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No Anthro Zone Sale Picks - Not Another Copy Cat? - Round Three For Leifsdottir

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Leifsdottir's Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Stone Garden Necklace

I picked up a few Anthro items on sale yesterday.

Alice In Autumn Sweatercoat by Charlie and Robin in Navy - I wanted the Splendid Vinca, but this is more versatile
Perthshire Dress by Edme and Esyllte  (sold out) a Wish Listed item.
Belladonna Top by Karen Nicol - some addition of Pink to my closet.
Wandering Thoughts Cloche in Moss - more versatile than my Turquoise Wool Cloche
Matched Mates Necklace - highly rated - love the variations of Green
Snowball Fight Scarf in Red - to wear with the Perthshire Dress
Downy Canals Scarf in Ivory - it was cheap and I need a neutral scarf

I'm just an old Copy Cat.  I fell first for the Leifsdottir Tunic in Black at Nordstroms.  I tried to run with my own outfit using the Black Tunic. I could have used Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi in Gray.  But I'm a colorphile, so that wouldn't do. I quickly admitted defeat, and returned the Black version for the Chartreuse. One of my favorite colors mind you!

Anyone know the Anthro name for the Tunic? 

Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - by Leifsdottir - Nordstroms Orig $228 Sale $114 - Dec 2009
 I probably would not have ordered the Falling Ribbon if not for the outfit.  It just looked so perfect with the Tunic.  It was as if they were made to be together. Navy and Chartreuse?  How does Anthro do this?  Is it all planned out?  Did they ask Sparrow to design the Cardi around the Leifsdottir Tunic?  Whatever the answer, thank you for this pairing Anthro.

 The wide full skirted Tunic does tend to make the Tushy look bigger. 

Falling Ribbon Cardi - by Sparrow - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009

As it turns out, I fell for the Cardi six months later.  One day I stepped into my closet and picked up my Jacqueline Dress and began scanning for a Cardi.  My eyes hit on the Falling Ribbon.   A second outfit was born. This outfit has gotten more compliments than anything I've worn in my life.  And it's my very own re-mix.
 See my RE-MIX for the Falling Ribbon and the Stone Garden HERE

Shop the Falling Ribbon Cardi in Gray size Large HERE, size XS HERE.
For reference, I'm wearing size Small

Stone Garden Necklace - Anthro $178 Sold Out - Dec 2009
Freshwater Pearl, Serpentine, Citrine, Smoky Qtz, Carnelian, Red Agate, Sterling
Now I had an additional outfit.  That meant I could wear the gorgeous Stone Garden Necklace more often.

This necklace makes me happy!
My Mother calls it the most beautiful necklace in the World. 

Back to the outfit for today.  The necklace seemed the perfect natural choice for the Cardi and Tunic.  But also a major expense.  It was gifted to me by my BF for Christmas. Hallelujah!  The day after we ordered it, it was Sold Out.

Leifsdottir's Chartreuse Moonset Silk Tunic - Anthro's Falling Ribbon Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Stone Garden Necklace

You can't get this necklace anywhere today.  But I can point you too an Etsy shop where you will find some remarkably priced gorgeous necklaces just like it.

Both Heidi D. and I have ordered many times from the lovely Shop owner Saraporn in Thailand. And yes we both have the Stone Garden Necklace.

I shopped my closet for the rest of the outfit. There I found an ancient pair of Kohl's straight leg jeans by Apt 9.

Anthro's Two Paths Trench - by Idra - Apr 2010

Two Paths Trench - by IDRA - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - Monterey, CA Store Apr 2010
  I also found the Two Paths Trench just hanging about behind the closet door.  I picked up this lovely machine wash/ tumble dry coat on a girlfriend shopping spree to the Monterey CA Anthro store. Just two weeks ago it was in the mid 80's. Several wind and rain storms later, we are in the mid 50's.  I love any excuse to prance about in my Winter garb.  This coat comes out of the dryer almost wrinkle free.  Within a few days of purchase the coat went to sale and the kind store SA happily gave me a PA.

