Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Meeting of Minds OOTD! In The Trees + Berry Stitched + Cream Confection = Smashing Success

A quick note about Birthday Discounts.  If you live in a remote area that is some distance from an Anthro store, and you receive your Birthday Discount Coupon that states it is only applicable if used in stores, please do not distress.  Drop Anthropologie a quick email at anthro@anthropologie.com and quickly explain your circumstances.  It's highly likely that you will receive an online discount via email.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 (TTS or Size Up)
Trickle Down Top in Navy - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40 - Nov 2010 (Size Down)
British Poise Cincher Belt – Anthro $48 – Nov 2010 (Size Up)
This outfit has been coming to me in bits and pieces for over a month now.  But I didn’t see the potential until I found this Post by the Anthropologie Connoisseur. At the time I had the In The Trees Skirt and was at a loss on styling a special outfit from this obviously very special skirt.  The Berry Stitched Boots were already on their way by snail mail. They arrived last night at 9 pm. I reviewed them since it’s likely there will continue to be many Pop Backs to the catalog.  Plus, they are on sale.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 (TTS or Size Up)
and yes that's my favorite eBay'd Orla Kiely (big as a bowling Bag) Handbag

Once the connection between the skirt and boots had been established, the rest of the outfit fell into place.  I went with the Trickle Down Top in Navy, and the British Poise Cincher Belt as I had already planned.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Cream Confection Coat - by Idra - Anthro $178 - Sept 2010 Sold Out Online

Now we come to the Jacket.  I originally picked this Green Houndspaw Coat by Leifsdottir, but was not happy with the coat covering so much of the outfit details.  So I asked the Anthropology Connoisseur to please take a look at my Virtual Closet and perhaps find something that would make this outfit a stand out.  She did! See her Post “On The Right Tract.” The Cream Confection Coat was exactly what was needed. Now why couldn’t I see that for myself?

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig. $158, Sale $80 - Nov 2010 (TTS)
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010 TTS or Size Up
Cream Confection Coat - by Idra - Anthro $178 - Sept 2010 Sold Out Online
I added a mix of Red Stone Jewelry made from Garnet and Carnelian. So there you have the outfit.  Now for a couple of reviews.

Trickle Down Top - by Deletta
Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40
Trickle Down Top - by Deletta
Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40

No Anthro Zone Review:  The Trickle Down Top in 4 Scruptious Colors – by Deletta – Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40.  Still available in every size and color.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this Top.  Normally anything with ruffles that meander across the chest ends up a looser for me.  I was pleasantly surprised by this Deletta.

SIZE:  I normally wear a Small or a Four.  But from experience with Anthro T Shirts, I’ve learned to SIZE DOWN. I ordered an XSmall. I'm a 34C, 125 lbs, narrow across the shoulders.

FIT:  Perfection. The fabric has friendly give.  Since you can’t tell in the photos, at just under 5’6” the length hits me below the hips.  Perfection again.  The cap sleeves are almost to short to call sleeves.  The neckline dips just a bit low, and the fabric although lovely, is a bit sheer. I layered Anthro’s Reversible Tank in Black.

RUFFLES:  When I first tried the top on, the ruffles were waving back and forth around the neckline. So I pressed them down with an iron.  I had thought I might have to tack them with thread.  But no!  They really are better left loose. Of course they will tend to wave a bit when bending, but now they fall right back into place.  They are such a lovely detail. Ironing them also keeps them from sticking out at the bustline too much.  They are short enough not to look clownish.

Note:  Be sure the ruffles are laying flat when you put on a coat or heavy Cardi.  Just reach back and smooth them down so the weight of your coat doesn’t crease them.  Your good to go.

I normally don’t buy the same item in multiple colors.  But the temptation is growing. 
GeoInCalifornia recommends this Anthro Top and Rates it a full 5 stars.

Christine always tells me Heishe is cute - for a cat!

Review - Anthro's Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Orig $248 Sale $130 - Dec 2010

No Anthro Zone Review:  The Berry Stitched Boots – by Lucky Penny – Orig $248, Sale $130. Almost sold out. But there are likely to be some Pop Backs through this catalog link.

SIZE: I normally wear an 8, but I ordered a ½ size up.  I did the same with the Bowtied Beauty Boots by the same Brand.  Lucky Penny.

FIT: They feel a bit loose but I like them that way.They are super comfortable with the low heel.  Not much arch support which I don’t need.  I didn’t find them to be narrow as some reviewers reported. There’s no zip, so be prepared to tug a little.

COLOR:  Very deep Brown/Purple.  These should be named the Chameleon Boots.  They change color in the light.  A very cool pair of boots in my opinion. Not in your face at all.  Leather is butter soft and does scratch easily.  Be sure to use some sort of leather protector on these immediately.  Leather on the shaft is left more natural looking than on the shoe.  Because it’s so soft it will tend to wrinkle and crack easily.  But in a good way.  Another reason got applying the protector as soon as you get them.

