Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

After last weeks 85 degree afternoons, I think I can safely call 55 degrees F, COLD. At least for Bakersfield, Ca.

When I saw that Ashley of Anthropologie Girl plans to wear the Fragrant Valley Dress in Fall and Winter, I thought why not.  What a great dress to go with my new Pebbled and Primped Boots.

And thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone left for me on yesterdays No Anthro Zone Reviews. I plan to answer as I always do.  Then I will be making my blog rounds tonight to see each of my blog friends.  So many times I wish I could meet every one of you in person. Wouldn't an Anthropologie Community Blog Convention be awesome.

Fragrant Valley Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter
Anthro Orig $198, Sale $100 - June 2010

 I don't know what it is about this dress that makes me love it more each time I wear it.  Could be the Cotton / Silk Blend, or the wonderful colors, or even the flattering style and fit. And each time I end up outfitting it completely different from the last.  Sandals, booties and boots!  Summer and now Fall!  It certainly is versatile, and easily transitions from Summer to Fall. probably why I have never changed my Blogger Profile Photo.

Gumshoe Sweatercoat - by Charlie and Robin - Anthro $168 - Sept 2009

If only I had this delightfully ruffled sweatercoat in the Red and Black colorway too.  I adore a sweater with huge buttons and pockets.  Don't you?  Although occasionally I do feel like I'm playing the role of Mrs. Partridge in the Partridge Family.

Pebbled and Primped Boots - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Nov 2010

 If you missed my review of the Pebbled and Primped Boots read it here. 

See what I mean about the colors.  These boots are definitely not Black as Anthro specifies.  And I am not disappointed.  The Brown, Grey, and Olive Green are to my liking. And I love how well they go with my favorite Orla Kiely tote.

And thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone left for me on yesterdays No Anthro Zone Reviews. I plan to answer as I always do.  Then I will be making my blog rounds tonight to see each of my blog friends.  So many times I wish I could meet every one of you in person. Wouldn't an Anthropologie Community Blog Convention be awesome.

Opaque Tights in Gold - by Hue - Anthro $12.50 - Nov 2009

Purple is normally not a color I wear. I was attracted to the blend of earthy colors along with the Purple and even a small amount of Pink.

I patiently waited for this dress.  When it finally went to $100, it quickly disappeared from the sale section while there was still a majority of sizes available.  I immediately sought it out in the March Catalog.  I then proceeded to watch it, until a week before it was doomed to disappear when the June Catalog would overwrite March.  So I bought it for $100. Then watched from my Wish List as it was given a price cut to $30 in the stores.  Who was to know? With no store within a 2 hour drive, I wasn't about to miss out on this one.

Shinning Eddie Bracelet in Purple - by Tataborello Italy
Anthro Orig $218, Sale $100 - June 2010

Meet Heishe!  My little 4 year old cat.  I told him not to look at the camera.  He doesn't listen very well.

The vet initially told me he was a she.  When they went to do surgery, they discovered otherwise.  So my little Pixie Girl became Heishe Boy. Just a little pun on words. Heishe is also a type of shell used by the Penobscott Indians of Maine to make tribal jewelry.  My friend Karen is Penobscott Indian and we are both from Maine. 

It's pretty funny, because my baby boy has a rather high pitched MEOW! I also call him Scallywag.  He is by the way a Puppy-Cat through and through.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinemail@yahoo.com)


Loraine said...

Hi Laura,

I love the picture of you with Heishe! I had the same thing happen to me with one of our cats. We were initially told that our cat was a she so we named her Blanca. Then, when she went in for dental surgery (I know!) the Vet asked me why I kept asking how SHE is doing. He then told me our cat was a male! For two years we thought she was a female. Oh well! I LOVE your styling with the boots and tights!

Jess said...

What a cute cat Laura, and a great name :) Loving the dress/tight/boots look that you put together today. The yellow tights and the boots look fantastic together, and yes, those are definitely not black. The sweater coat is great, I don't think you are channeling Mrs. Partridge at all!

vintageglammz said...

Laura, i would love an Anthro convention one day :-) imagine all Anthro bloggers under one roof. that would be quite a sight!
I think the dress is so pretty and with the ruffle coat, yellow tights and boots it looks even prettier and fall-ready.
Heishe boy is adorable! and love how he's looking at the camera - he's such a little poser :-)

Jamie said...

The ruffles on the Gumshoe remind me of the ruffles on the Pebbled & Primped. What a great way to draw out a beautiful detail in each of the pieces. And I am also impressed by how flawlessly you incorporate colored tights into your look. My colored tight collection is very small (one pair of aubergine and the Dotty Downpour), but you and many other bloggers have convinced me to expand my selection.

The background to Heishe's name is too, too funny. What a great conversation starter. You can tell he's a character just from looking at the pictures. BF's doggie likes to pose for pictures , too. Somehow they know...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Mascarpone is a soft, sweet Italian cheese that is used in some desserts. It is similar to cream cheese, and I believe that some tiramisu recipes will use it as well. I had never had mascarpone until moving to the East Coast. Not as many Italian restaurants in CA!

Mia said...

Laura, I love the pairing of the Fragrant Valley dress with the Gumshoe Sweater Coat! Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous. Heishe is such a cutie! I love kitties (I have two cats) so it always makes me happy when I see cats wander into photos! I agree that a blogger convention would be great. It would be great to meet up with ladies who share a love of Anthro!

Lori said...

aww I love Heishe! How sweet he looks with you!

Laura the boots match perfectly with that dress. I think you did excellent styling with the purple coat and Orla Kiely bag to make that dress look perfect for Fall!


Laura said...

Loraine, Did you re-name your cat once you founbd out she was really a he?

Jess, I waffled on the Gold tights or Purple.

Jen, Heishe is one of two cats. The other is MewTwo.

Jamie, Good New York pizza is tough to find in CA. Fillippi's Pizza Groto in San Diego is good. Just outside of Bakersfield we have Cataldo's in Oildale. It's not horrible. I miss a good Antipasto Salad.

Mia, Heishe is one of 2 kitties. The other is MewTwo. She's camera shy.

Lori, This is my first week actually wearing some of my Fall outfits.

olyvia said...

I love the first photo and your whole outfit!

Barbara said...

gorgeous! the gumshoe sweater coat is now at nordstrom in petites!! I ordered it..then realized it was the same as i had taken a dressing room photo last year. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3122313?origin=category&resultback=871

Barbara said...

...returned it tho as it was not flattering on me :(

Diem said...

Don't feel too bad about buying the dress at $100, Laura. I got it at $50, but it was hard to find your size then. So at $30, it would be next to impossible to find.

Laura said...

Olyvia, My right hand is in a funny position for the first photo. Oh well!

Barbara, thanks for the Nordstoms tip on the Gumshoe. I still want the sweater in Black.

Diem, I don't feel bad about spending $100 for the Fragrant Valley. I love the dress.

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