 See Dea of the Dea Diaries wearing the Two Paths Trench HERE

Cadence Oxfords - by Biviel - Anthro Orig $168 Sale $90 - Nov 2008
Orla Kiely Dark Stem Tote SS08 AKA Anthro's Sepia Crocus Bag - Anthro $178 - Jul 2008

I have managed to RE-MIX the Falling Ribbon Cardi and the Stone Garden Necklace.  But the Tunic style and color make it very limiting. I tried the outfit with a Black Pencil Skirt and it just didn't look right with the full skirted Tunic.  Straight leg jeans offer a narrowing effect, along with heels to give lift that balances out the wide skirt. 

Dear Readers,  I need a stellar idea to RE-MIX the Tunic. I would also love to know the Anthro name.  I have forgotten it.  And Google wouldn't let loose with the name either.

Happy Thanksgiving! Anthro Sister Love,  Laura (


LC said...

Cute outfit! Love your sale picks as well...I have been good and holding out in case I do some shopping after Thanksgiving. I want to try on the Alice and Perthshire next week.

Jess said...

Aw you look cute as usual Laura :) The cardigan and trench are my favourites I think, love them both. Hmmm I think for that tunic, have you tried tucking it into a skirt? I think it might look good with a pencil skirt (navy/black/brown?) tucked in, a cardigan on top, tights, booties? Ohhh your ones with the three straps on them! yes something like that...

Collette Osuna said...

You always look so gorgeous!! I love so many things in this post...the pretty...the coat..the gorgeous necklace....and of course the bag....ohhhhh the bag:)

I adore you....and today you gave me one more reason why:) Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself on my blog today....hugs are a true friend!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

20 York Street said...

You look fantastic! I adore that trench coat, such pretty details!

p.s. lovely blog too.

Jessica said...

Wow, those pieces look so great together! I have that trench also and it's one of my faves! And I love that necklace!

vintageglammz said...

Hello sister Laura!
You are so adorable when you "copy cat" an Anthro outfit! You've certainly done a fantastic job. The tunic is just so lust-worthy, and the colour is perfect for you. And NO, it does not make your bum look big at all! Unfortunately, i don't know the name of it..
Also really like your two paths trench. The layers at the bottom are gorgeous and set it apart from the standard trench coats out there.
Glad you picked up a handful of sale items. Would be great to see them on you soon!

Laura said...


The Perthshire has been Wish Listed for months. The style seems a lot like the Fragrant Valley. I didn't size down as suggested by reviewers, so I'm worried about the fit.


Great idea to tuck in the Tunic. I should have thought of that. And I have many pencil skirts to try. Those Three Times Booties are getting alot of wear.


The Orla Kiely Bag is my first and favorite. The rich Autumn palette goes with just about everything. It's over two years old and still looks great.

20 York Street,

Thanks for the compliments.


The Two Paths Trench seems to be popular among the Anthro Community.


I've been in a re-mixing slump lately. I'm finding myself using tried and trues for the last 2 weeks.

Let's just say I am getting some help for my lack of creativity.

Mandy said...

Ok I totally LOVE this outfit - I of course always appreciate seeing cute jeans and booties together (the Kohls jeans look fab!). The Two Paths Trench is fabulous on you - love the cream color! And what a steal to grab it on sale!! I am so jealous!!

But I must say that my favorite part of this outfit is the Leifdottir tunic and the Falling Ribbon Cardi ... Laura, the navy and chartreuse look ah-mazing on you!! So gorgeous ... and you know I'm a fan of the most beautiful necklace in the world, right? It's the perfect addition to this outfit!! Your copycat version is better than the model's outfit, as usual, because it's a real life version, not a picture in a catalog! Lovely!

I love your sale picks - I'm curious, what size did you order in the Alice?

And just so ya know, I changed my blog name/address, and I think it messed up everyone feed ... ugh. The new URL is

Hope you had a Happy Turkey Day!

Laura said...


Found your new URL. Now Following. Answered all your questions there. And how you came up with Bobs and Doodads is some true creativity. It took ten minutes before I saw the light.

Jamie said...

Love how you are wearing your most beautiful necklace in the world! It works so nicely with all the yellow accents in your outfit. This is one of my favorite stylings of the Falling Ribbon -- no joke! And you look great in jeans. Most Anthro lovers are rare jean-wearers, but I think you did a great job reminding us that Anthro and jeans go well together. Great copy cat look!

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