Pro. Neither if us has a clue what to do with a camera.  My best stuff is purely by accident.
Speckled Tights in Ivory - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Feb 2010
Too many pairs of tights, not enough outfits. If you have not taken the dive into Anthro's selection of tights, then you are missing one of life's perfect Winter accessories. 

BTW, this belt was included with a pair of Apartment 9 Jeans from Kohl's. I used it in this outfit to balance the Turquoise Rose necklace. It's about 4 years old and made from very cheap plastic and what reminds of heavily glued card board.  But it looks cool, and I get tons of compliments on it.  There is only one reason this belt has survived in my Anthro dominant closet.  My closet lacks belts. 
Portland Blossom Mary Jane's - by Keen - Nordstroms Orig $85, Sale $42 - Oct 2008
Before my love for J-41's grew, there was this one pair of Keens.  I wear them often during the Winter. They seem to slide right into the vacant shoe area of so many outfits.

This is me trying to come up with a creative new pose that won't leave me falling flat on my face. For one of my very first Posts, I wasted an hour photographing myself attempting to hold an Anthro models pose.  I honestly don't think my knees bend in the same direction as hers.  This is a must see if you haven't already seen it.  See the models pose and my simplified version here.

Solid Turquoise Rose with Hand Stamped Salt and Pepper Beads
by Allison Dayton - Athleta Orig $198 - Apr 2009
You guys have seen this Turquoise necklace a few times already.
Brown Cable Knit Sweater - by DKNY Jeans - Circa 2008

I seem to have discovered a love for photography.
But when I examine this closely, it seems like I love taking photos of myself.
And that just sounds wrong.
Is this a natural channel for most Style Bloggers?
Remember I never blogged until 3 months ago.
Am I overdoing the photography? 
Or do nice photos at least add something to the mix? 
Should I be focusing on something else?
Dressing Room Reviews are not possible in my No Anthro Zone.  I am already reviewing everything I order.
Besides, I'm still in my holding pattern as one of the top10 Anthro Reviewers. 
Be honest please!

Anthro Sister Love,  Laura

If you don't wish to comment on the live blog, please feel free to email me at lauramartinsemail


Jess said...

Ohh very nice, that outfit will transition nicely into the spring too, well without the tights :) That is a very pretty necklace, I love the teal colour! Is the tee heavy near the front with the detailing?

I think your pictures are great, I know when I am taking photos, I seem to end up with just a few that work for me, but you always have plenty. I like that!

Before you started blogging, did you like to have your photo taken? I didn't, and still don't, but I have found that I am getting less nervous and more relaxed in front of the camera.


Swati said...

I never wear anything from anthro without alterations .. they just would't fit me :) ....i always loved being photographed :) .. infact for me its the other way round .. i started my blog to display my photographs too :)... i belive there is nothing as overdoing photography .. its just a medium to display to interests and such

The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes

vintageglammz said...

Hey Laura
You know what, im on the same boat as you - i always think that maybe im including too many photos or not enough "detail" shots etc...
Some times i even have to get a second opinion from my hubby - " i uploading too many photos of myself hun?". I think the key is moderation and variety. I honestly don't think you are overdoing the photography. But the most important thing is to stay true to your blogging style. Everyone is different on how they present their photos. One photo or 10 photos, we will still be reading ;-)
Cute top by the way! it suits the natural landscape!

Jamie said...

I think you have the perfect number of photos, Laura, and I love that you're discovering a new hobby as a result of blogging. You have a great editorial eye, both for composing outfits and for choosing the right pictures. This whole outfit is very girly chic and I love it! Those Keen shoes are too much. I have never tried Keen shoes, but I have a pair of Merrells that I got at Nordstrom Rack and I love them!

Laura said...

Hi Jess, Deletta re-enforced the neckline of this T. It has a thick band the runs around it. And mo it's not at all heavy. I don't mind having someone take my picture that I know really well. I have learned not to look. At the camera. Even when it's only me.

Laura said...

Dear Swati, It looks as though you truly enjoy being a model. That is clearly evident by the way you shine for the camera. Not only are your photos beautiful, so are you.

greatbleuheron said...

LOVE the photos. They're one of the main reasons I'm a fan of Anthro blogs. I really enjoy seeing how these pieces I've become familiar with, and often own myself, look on other people. It's also fun to see how you and others style them, and to get a sense of options I might have overlooked. Pictures do that better than any other medium! (Except video, I guess, which is a medium that irritates my computer.) Upshot: I say keep it up with the pix!

Laura said...

Jen, I think I need some reassurance now and then that I am headed in the right direction. Blogging style? What is that? I don't have a blogging Style. This is how I write. Details, details, and more details. And it's good to know that someone is reading.

Laura said...


I think you give me too much credit. I am noticeably inconsistant when I write. Most days my writing is weak and I come up blank. Other days it flows out perfectly.


Great comment! You are certainly right! A picture is worth a thousand words. But 8 might be seven thousannd too many. I'm actually not a big fan of videos for outfits or even the products. I can't tell what's going on with all the moving around.

Lady Cardigan said...

Glad you were able to make the Anthro shirt work for you. Your comments about the way Anthropologie tees fit are right on target. I'm very skinny and flat-chested so I just can't wear most of them, too bad because I love Anthropologie.

I don't think you're using too many photos, not at all. You need to take photos of yourself for a fashion blog, and I like that you do so many outdoor photos. In this post, every image is different and adds something. Also, I like the size of the photos you're using. They fit nicely into the text. I say keep doing what you're doing. Your blog has a friendly feel to it.

And btw I love your outfit.

Kristina said...

I really loved my paris top from poetrie and the cloche. I just recently discovered them, but I know Elaine over at clothed much, wears a lot of their pieces and they actually sponser for her. She might be able to give you a better idea if the more complicated pieces are as pictured!

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