DETAILS:  Open Stitching may not be good for wet weather, but it’s a cool detail and the main reason I purchased them other than the color. Great Slip Proof Rubber sole. Inside is raw and untanned. Not really deeply padded, but still very comfortable.  Nice flex for walking.

Just be aware of their limitations in wet weather. Take good care of them.  You’re going to want them to last a long time.
GeoInCalifornia recommends these Anthro Boots and rates them a full 5 stars.

I haven't thought about today's topic.  So let's just call this a free for all topic day.  What's on your mind?. Goooooo!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Mandy said...

Laura, you look so so wonderful in this outfit! I LOVE the In the Trees skirt on your figure - it's just PERFECT! And the navy top adds such a zing to the outfit! I really like the Berry Stitched Boots too - those are another pair that I'd love to have but am not buying because of the boots that Luke's buying me for Christmas (I don't want him to feel his present is competing with other shoes, haha). The Cream Confection is exactly what you needed for this outfit - just gorgeous! I'm so glad that you love that coat because it truly does suit you so well!! :) Love your kitty cat too ... Luke and I would love a kitty but I'm allergic to their fur and saliva, and it makes me so sad because we both love them!

MsGiggleswurth said...

oh, how have i never seen this skirt before? i looove birds! your so cute as always! and your jacket looks so lusterous~

Peggy said...

Love your outfit today!! Wish I had that skirt! Everything looks fab!

Kelly said...

Your Cream Confection Coat is so perfect for this outfit! And I'm loving the photo with your cat in it. When I first started taking outfit photos my cat was always trying to get in the picture, but she doesn't do it as much anymore. I guess she's bored with my picture-taking habits :)

Laura said...


My cats are wonderful! That's so sad you want a kitten. I thought they had meds for Pet Allergies? We had guinea pigs, and if the male licked me it made me itch.


I provided the link to the Anthro Skirt. I love birds too. Particularly a very special one that I can't talk about or a friend would get upset.


It's a fun skirt. I definately needed a little help to make the outfit special.


I don't take that many photos indoors. I prefer the Park and River behind the office. But it's been so cold and wet lately that it's easier to take photos in the house. Heishe likes to be the center of attention. Mewtwo will sit quietly to the side and watch.

Besides, look how many wonderful places you have right outside your door in NY city. What I would give for that. But I must work where there is Oil, Gas, and No Anthro.

Kay said...

I love you in this outfit! I am still waiting for a second cut on the skirt (if it gets one), but I love it on you!! Amazing styling!

Jess said...

Fantastic outfit Laura! Those boots are a great find, I am glad you are getting into the boot "thing". I find them to be so practical and stylish at the same time. I think lucky penny makes great boots too. My "road-not-taken" boots are by them too, love the leather and detailing that lucky penny uses.

hmmm free topic? The rug in the last picture matches your bag :D I think you planned that! or not...hehe

Jamie said...

This look turned out great, Laura! I think the belt does a great job of taming the ruffles on the side of the skirt -- show them who's boss and don't let them do anything funky to your trim hips (as they did to mine!). And the CC jacket really is the perfect length for this look. I never bought the CC, and now it's popped back in a 6...but I must remind myself that my sole ivory coat is already stained, and that I did not like the fit of the 6 anyway. : )

I did indeed take a thorough look at your virtual closet (so fun!). Do you mind if I do my own version of a styling post for the In the Trees, creating a few looks with pieces that you own, and creating a few other looks with pieces that I own? I think it could be fun!

vintageglammz said...

Great outfit Laura! The trickle down top in the navy looks amazing with that skirt. The Berry Stitched boots are perfect on your legs and look super comfy too.
Sometimes, it's hard to come up with a topic for my posts. I rarely feel inspired (especially after work) and usually don't know where my post is actually headed! I get so stumped that it's frustrating ..hehe. Anyway, it's just nice to look and marvel at other bloggers' images :-)

Laura said...

Kay, I'm hoping you do get the skirt. I would love to see how you style it.

Jess, No attempt to match. The rug is always in front of the fireplace. Three pairs of boots are not enough for me.

Laura said...

Jamie, This is a fantastic idea. Wish you had a virtual closet I could poke around in. I can't wait to see your suggestions. Fun, fun, fun!

Jen, I almost put WikiLeaks as a topic, then I thought of my Austrailian Blog friends. I love photos best too. That,s why I pack my posts with too many.

Anonymous said...

The outfit turned out absolutely wonderfully! I really like the Cream Confection with the look!

Thanks for the links and your sweet words, once again!

Elizabeth said...

Laura I love the colors of this outfit! And the boots! I'm so glad to hear there are others that apply leather protector immediately after purchase. I have a small obsession with that, Scotch guard for fabric, and suede cleaner. I thoroughly enjoy laying out all my items and going to town on them. I am so strange..

Anyways, I thought I'd leave you a comment and let you know that I made a small mention of you and your blog in my most recent post. Hope that's alright!

Jamie said...

Laura~ Wonderful! I'll try to draft up a post this weekend. I'm already looking forward to it!

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