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No Anthro Zone Review - The Sasha Pumps in Wednesday's OOTD!

What a morning. I went to pick up Heidi D. at the Honda Dealership.  Cheeto needed a new mask.  It's a little Orange metallic Civic.  Hence the name Cheeto. When I got in my car I get a warning light telling me I had a low tire.  I checked all the tires at the gas station.  No low tire.  I forget this every year.  First rainy or  damp day, my computer tells me this.  It's moisture in the sensor.  Arggggg!  What good is a lying computer anyway.

The focus of today's OOTD is a Gaelic inspired, Leifsdottir Silk Blouse, from Anthro's 2008 Catalog.


Fanned Flames Blouse - by Leifsdottir - Anthro orig $178, sale $90 - Jan 2009

It was instant love when I came across the model shot in the catalog.  Anthro had paired it with the fabulous French made Hillier Bracelet. Heidi D has both the blouse and the bracelet. I am so jealous of that bracelet.

Fanned Flames Blouse with Hilliar Bracelet - Oct 2008 Catalog

Anthro's Hilliar Bracelet - by Satellite of Paris,
Let's just say it wasn't cheap
If you look closely at the shoulder ruffle, Cream and Lavender fabric runs alongside the bead work.  The ruffle appears to fall perfectly on the models shoulder. IRL it just didn't do the same for me. I wasn't happy with the shifting of the heavy, unstable ruffle. After carefully adding a few thread tacks, I was rewarded with the perfect effect.

If anyone is in need of a special black skirt, it's me.  This little Mini does the job.  But just barely. The saving grace is that it's super flattering, comfortable to wear, and didn't break the bank.
Melody Mini Skirt in Black - Athleta $39 - Nov 2009
 Shop the Melody Mini for $34 at Athleta here.

Meet one of the few pre-Anthro items that has continued to survive my "To Sell List", and provide great service for many years.  The slightly fuzzy knit is a blend of Cotton with Angora and Viscose. Bright blouses can be seen through the peek-a-boo knit detailing down the back.

Off White Cape - Calvin Klein Jeans - Circa 2007

Unlike most capes, this it not voluminous, so it doesn't overwhelm me in folds of knit.  The appearance is all cape, while the construction is more sweater. My arms are free to give hugs. And, I can wear this one unbuttoned and still maintain a flattering look.

This outfit is just dying to meet up with Anthro's Cream Confection Jacket. See it here.  It's in the bag and on it's way.

No Anthro Zone Review - Sasha Mary Jane Pumps by B Makowsky

Sasha Mary Jane Pump - by B Makowsky - Macy's orig $134, sale $104 Free Ship Promo - Sept 2010
 Shop the Sasha Pump on sale at Macy's here.

At Zappos in additional colors here.

I have an 8 year old pair of very worn out Black Papagallos.  When I saw the Sasha Pump on Jamie of Thrifty Threads I fell in love.  It was everlasting when I clicked to find them in Black.

Anthro has a beautiful bloom bedecked pair of B Makowsky's.  Shop the Burst of Beads Pump here.

I went with my normal size 8. The fit is perfect. They do pinch a little on the top of the toes where the lip of the shoe rubs if walking a lot. Nothing I can't solve with some Foot Petals self adhesive foam. This shoe is flexible for comfortable walking.

The 3.5" heel is awesome and chunky with a bullet shape.  I'm not one to wear stilettos or pointy heels.  I don't feel like I am going to face plant like I do at 4".  And the toe is baby doll round.

As a warning, the Black leather is distressed, but not noticeably so. The leather is of medium hardness around the base, and at the heel.  But, soft and flexible where the studs are at the top and sides of the shoe. The stud detailing is attractive,  and not overdone.  The foot bed is very comfortably padded, with plenty of holes in the ankle strap for adjusting to many different shapes of the foot.

This is the perfect versatile pair of Black Mary Jane Pumps. The construction is solid.   I am definitely going to be looking for B Makowsky more often.  And the price was very easy on my budget.

Dotty Cluster Tights - by Eloise - Anthro $16 -  Sept 2010
 I adore wearing tights.  I am more comfortable with my legs covered. And with all the beautiful colors, prints, and textures available, there is a perfect pair for every need. I bounced off the Lavendar color in the ruffle of the blouse when I chose this pair. The choice brings color and pattern interest into this otherwise Black, White and Gray outfit.

Custom Order Sterling Beaded Bracelet - Etsy Shop Adri 33 $48 - Apr 2010

So I didn't get the matching Hilliar Bracelet.  I discovered Etsy a few months later. It was then that  I realized I could custom order something special.  I love the little Sterling Silver Turtle Charm that is so in character with the Gaelic theme of the Fanned Flames Blouse. 

I am a die hard Orla Kiely freak.  But after seeing the Chanel flap that Tien of Adiaphane has been raving about, I almost fell off my Orla bandwagon.  Then I visited Orla's US site and found my very own equivalent. It's in my budget for November.

Quilted Patent Iris Bag - Orla Kiely Mainline Collection AW2010 - $380

Shop Orla Kiely here.
 I don't think I can wait until January for this bag to go on sale.  The price is reasonable, although the bag is small in comparison to what I am used too.

A Black Pencil Skirt has been on my mind for months.  I haven't encountered the skirt that sparks my outfit creativity. Something basic, but dripping unique details.  Must be comfortable, just above the knee, and preferably versatile. I would like it to be easily dressed up or down.  No lace or frills. A few flattering ruffles are the bomb.

Something along the lines of this Leifsdottir.  Which went on sale at Antho Yesterday.  Heidi D. ordered it. Don't you guys think she should review it for us.

On sale at Anthro here

Also on sale at Leifdottir here.
I'm not sure I want a leather skirt.  But I sure do love this one. I couldn't find reviews. 

Please send links or images if you see an interesting Black Pencil Skirt.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Jess said...

Lovely blouse Laura, I like that you made the pleats fall exactly how you want them to, things like that make all the difference sometimes.

That is a gorgeous leather skirt, and I am sure you could wear it easily, but I understand the hesitation.

Swati said...

love the blouse ... i seriously think that u wear it better than the model ....

Mandy said...

You look so wonderful today, Laura (you always do) - I'm especially lovin' that sassy cape of yours (they're so hot right now!). Hope you enjoy your new Cream Confection Jacket - I bet you'll love it!

Jamie said...

That cardigan looks so warm and cozy...perfect for A/C crazy office environments. And the details on the blouse are stunning. Oh my goodness -- a patent Orla Kiely? Does it get any better?

Your styling of the Sasha pumps is so perfect. And you are exactly right about the distressed leather -- on the pink, it almost looks as though some of the leather dye has worn off. I am glad BK includes that little card telling you that the variations are natural and not defects.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Hi Everyone,

Internet connections is off/on, so I'm sorry If I can't make my blog rounds tonight. I'll catch up. We are having our first rainfall in months.

Hi Jess,

I am sometimes a little too picky about my cloths. If it's really something I love and plan to keep for years I will spend a lot of time making it just right.

I'm hesitant over the price of the skirt even on sale. I think I really need something more basic.


He-he! You are much too kind. Your photography is beautiful too.


Have you worn your Cream Confection Coat yet? Mine arrives Friday. But it's too warm still. So the cape was perfect today.


That Orla Bag is awesome. They have 5 different sizes. I am worried, because the big bag has already sold out. I can't swing it until November.

I didn't see a card with my Sasha's explaining about the variations. I just assumed.


Lori said...

I don't know where my comment went! blogger ate it! But I was saying that I could totally see you in that Orla Kiely bag. It's super classy and it'll look great on you!

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